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  • Cat & Dog

    Cat & Dog Cat was on the feather Showing me where the feather was, dear “Did you catch a cat?” Barely, like one of those quantum particles, snapping my fingers, hard to hold … Our cat knows which one is the prey in our current game I saw a woman play Three Card Monte with […]

  • Sun Ra

    Poems by Lady

  • Lady Poem 8/14/2016

    Wistful rain like I am being taken care of home safe carapace from which I play the carilon of keystrokes on computer I sit in comfort of couch in presence of husband of love the cat shifts her hind toes carefree in plush sleep knowledge of oatmeal to come berries to pick bees to visit […]

  • Lady poem 7-17-2016

    The colophon of a book of the paradise of my life – would I let myself enjoy it – includes block print bees, fruit trees, pineapples, haystacks and wheat wreathes, mint juleps and distillations cultural and otherwise, figures in almanacs rendered into prizes for specimens shown at a county fair We could walk into this […]

  • 6-25-2016 Lady Poem

    Learning’s germ for fertilizing eyes and ears, a head a heart, a hand, a pen’s milt on action’s platform, and it goes around again ~ Lady

  • Lady Poem 6-21-2016

    The drumming of my feet as I run heats my blood, pumps my oxygen, syncs my thought, my strategies to live, so many strategies – During planned time with the universe on my couch I recalibrate, I seek to meet the ideals of my ethos a breeze comes through the window I taste serenity in […]

  • Lady Poem 6-15-2016

    A bit like a nun up from clean starched sheets worshiping royal yellow emperor sun unfolding its robes into the new day to the plunking strum of Eralio Gill’s harp somewhere out there a rose garden in here blessed routine looking out our green window I write poems, I visit my own home live my […]

  • May 12, 2016 Lady Poem

    Satisfaction so easily found in the sunshine of your love in the extended moments of long Saturday afternoons Saturday holy middle days shushed work or carpentry rehab of personal projects Time for parks and poignant green dreams – moist warm plant and earth smells harken youth’s outdoor playtime like memory beheld in a celestial momento […]

  • Lady Poems 5/10 & 5/11/2016

    5/10 Walking out to the living room in the early a.m. murk, the cat’s dark shadow swimming at my feet as noticeable as a fish coming into view in the shallows of a pond. 5/11 MLK Late winter shadows spindle twist and ripple – trunks whip through sunlight in the dash of our car Come […]

  • May 8, 2016 Lady Poem

    Slim Whitman sings Song of the Wild, steel guitar runs threads of a barline through a country diorama I never thought I’d like cowboys but I find myself doing just that – floral embroidery on shirts, a recognition of wistful male sweetness A torn out paper collage moon and mountains and wisps of paper cloud, […]