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strange fotos, odd poems

April 19th, 2020

my April 2020 feature on Medusa’s Kitchen…

10 fotos, 9 poems about warm worms, moos per gallon, Sisyphus, living alone, residuals, faux presidents with small hands, cultural skidmarks, Armageddon, and me falling on my butt… plus 10 strange fotos and a Lady collage of ladies…

Thanks to editor/publisher Kathy Kieth for this 53 month (so far) gig.


my monthly 10 foto 9 poem Medusa’s Kitchen feature

March 24th, 2020

my monthly gig, 4 months into my 5th year.


sometimes bold is best

March 24th, 2020

In 1969 I got a job as a chemist testing paint formulas at Glidden Durkee in Baltimore. After I was hired, my boss came up to me and said the US Naval Academy would not release why I’d left without written permission from me. I’d left because they kicked me out after almost 3 years for smoking grass. I told him, “No problem, I’d be glad to grant permission.” And he said, “Well in that case, we don’t need to ask” and dropped the matter. Here’s a foto of my 10 classmates who were kicked out with me for drugs. Wonder how many of them had to deal with it in civilian life.


Edna’s Employment Agency by Wred Fright

March 10th, 2020

I wrote a short review of Wred Fright’s new comic novel “Edna’s Employment Agency” cuz he seems like a nice guy.

~ ~ ~

I stopped by Edna’s Employment Agency.

Meeting their misfit employees and questionable clientele, I wondered how they all survived, what with the staff spending more time getting through their damaged lives than finding jobs for others, while the job seekers drag out the process as long as possible to collect unemployment – all this drenched in TV sit-comish humor (a lot of it rude and crude).

Wasn’t sure I wanted to spend time with these folk, but kept reading, and I’m glad because beneath this chaos lies a sweetness… by the time I was done, they were my misfits, whom I actually cared about.

At first the employees seem inept, shallow, selfish (and they are), but page by page their humanity surfaces, revealing an office family sort of looking after each other and their clients. Their often surreal and slapstick office adventures are interspersed with outside slices of the customers’ lives, so the job seekers slowly become someone to care about as well, rather than something to gawk at like cultural roadkill.

This comedic novel captures the acerbic humor that dominates most places I’ve been employed, as well as the tenuous friendships developed with co-workers you may not even like.

One blurb likensĀ Edna’s Employment Agency to “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” (which I’ve not seen, but feels right from what I’ve read).

The book is short, humane, gentle, absurd, and should put a smile on your face. By the end you might even like Edna.

~ ~ ~

He blogged it with some nice words about me:



mini me’s

March 1st, 2020


month 51, feature 53

February 23rd, 2020

my Februweary feature on Medusa’s Kitchen…
10 fotos, 9 haiku-ish poems.

Thanks to editor/publisher Kathy Kieth for this 51 month (so far) gig.


random candy

January 20th, 2020


6 recent poems

January 8th, 2020

A few recent poems (of many possibilities).

~ ~ ~

Rant and Roll

Gimme that TV I.V.
for vain in vein insane
gimme booze, sex, gambling
highline fashion
low blows
gimme local lobotomy
drill my lobal monstrosities
gimme gone
gimme go
gimme fast cars in red glow
neon no ones run low
jazz jumped slow
gimme want and went and wan
night in sight of sun
anything to numb
this shit world dumb
to doom due profits sons
in never pure
ever slippin’ strip stream whirl
gimme never when
back then
but get me gone
I don’t belong
nor do

~ ~ ~

A plethora
(hot bath, black coffee, a toke)
of pleasure

~ ~ ~

Lady Wife Lady Friend Lady Companion

Toothpicks in her glasses
twist ties on her boots

she’d walk a country mile
for a country egg
in a New York minute

smile local
go global

bless her suite of heart

~ ~ ~

May You Live in Interesting Times

There’s the known darkness
and the darkeness not yet known

The darkness within the dark
the darkness without

The dark that sparks revere
and dark that undermines the lark

Darkness at the edge of town
darkness all around

But is and isn’t run unclear
in the farce and fear of darkness here

~ ~ ~


Monkey man
take stick draw line in sand


as if we get to choose
our abuse

(though we do)

live poet on the line
dead poet in the ground

memory walking

~ ~ ~

The Sisyphus Effect

I tried to tell her
don’t get up
stay in bed
it’s a scam
another reality trick
they get you every time
first you wake up
then you sit up
step out of bed
and whammo
they got you
they make you do stuff
be things
go places
I told her
tried to warn her
but no
she’s up
doing yoga
making coffee
petting the cat
listening to Willie Nelson
caught again in the web of want
old debt new due
one more early worm demanding bird

~ ~ ~


eye candy I, ago many moons

January 7th, 2020


add title

January 3rd, 2020

Rip Tide

Life’s a beach, and sand you die
sow reap rip sew sow reap rip sew so

Our car clock’s running slow
pretty soon we’ll be there before we leave
and won’t even have to go

I’ve realized global warming
is caused by too many hot babes,
and not enough cool cats
to lower their temperature.

It’s all telepathetic

– Smith 1.3.2020


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