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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

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Thyme & Tyde, Again

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

Lady is furnishing our new house (140 years old) with used items from Craigslist and Facebook’s market place because she tries to help the planet by buying repurposed rather than new. Got a great hand-painted antique Asian black chest with raised porceline or plastic figures for $35, several wood rocking chairs at $35 each, a carved wood and marble table for $50, a $10 metal owl lamp, etc.

Then she tried to replace her grandfather clock which she gave away when we left the U.S. in 2006 to live in 10 countries on 3 continets for 31 months.

She agreed to buy one. We went to the bank for the money, and started the hour drive to pick it up when we got a call from the husband saying his wife was mistaken, it wasn’t for sale. (Still wonder what was going on there… the wife perhaps trying to sell the husband’s clock behind his back).

Week later she tried another ad, and as we were getting ready to leave, the guy called and said he’d changed his mind.

Found a third one. Got the money, drove over, were let in by a young man who explained it was his grandmother’s clock. Lady glanced around at the art on the walls, and told the dude, “You probably don’t remember me, but we’re related.” Turns out they’re cousins.

The art was by Sandy Pollack, her grandmother’s brother. He’d died a decade ago, and his wife Miriam and their daughter had just died from the Covid-19 plague a few hours apart.

They started chatting about old family reunions, and he gave her two of Sandy’s owl paintings.

I’m thinking Reality jinxed the first two clocks so Lady could buy her grand aunt’s clock to keep in the family.

Reminded me of Croatia in 2005 when we decided to walk into town to rent bikes. As we passed a walled house on the dirt road, two dogs started barking enthusiastically at us, then the big black dog jumped on top of the wall while the little dashed underneath, and they both rushed us. Fortunately they were friendly, just wanted to be with us, and they followed us to town. But they were too enthusiastic, all over the place, in and out of the highway, causing problems, so we had to turn back. When we got home bikeless, we found our hosts had left two bikes for us. The dogs, which we named Thumper and Bambi, came by daily to play with us for the rest of our 3 month stay.

Once again Reality stopped us from doing something because it was already done.

Reality 2, Lady&I 2.


Lady: Library Podcast, 10 poems

Monday, February 1st, 2021

Lady reads 10 poems on the Cuyahoga County Public Library podcast (thanks to Laurie Kincer):

Special Creatures – 1:10
Concrete Bridge – 1:52
Ancient Moon – 1:25
Weft – 0:32
Roog – 0:47
Summer – 0:36
Like the Fairy Tales – 0:44
Kisosen – 0:54
Recipes That Help Us – 0:52
Spring – 0:29


Tinfoil Dresses, Winter 2021

Sunday, January 31st, 2021

Gots bunches of stuff to post… have for awhile, but lack ego energy to do so. Maybe dribble it out in bits.

Dribble 1:

Heather Ann Shepard posted her Winter 2021 issue of Tin Foil Dresses featuring poems and art by c.m. brooks, Marc Mannheimer, Heather Ann Shepard, Kathy Ireland Smith, Steven B. Smith, Antonio Vallone, Russell Vidrick.

Check it out –

Winter 2021

(click on Heather’s owl pic to read)


Lady’s cat house

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Christmas day was a bitter cold snow storm, and Doug, the free-range neighborhood cat, let us know he might be willing to move inside with us, which no can be done due to our own cat and dog and the fact that a feral cat would spray our place with cat piss to mark his territory.

So Lady spent a couple hours creating a Doug house for him. Took duct tape, a large cardboard box, put insulating cardboard forms under it to get it off the cold wood, added bubble wrap, wrapped it all in plastic sheeting, and added a wool blanket.

Took it out, showed Doug, he put his head in the front slot to inspect her work, then climbed in and spent the next two days of freezing temperatures in it. I’d put bowls of catfood in the box for him.

Don’t know if he’s still using it or not, but it was a right fine Christmas gift that may have saved him… and definitely eased my guilt of leaving a life form out in the freeze.

So Lady’s cat house was gift to cat, her, and me.

(quickly stopped leaving catfood out for him because it was attracking the mange-crazed coyote)


oh, the segues

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Division of labor – I stock my 400 song playlist with jewels strung across time and genre, and Alexa the A.I. chooses what I hear… oh the segues.

Today’s dip:

The Pusher – Nina Simone
Black Caffeine – Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell
Bang a Gong (electric version) – T. Rex
The First and Royal Queen – Lounge Lizards
Banana in Your Fruit Basket – Bo Carter
Everybody Ought to Treat a Stranger Right – Ry Cooder
Bad News Blues – Lucinda Williams
John the Revelator – Gov’t Mule
Yiri Yiri Boum – Gnonnas Pedro
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – George Harrison
Language is a Virus -Laurie Anderson
Brain Damage – Ginger Baker
Creole Love Call – Duke Ellington with Adelaide Hall
Twilight Zone – John Cale
I Don’t Need No Doctor – New Riders of the Purple Sage
4th and Vine – Sinead O’Connor
This Is – Grace Jones
Holy Ghost Fire – Paul Cauthen
Everybody Knows – Leonard Cohen
Prison of the Senses – Pere Ubu
God & the FBI – Janis Ian



Sunday, December 13th, 2020

Writing more since Trump lost.
He did lessen quality of life.

