Category: short story

  • Black History Month Poems – #26

    Raconteurs relate trickster / beings empowering themselves with cunning / escapes, Brer Rabbit, African American fables

  • Okey Dokey, Smokey Grey

    Banksy rat, London trash can – foto by Smith This is my third and last Smokey Grey Private Eye story, which I wrote five years ago in Croatia. The original version seemed to go a bit awry, although the last third’s rather sweet with Lady sitting down and talking with Smokey. Hopefully this rewrite flows […]

  • The Man in the Grey Fennel Suite – Smokey Grey #2

    Private Eye Smokey Grey – foto by Smith Here’s the second of my three Smokey Grey Private Eye short stories. This one’s my favorite. The Man in the Grey Fennel Suite “Gray day, Grey. Whaddya say?” Smokey looked up from his 5-herb salad. “Not much. Do I know you?” The answer was obvious from the […]