Assorted Oddities & Mutilated Melodies

Interesting additions to the shuffle pool…

338 – Lucifer And The Fallen Angerls – Ray Wylie Hubbard
339 – Ask God – Ray Wylie Hubbard
340 – Blues Run The Game – Nick Drake
341 – Walkin’ Daddy – Iris DeMent
342 – Atomic Dog – George Clinton
343 – It’s Raining In Here – Adam Elk
344 – That Lovin’ You Feelin’ Again – Emmylou Harris & Roy Orbison
345 – Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby – Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch
346 – Ain’t No Two Ways To It (It’s Love) – Ellen McIlwaine
347 – The Candy House – Kim Gordon
348 – I Don’t Miss My Mind – Kim Gordon
349 – Lonesome Friends Of Science – John Prine
350 – Waymore’s Blues, Pt. II – Waylon Jennings
351 – Lighthouse #429 – Brian Eno
352 – All I Remember – Brian Eno
353 – Cowboy Killer – Ian Munsick & Ryan Charles
354 – Cowshit In The Morning – Ian Munsick

Latest additions to my magic shuffle pool

Latest additions to my magic shuffle pool

325 – High In The Morning – Tom Petty
326 – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush
327 – I’m Waiting For The Man – Keith Richards
328 – And When I Die – Laura Nyro
329 – Cristo Redentor – Charles Musselwhite
330 – Other Side Of The Sky – Gong
331 – Careless Eyes – Soft Machine
332 – Leylines for Glassdom – Steve Hillage
333 – A Child’s Claim To Fame – Buffalo Springfield
334 – Sailor Song (1981 Living Room Demo) – The Fibonaccis
335 – Blowin’ Smoke – Kacey Musgraves
336 – Drug Store Truck Drivin’ Man – The Byrds
337 – Tempus Horribilis – Circuline

Smith poems written February 2024

Smith poems written in February, decent output since Iwas recovering from major surgery.

2024.2.1 – Down on one knee
2024.2.3 – Winter sun warm through window
2024.2.9 – Notes During 9 Days Hospital After Being Gutted
2024.2.10 – Man I’m zinging
2024.2.15 – Oh Great Guru on mountain top
2024.2.18 – Riding off into the sunset
2024.2.19 – We live before we think
2024.2.20 – From water
2024.2.21 – I stare long into my black coffee
2024.2.22 – Almost dusk
2024.2.23 – Some days you could use a little extra edge
2024.2.25 – A light here
2024.2.26 – Large old rescue dog at my feet
2024.2.29 – Lotta rooster

~ ~ ~

Down on one knee
trusting in technology
trying to get home

~ ~ ~

Winter sun warm through window
paints my leg in light leaf and shadow
dancing up old man’s thigh

Sun on skin
skin on bone
nought between

Much of me on hospital floor
in back alley bin
night soil

Yet day dawns
in pain

My breath remains
one more awake gained
death gamed

In I.C.U.
after tube pulled from throat
and pain pump attached

I kept pushing Dilaudid
which’d always worked
but not now

Saw Charon’s Crossing
boat looked nice
water forgetful

But no

Large Enso circle
formed in air
looked wherever I looked

Then, inside circle
Keith Richard’s face fades in in b&w
congratulates me into the Survivor’s Club

And dissolves
leaving pain
and smile

~ ~ ~

Notes During 9 Days Hospital After Being Gutted

Quick couple clicks of Dilaudid
Elvis’ favorite drug
not doing much

Death is a cautious creature
prefers unlocking doors

Circular face appeared on suppy cabinet
b&w 3/4’s Keith Richards
welcoming me to Survivors Club
followed by tinny wail of David Bowie’s Fame
and Leonard Cohen’s Fingerprints
maybe the Dilaudid’s working after all

Shadows from unknown angles
showing strange numbers without reason

Been hearing wife’s voice
explaining our situation out in the hall
but she’s home
not here
maybe I’m hearing her prayers

Ride the pain train for the famous
fame for the rest

Must be considered
I’m seeing what’s considered differently

Six days since solids
five days clear liquids
first sip black caffeine and chicken broth
pure ecstacy

If I don’t piss
they put catheter back in
don’t poop, don’t go home

Wife 27 years younger
stealing time from stressed work line
to be with me in hospital
in case I die

