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  • Smith in The Digital Museum of Modern Art

    Rediscovered 19-yr-old post of my art and poems, partially interactive, on The Digital Museum of Modern Art. Home page has 6 links: Poem Cycle – shows a poem with several words high-lighted . . . click and it takes you to same word in different poem with more word-clicks available . . . no idea […]

  • 20 year-old post of Smith poems on Deep Cleveland

    A 20 year-old post of Smith poems on Deep Cleveland . . . thanks to Mark Kuhar. Can’t remember when or how Mark & I first crossed paths. It was after my 2005 Deep Cleveland reading that Lady and I took up. Night Fragment – 1968 Zen Over Zero – 1974 Cannibal Saliva – 1975 […]

  • November 2022 Medusa Kitchen Smith monthly feature

    November 2022 Medusa Kitchen Smith monthly feature “Our thanks to Smith, who is going through some major pain these days as a result of a fall he took last month, and subsequent surgery. Of course, poets are always taking the fall for one thing or another, but this was a harsh physical one that left […]

  • be firefly

    Smith (Steven B. Smith) has brought us his word-music this morning, with tales of Sisyphus and what it’s like in his corner of the world. Thank you, Smith, and keep on “milking each moment of sadness for joy”. — sez Kathy Kieth, editor/publisher Medusa’s Kitchen Be Firefly —

  • potential fotos for future CCP, book 2 of 2

    potential fotos for future Crisis Chronicles Press, book 2 of 2: 2face 8eyelip americanstandard bingo blacklight buddhabound cashpresley coffeemaker deadend deadmansfingers doo_wop dyslexia dyslexic endoftheroad fallingheart ghostfeather goingdown3times greyway headghost hivehead01 (sculpture by Lady) leafalone lifewalk lipservice mothernight mouthman nightmood quantumshadow redfonewoman reincarnation sameoldsong shroud slidingscale starkiss subconscious testsubject timelord wittgensteinschair

  • potential fotos for future CCP book 1 of 2

    potential fotos for future Crisis Chronicles Press, book 1 of 2: 1bird2lines arise badroadahead blackcopter bluebutterfly circuitdiver dandelion eveningstar fertilization flightplan getair hearth hereanddowntheroad learntofly mammonman mindfrost moodstorm moonrisejunction motherwell onehandspaceman opart problem shoeline stairwellway thereisawar timelines turkeytracks twopigeonone underside updown upendthis

  • monthly Medusa’s Kitchen feature #69

    my Medusa’s Kitchen monthly feature #69 . . . “The mighty Steven Smith is here today, clearing the smoke from our eyes and setting a few fires of his own. We’re mighty grateful for his visit to the Kitchen!” – Kathy 9 poems, 10 fotos poems in feature ~~~~~~~~~~ Glow Go Mo-Fo – 4.29.2016 […]

  • Smith library podcast feature poet for March 2021

    I’ve recitations of 11 poems up on the Cuyahoga County Public Library podcast for the month of March… sort of my greatest hits from 1965 thru 2020 (a fine 75th year bornday gift thanks to Librarian Laurie Kincer). My cancer-scarred voice sounds a bit gravelly, but for once, I’m happy with my reading. The Sisyphus […]

  • Lady: Library Podcast, 10 poems

    Lady reads 10 poems on the Cuyahoga County Public Library podcast (thanks to Laurie Kincer): Special Creatures – 1:10 Concrete Bridge – 1:52 Ancient Moon – 1:25 Weft – 0:32 Roog – 0:47 Summer – 0:36 Like the Fairy Tales – 0:44 Kisosen – 0:54 Recipes That Help Us – 0:52 Spring – 0:29

  • Tinfoil Dresses, Winter 2021

    Gots bunches of stuff to post… have for awhile, but lack ego energy to do so. Maybe dribble it out in bits. Dribble 1: Heather Ann Shepard posted her Winter 2021 issue of Tin Foil Dresses featuring poems and art by c.m. brooks, Marc Mannheimer, Heather Ann Shepard, Kathy Ireland Smith, Steven B. Smith, Antonio […]