2020.12.10 – With plague
2020.12.11 – Flayed Minion
2020.12.12 – Conversation with Wife 52
2020.12.12 – The mouth breathers
2020.12.13 – There’s night
2020.12.13 – Sun gone, lights off
2020.12.13 – Last warm night of year

~ ~ ~

With plague
even the well intentioned
bring danger

~ ~ ~

Flayed Minion

Do dead dogs dream of electric meat?
Why is it trick, never treat?

Do rich itch from inner need
or just enjoy watching us bleed?

If space has end, what’s other side?
Will race ever blend till we’re of one mind?

Do prayers work when sang to the skies?
And why hasn’t God replied?

~ ~ ~

Conversation with Wife 52

A billion more people past 8 years.
“Where are they all coming from?”
“Wow, must be a lot of vaginas.”
Yes especially in China.
China vagina.

Think I’ll produce a car called the Slave,
that way we can all be Slave drivers.
Make the front half black, back half white.
“That’s racist.”
Yes, a racist car… we can all go to the racists
and watch them circle the problem.
“I wouldn’t post that if I were you.”

~ ~ ~

The mouth breathers
keep telling me
which haiku to read

~ ~ ~

There’s night
there’s day
same coin

My beast within
barely lies below
my caution

Go ahead
starve your inner evil
it eats anyway

Best I can do
is pass the peace
and toke

Make it easier
on others

~ ~ ~

Sun gone, lights off
fire in fireplace
toke time

~ ~ ~

Last warm night of year
sitting by the fire pit
pipe in hand


not the 1958 Royal Teens

Thursday, December 10th, 2020

“who likes short shorts…” – The Royal Teens, 1958

2020.12.4 – Between the fire
2020.12.4 – The first to say
2020.12.5 – Lay back in too hot tub
2020.12.7 – Black
2020.12.7 – Shaking the fuzz
2020.12.7 – Silent echoes head
2020.12.7 – I’m not saying Walmart’s checkout is slow
2020.12.7 – Try to feed
2020.12.8 – Needle probing
2020.12.8 – Night’s not darker
2020.12.9 – Cat in lap
2020.12.9 – There’s this and that
2020.12.10 – Dogs lower their heads
2020.12.10 – The plague wind

~ ~ ~

Between the fire
and the forest
lies the flame

~ ~ ~

The first to say
“What’d you think of them apples?”
Was probably the snake in Eden.

~ ~ ~

Lay back in too hot tub
set time machine to one million years pre-being
push button
pull plug

~ ~ ~

before sunrise, drinking coffee

~ ~ ~

Shaking the fuzz
heading for buzz
of morning’s first pipe

~ ~ ~

Silent echoes head
heavy holds heart
tiptoeing through dread
collecting the pretty parts

~ ~ ~

I’m not saying Walmart’s checkout is slow
but my green bananas ripened
while I waited

~ ~ ~

Try to feed
a sick cold hungry coyote
but it bolts in fear

~ ~ ~

Night’s not darker
than inside my head
and dawn’s a long way off

~ ~ ~

Cat on lap
rat in White House
I prefer purr

~ ~ ~

There’s this and that
some of the other
whatcha gonna do?

~ ~ ~

Dogs lower their head
wait, watch
cats control

~ ~ ~

The plague wind
brings masks, hand sanitizer
fear of fellow


wife… father… friend

Saturday, December 5th, 2020

“Wow! Smith has been counting, and he says that this visit to the Kitchen makes it five full years for him (60 months, 62 features)! He has chosen to share today’s post with Lady, plus his father, and collaborator Wendy Shaffer. As he puts it: wife… father… friend. Many thanks to him for those fine years of poetry with his intriguing visuals—and to his adept co-posters today for sharing their work!” – Kathy Kieth, editor/publisher Medusa’s Kitchen

1 poem by my father Pappy Smith, 3 by wife Lady Smith, 1 collab with friend Wendy Shaffer, and me.

5 year quantum count: 509 poems, 537 fotos, 31 songs

Next month Lady has 7 poems and 8 fotos in Medusa and another Wendy/Smith collab.


the shorts of it

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

2020.11.29 – I can’t eat the sun
2020.12.1 – Cold rain on roof
2020.12.1 – Rain rapped roof
2020.12.2 – Winter storm
2020.12.3 – 4 a.m.
2020.12.3 – The sound of wind

~ ~ ~

I can’t eat the sun
but sure do see it feel it breathe it need it
oh to be an autotroph

~ ~ ~

Cold rain on roof
warm within
glad to know I’m glad

~ ~ ~

Rain rapped roof
calms brain
soothes soul

~ ~ ~

Winter storm
turns night

~ ~ ~

4 a.m.
to sunrise
my time

~ ~ ~

The sound of wind
rushing through trees
sky water


life or lump?

Friday, November 27th, 2020

recent Smithverse
2020.11.24 – I light incense from the coffee fire
2020.11.25 – One from Column A
2020.11.26 – Not time but when

I light incense from the coffee fire
light joint from incense flame
lighten body with above
enlighten soul with the light

~ ~ ~

One from Column A

Small brown bulge in road —
once alive dead bump
or pile of horseshit?

Which’s better?
dump or pile?
life or lump?

or never alive?

~ ~ ~

Not time but when
Not where but why

Form is automatic
Function much less so


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