Writing poem notes
sets off alarm from taped oxygen measurer
poetry is dangerous

4:20 a.m.
hit the Dilaudid button
Elvis would be proud

Keith Richards’ blessing appearance
wife’s phantom prayers in hall
keep the current going

Some suffering is spent
crawling to the future
pain price to come

It’s a downhill slope
mind gets wiser, body weaker
the cost of continuing

5th day after gutting me
imbibing caffeine and Dilaudid
rare Cleveland sunshine

Pain grows
blossoms into brilliance
backstabs my own

In hospital room
shivering with cold
wife gives me sweater off her back

Buy now!
Get one free!
Guarranteed money back!
late night TV

Gotta tell you
weary, hurt, and worry
not best place to be

How long o body
can spirit hold on
and still be worth it

Have to live long enough
to see Trump the Feces
finally flushed

Crashing into body pain
climbing out and writing
Smith is disaster artist

There’s always small print
trying to balance my pain meds
with pooping

Swollen scrotum
not enough room between thighs
and size

Black coffee from top
suppository up bottom
jumpstart my machine

Wife calls
asks how I am
I weep

Nurse comes in
asks if she can look at my scrotum
tell her she’s the first to ever ask that
we laugh
tell her there’s an old country swing song
Big Balls In Cow Town
she says I know the most interesting things

Glad I’m taking notes
all this is what the mind wipes
so flesh can continue

They once called me stoneface
today talking luck in wife and life
I weep four times

Overhear my roommate on phone
old thin small black man
“This is a big one Luke
they got me this time”

Hour before dawn
and next hospital pain pill
trying to find my way

Stuck in hospital
till I feces flush
so I do my doo-doo duty

Bio me
bio you
biome we

I shit my pants
doc says go home
I weep

Last day turns on me
cable TV quits
food turns bad
comes late

Gotta grim and grit it
as I leak my lizard

“This somber season has its solicitudes”
wife says, sipping hot coffee

Pull battered flesh
from bind of bed
into damn of day

It gets basic down at the lifeline
no baby Buddha bouncing in a box

I’m half human
not the good half
just the pain

Doctor says she put her hand in my chest
and my heart beat against it

Each pain’s passing
shows hundreds lurking below

Gut cut from pubis to sternum
50 staples holding belly together
pure will fighting high pain
but soon now will be then

I have to dance on the leaves
sing with the shadows

~ ~ ~

Man I’m zinging
too much CAFFEINE stomping my lizard
plus wig’s tightened considerably
considering tokes taken gummies infused
zing zanging my Zig Zagging
tanking yet more coffee
riding the red line

remembering back
wife and I picked coffee in Mexico
on steep side of mountain
above the clouds
river sounds somewhere below
lizards fucking on stump
pineapples growing from ground
vanilla vines hugging coffee tree trunk
like the snake sniffing Eve
so tired at end of day
I almost fell off mountain climbing back to bed

on busride home stop
stood on a boulder bulging from the mountain
and pissed on the white clouds below

they say function sum junction
for max consumption
or somethin’
at least that’s my assumption

but wife and I’ve met angels more than once
seen some slime
have new angles on meat and mind

~ ~ ~

Oh Great Guru on mountain top
what say you to us lower lot?

Nothing is always
and always is always nothing soon

In sun and shadow, rough and smooth
whatever your angle, you snooze you lose

~ ~ ~

Riding off into the sunset
82 mph
one hand on the wheel
low on gas
no destination
just enough time to get there

~ ~ ~

We live before we think
run upstream, foul the water
dash down, drink

~ ~ ~

From water
to land
to atoms
to ashes
we went from pointy sticks
to nuclear frission
awfully fast
for folk who understand neither value
nor mission

Error Error willful one
404 logic not found
go to 420

~ ~ ~

I stare long into my black coffee
it stares deep into me
it goes to sleep

~ ~ ~

Almost dusk
rooster still crowing sun up
clouds 1, chicken 0

Okay flux, here we go
into the body of the body beast

Rooster cries “rise”
chainsaw growls “die”
both wolves feed

Why does day run on so
why isn’t sleeping time longer?

