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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

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a dozen days, 7 shorties

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

a dozen days, 7 shorties

2021.10.1 – Wife’s working
2021.10.2 – The end of times
2021.10.2 – Good coffee
2021.10.2 – Caffeine
2021.10.5 – Sittin’ in dark
2021.10.10 – After false fire alarm
2021.10.12 – Life and time

~ ~ ~

Wife’s working
roofers are working
I sit in sun

~ ~ ~

The end of times
is just beginning
welcome to the future

~ ~ ~

Good coffee
extra face slap
from inside

~ ~ ~

and cannabis
holy trinity

~ ~ ~

Sittin’ in dark
rain fallin’
life livin’

The world out there
and the world way out there
whirl within

Faint rooster crow
distant train wail
hope rises

~ ~ ~

After false fire alarm
waiting in dark

~ ~ ~

Life and time
a one-way dead-end street

The outside of the backside
it lingers and it grows

Tribal fire’s slight warmth
temporary light against the night

Window haze hiding city
sirens seeping through the woods

Programming on Television Earth
cold souvenir of reality

Wet whispers in the dark
hunger creeping from the heart

Sometimes you hit the mainline
sometimes you don’t

It’s the maybes that get you
they suck you from your song


bad fotos of good poets

Monday, October 11th, 2021

Bad fotos of good poets (camera on wrong setting)

October 6, 2021, ex-Cleveland and current California poet Michael Joseph Arcangelini read at Visible Voice with 15 co-readers — it was a magic nights:

Michael Joseph Arcangelini, host & featured poet

Steve Thomas

Steve Goldberg

Chris Franke

Shelly Chernin


Charles Cicirella

Terry Provost

John Burroughs

Marc Steven Mannheimer


Russell Vidrick

Adam Brodsky

Jane Bodnar

Doc Janning

Ben Gulyas



Lady & Smith by Adam Brodsky (I was last reader)

feature & host Michael Joseph Arcangelini


5-alarm non-fire

Sunday, October 10th, 2021

The 5-Alarm Non-Fire
or the smoke detector that wouldn’t die

Asleep 90 minutes and the fire alarm goes off. We have ADT home security so the smoke detector is tied to a very loud penetrating abrasive screaming beep alarm.

We get up. I smell wood smoke, check every room, closet, pull ceiling stairs down , look in the attic, prowl the basement, then go outside in my underwear and inspect the roof and grounds. No smoke, no flame, but do smell wood smoke coming from the southeast. While I’m doing this, Lady is explaining to ADT we have no fire so please don’t send the fire trucks.

One late late night last fall our foyer door wasn’t quite latched and a hard wind pushed it half an inch and the alarm went off — by the time I managed to turn it off, there was a cop car out front flashing, so I open our front door in my undies and convince the lady cop I live here and it’s all cool.

We go back to bed.

30 minutes later it goes off again. We convince ADT to not send any firetrucks no matter what for another 6 hours. I’m quite awake so sit in dark, toke, write lowku, go back to bed.

Hour later we gooooooooo again, so I get ladder, take smoke detector down from ceiling, and the alarm control panel goes crazy screaming “tampered” message. I reset yet again, put detector downstairs, tell Lady it still has batteries in it so could still technically go off.

At 3:30 a.m. it starts its screambeep again so I come down, take a fork and pry its 2 batteries out, slipping once and poking a bloody hole in my hand.

By this time there’s no smell of wood smoke, no probable cause to scream.

We go back to bed.

At 5:30 a.m. it goes off again — no batteries in detector. Without my reading glasses I can’t rsee the message the ADT control panel is flashing as I insert our PIN to shut it up. Look later and last alarm msg says HEAT while previous ones all said SMOKE. We have neither.

Now we’re up, sipping coffee, is almost 7 and alarm’s been silent for 90 minutes, but have feeling we’re not done.

Achh, microwave beeper went off and I thought it was the Attack of the Never-Ending Fire Alarm again.

After false fire alarm
waiting in dark


another deca-harvest

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

10 day harvest

2021.9.21 – Far train wailing
2021.9.22 – The clock bongs fade
2021.9.23 – Light rain
2021.9.24 – Conversation with Wife 54
2021.9.25 – Status Report 311
2021.9.26 – Status Report 312
2021.9.29 – Walking dog
2021.9.30 – Dog leash one hand

~ ~ ~

Far train wailing
night rain falling
new day calling

~ ~ ~

The clock bongs fade
the sirens continue
the circle eats itself

~ ~ ~

Light rain
I walk faster
rain rains faster

~ ~ ~

Conversation with Wife 54

What does a pun become when it grows up?
A midnight clear.
Once a pun, a midnight clear.
Whose sigh you on, anyway?

