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  • shuffle nuff . . .

    shuffle nuff . . . Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores – Bauhaus Teenagers – My Chemical Romance Restin’ Bones – Primus Chaise Longue – Wet Leg Hoochie Woman – Tori Amos Give Me One Reason – Tracy Chapman I’m Afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails edit) – David Bowie The Snake and the Moon – Dead […]

  • 36 Smith mutilated Trumps showing inner ugly outly

    Beauty may be shallow, but inner ugly all is. Here are my Trump unmaskings from 2020-21 so far in alphabetical order

  • Facebook Hitler banned me for 3 days

    I wrote this on Facebook, and they deleted my post: “Hopefully the Republicans will be wiped out once their old white dumb die.” So I reworded it to: I mentioned on FB that perhaps once one political party’s old and dumb and racist voters expire from old age, perhaps their political party would whither away […]

  • our Trump Virus caught the Trump Virus

  • new Stone Rangers

    My longest-lasting friend Stone Ranger from 1971 or 2 been warping some of my fotos into his collages. I’ll post later some of his Stone Ranger & Snorto cartoons from the early 1970’s Here are his latest:

  • no spineless I

    The spine is supposed to be straight. (is that a screw lower left, or are you just happy to see me?) A Crooked Man There was a crooked man not politician or banker nor CEO or priest or moral shanker (though all fine crooks in each their way) but a simple guy with crooked sight […]

  • sick flux (16 chump Trumps)

    sick flux aka Trump Virus aka pedarest rapist racist liar cheat thief

  • fresh words, cheap

    4 most recent poems 2020.7.7 – Darwin’s Revenge 2020.7.16 – Plague 2020.7.19 – The Mullbelly Be 2020.7.20 – Meat Beat Darwin’s Revenge Trump’s in trouble cuz you can’t rape the virus you can’t bully the virus you can’t cheat the virus you can’t buy off the virus you can’t lie away the virus so he’s […]

  • brain phartz

    brain phart… Stopped riding my bicycle months ago. Thought it was due to low tire presssure, so I hand pumped em up, but was puzzled cuz they were nowhere near low enough. But I remembered when I tried to slow down for the intersection — oh yes, NO BRAKES. Interesting round trip. tech phart… Been […]

  • a virus stronger than lies

    Trump’s desperate to open the country for business because his reelection depends on how well folk are financially. It’ll be counter-productive… and ugly. By opening too soon, the virus will rebound stronger and larger, and many more people of all political persuations and financial straits will die enmass – which will both reduce his base […]