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    I’m making a mix tape / that never gets boring / tap tap taps you into / calmness, then bliss / sans titillation

  • what would Jack do?

    detail Smith sculpture – foto Smith What would Jack do? Reading Jack Keroauc’s truth-disguised-as-fiction “Tristessa” (1960) which I hadn’t known about until I bought it used from Guide to Kulchur for $5. Kerouac was my main driver of yearning for adventure and travel ever since my 17 yr-old self read “On the Road” in 1963 […]

  • Thanksgiving as a time of progress

    At Thanksgiving I think about the abundance that will be on the table, interacting with family members and the bustle of preparation…

  • Disclaimers to the Universe RE Stations of the Lost and Found

    As a person concerned with the material I put out and help with for the Universe, I’ve had a bit of a time understanding how to rationalize my role as co-writer of our new book, Stations of the Lost and Found.


    Keeping the faith. How can one not forget some sadness, gently? What genie lets one care and not immerse in steeping ill-ly?


    If I run / if I listen / if I sit / if I walk / if I drive / If I am quiet inside / for a while

  • Walking on Thin Ice

    In the months after we hooked up, I’d collapse on his rocking chair sofa and poof into smoke. He told me the rest of his stories for his memoir. I tore down his cancer. I spackled the walls. I barfed as he was irradiated. We made art.


    It is always / the beginning again when / I hold a peach

  • Dialogue to help create the change we want to see

    I’ve been thinking about getting more involved in the dialogues and projects on the Civic Commons. In my inbox today I received an e-newsletter inviting people to participate in a project by America Today. They want people to answer four questions: How did we as a nation get in trouble economically? Who do you blame? How do we as a nation solve our economic problems? What are you doing differently to get through the downturn?

  • Reality Modelled as Universal Mind

    I think that One can understand itself in terms of data that is palpable, organic, yet threaded through and through with holy abstractions and holy particularities.