~ ~ ~

Status Report 311

Old waiting room folk
glance at younger wife
give me evil eye

One of those days
where this far’s
far enough

Sun gone
moon here

~ ~ ~

Status Report 312

In mini-mall
watching people pain walking
sidewalks cracked

Dust when dry
mud when wet
one-way road

~ ~ ~

Walking dog
petting cat
working 8-fold path

Caterpillar dies into butterfly
what about I?
new life, or lie?

~ ~ ~

Dog leash one hand
poo bag other
rising mist before me

Top leaf of tree
catches first sun
is this eleafist?


10 day word harvest

Monday, September 20th, 2021

10 day word harvest

2021.9.13 – Don’t know where I’m going
2021.9.14 – Got my truth
2021.9.15 – black / white
2021.9.18 – Distant dog barking
2021.9.19 – Silent meadow
2021.9.20 – It’s too quiet

~ ~ ~

Don’t know where I’m going
till I leave where I been

Yes we have no mañanas
we have no mañanas today

You pay my life with your’s
I pay your’s with mine

~ ~ ~

Got my truth
ain’t THE truth
neither is yours

~ ~ ~

black / white
blue . . . history’s rainbow

~ ~ ~

Distant dog barking
rooster crowing
mist rising

~ ~ ~

Silent meadow
early morning mist
walking dog

~ ~ ~

Status Report 310

It’s too quiet
I know they’re out there somewhere

Pre-dawn coffee
pre-dawn bagel
pre-dawn toke

Used to live
at Drug & Wine
til wine went south

Dog sez
my food gone
have yours?


potential fotos for future CCP, book 2 of 2

Friday, September 17th, 2021

potential fotos for future Crisis Chronicles Press, book 2 of 2:




















hivehead01 (sculpture by Lady)



















understudies, go-fers, stepping stones, fluffers, support, flotsam, filler, and worse

Thursday, September 16th, 2021

“Sweet talker Steven B. Smith has strolled into the Kitchen again today, bringing his six-guns and his silver tongue to cheer us up. Thanks, Steven, for spreading your silver again to brighten the days.”
– Kathy Kieth, editor/publisher of Medusa’s Kitchen’s daily posting of words and art

understudies, go-fers, stepping stones, fluffers, support, flotsam, filler, and worse . . . 9 poems, 10 fotos


safari September so far . . .

Saturday, September 11th, 2021

safari September so far . . .

~ ~ ~

Face to sun
eyes closed

Night train
Harlem nocturne
heart and soul

Janus blind
looking both ways
into nothing

Eyes closed
face to sun

~ ~ ~

Thin ice
load on back
slip slide crack

As seasons go
I be gone
past participant

~ ~ ~

Sun sets
day dims
road goes on

~ ~ ~

24 hours
sitting 5 yr-old niece
10 pounds of sugar in a caffeinated cup

~ ~ ~

Standing in shadow
looking at the sun
can’t be done

~ ~ ~

The anti-vaxxers are saying
Their right to be stupid
Is more important than my right to life

~ ~ ~

You got your version
I got mine
one of us be lyin’

To operate in this insane world
you best be a little crazy
and a lot crooked

Between the current
and the coming
more lies

It’s sex and gasoline
black caffeine
and pedal to mental gone

~ ~ ~

Some long for yesterday
others worship tomorrow
today sorrow

Yet today’s tomorrow’s yesterday

From east creeps beast
while west rots rest

~ ~ ~

2021.9.1 – Face to sun
2021.9.2 – Thin ice
2021.9.3 – Sun sets
2021.9.6 – 24 hours
2021.9.7 – Standing in shadow
2021.9.8 – The anti-vaxxers are saying
2021.9.9 – You got your version
2021.9.10 – Some long for yesterday


reading – Michael Joseph Arcangelini and friends 10.6.2021

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021
Michael Joseph Arcangelini of California sez he’s having his “first in person poetry reading since the pandemic began, and it’s in Cleveland!”
He’s reading October 6 @ 7:00pm with friends Steve Thomas, John Burroughs, Shelley Chernin, Marc Mannheimer, Adam Brodsky, Terry Provost, Russell Vidrick, Charles Cicirella, Ben Gulyas, Smith & Lady, Steve Goldberg, and Chris Franke.

M.J. Arcangelini and Friends


monthly Medusa’s Kitchen feature #69

Thursday, August 19th, 2021

my Medusa’s Kitchen monthly feature #69 . . .

The mighty Steven Smith is here today, clearing the smoke from our eyes and setting a few fires of his own. We’re mighty grateful for his visit to the Kitchen!
– Kathy

9 poems, 10 fotos

poems in feature
Glow Go Mo-Fo – 4.29.2016
Womb-born – 7.16.2021
Dogwalk Morning – 7.25.2021
Flesh Worship – 7.4.2021
Goldfinger – 12.20.2013
Pablo Picasso, Died – 1973
Old Fan Notes on 1962 WCW – 7.15.2015
Bone gettin’weary – 7.7.2021
Precious cargo – 7.29.2021


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