my 98th monthly Medusa’s Kitchen feature

my 98th monthly feature in Medusa’s Kitchen

“Our thanks to Smith (Steven B. Smith) for today’s fine poetry and visuals. Since he sent these, he has undergone abdominal cancer surgery which was—thanks be—successful. So he is home again and back to his old feisty self, despite excruciating pain which is now, thankfully, beginning to subside.

Smith has brought a guest poet to us today: Marc Mannheimer, who says he writes as honestly as he can, although psychological nearsightedness means his honesty isn’t always accurate. A memoir of his first year with depression, The Overwhelmed, was published by Alien Buddha Press in 2020. Welcome to the Kitchen, Marc, and don’t be a stranger!” – sez Kathy Kieth, editor / publisher

my Medusa’s Kitchen monthly feature 11.2023

“Long-time SnakePal Smith (Steven B. Smith) is with us this morning with saddlebags full of poetry and look-sees, and we’re grateful, as always, for his perspective. (What ABOUT that butterfly? New life, or lie?) Anyway, party on, Cowboy! Maybe the best is heading down the track….” — Kathy Kieth, publisher/editor Medusa’s Kitchen

9 poems, 10 fotos 

Smith in The Digital Museum of Modern Art

Rediscovered 19-yr-old post of my art and poems, partially interactive, on The Digital Museum of Modern Art.

Home page has 6 links:

Poem Cycle – shows a poem with several words high-lighted . . . click and it takes you to same word in different poem with more word-clicks available . . . no idea how many poems involved.

Babblefish Fragments – link no longer works, can’t remember what it did.

Ragnarok ‘n Roll Poem Rock – links to 3 Peter Ball / Smith songs: Teddy Bear, Nipple FX, Sold American . . . with lyrics and art.

17 Poems Bush 666 – red, white, and blue fonted poems for Corporate Amerika and the CheneyBush Beast.

Steve Smith Bio – A Life Spent Tap Dancing On The Edge.

Curator’s Statement – by W. Logan Fry

November 2022 Medusa Kitchen Smith monthly feature

November 2022 Medusa Kitchen Smith monthly feature

“Our thanks to Smith, who is going through some major pain these days as a result of a fall he took last month, and subsequent surgery. Of course, poets are always taking the fall for one thing or another, but this was a harsh physical one that left Steven with a shitload of pain to carry. Hang in there, SBS, and keep writing it out. We’ll be rootin’ for ya. (Smith just passed the seven-year mark in Medusa postings; here’s to another seven years, then another, then another…)” – sez Kathy Kieth, publisher/editor Medusa’s Kitchen

be firefly

Smith (Steven B. Smith) has brought us his word-music this morning, with tales of Sisyphus and what it’s like in his corner of the world. Thank you, Smith, and keep on “milking each moment of sadness for joy”.
— sez Kathy Kieth, editor/publisher Medusa’s Kitchen

Be Firefly —