Underwear is put away
some hanging things are hung
my work here is done

~ ~ ~

Some days you could use a little extra edge
like another year of sleep
or an endless cup of big black coffee
with a sticky cinnamon bun
on a quiet street in Amsterdam
back before the plague
before the dead mom and the new live wife
who’se likely saved my life at least twice
so far physically
more literally
the why and how of how I’m still here
who the flux knows
but she’s part of it
plus me being old bird tough
and of course luck
always luck
lots and lots of luck
and maybe just maybe me making the gods laugh
often, deep, long, and loud
for which I’m grateful
and, as always
a fool in fuel of frisson

~ ~ ~

A light here
a light there
a lot of dark between

~ ~ ~

Large old rescue dog at my feet
wish I could be as content
or prance in such joy at walk time
not sure which of us is creakier
has worse arthritis
our main differences are
kids love to see him
and I don’t shit in the street

~ ~ ~

Lotta rooster
little sun
life in Cleveland

~ ~ ~

Januwary’s children

5 poems this January, probably because 9 days were spent in the hospital getting gutted and the rest recovering… they removed a football-sized fleshpod that included my left kidney and assorted bits and dribbles along with the rare aggressive hungry tumor that actually grew an inch the 5 weeks it was being radiated.

Did write 29 pages in my pocket pad notebook in hospital while writhing in drugs and pain, but haven’t looked at them yet. There’s got to be something good in there.

At one moment in ICU, Keith Richard’s face appeared in b&w and welcomed me to the survivors’ club.

~ ~ ~

2024.1.1 – Five deer down at the ATM
2024.1.2 – Gotta be sedated
2024.1.20 – Looking down at my lst pain pill
2024.1.27 – Depleted Uranium
2024.1.31 – Slowly I turn

~ ~ ~

Five deer down at the ATM
on pre-dawn dogwalk
guess they wanted a buck

~ ~ ~

Gotta be sedated
8 or – or – or more
gonna stay don’t wanna go

Life’s my meat
I’m its whore
waiting payday

~ ~ ~

Looking down at my last pain pill
from a high heap of hurt
win lose draw

~ ~ ~

Depleted Uranium
has more oomph
than I

~ ~ ~

Slowly I turn
creaking towards human
pain by gain by pain

~ ~ ~

Too long to read, too good to ignore.

Too long to read, too good to ignore.

These are the 323 songs currently in my Amazon shuffle pool, and the 2,259 that were in but have been deleted over past 5 years.

Assorted Oddities & Mutilated Melodies Shuffle Pool
001 – Everybody Knows – Leonard Cohen
002 – Everything Is Broken – Bob Dylan
003 – It’s My Way – Buffy Sainte-Marie
004 – Frank Sinatra – Cake
005 – God & the FBI – Janis Ian
006 – Misterioso – Thelonious Monk
007 – Walking in the Rain (album version) – Grace Jones
008 – Breaking Point – The Specials
009 – Vitamin C – CAN
010 – Money Jungle – Duke Ellington, Mingus, Max Roach
011 – The Future – Leonard Cohen
012 – One More Cup Of Coffee – Bob Dylan
013 – Long Gone Lonesome Blues – Hank Williams
014 – Democracy – Leonard Cohen
015 – Heartbreak Hotel – John Cale
016 – This Is – Grace Jones
017 – Bill Gates – Critters Buggin
018 – B.H. Goes to a Freak – Critters Buggin
019 – Bywater Bhangra (Improv #1) – The Dead Kenny G’s
020 – Nasty Gnostic – Critters Buggin
021 – I Ate Lucy – Critters Buggin
022 – Tried To Be A Man – Rickie Lee Jones
023 – Monkey in a Silo – Jim White
024 – I’m Afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails edit) – David Bowie
025 – Walking Into Battle With The Lord – Chumbawamba
026 – Strong Feelings – Dry Cleaning
027 – John/Joseph – The Narcotix
028 – M – Music I – Inside C – Curved E-Entrances – Terry Riley
029 – Ashes to Ashes – David Bowie
030 – My Baby Left Me – Elvis Presley
031 – Caravan – Thelonious Monk
032 – You Want It Darker – Leonard Cohen
033 – First We Take Manhattan – Leonard Cohen
034 – What We All Want – The Dandy Warhols w/ Gang of Four
035 – I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive – Hank Williams
036 – California Blues – Merle Haggard
037 – Thrills – Cake
038 – I’m Moving On – Hank Snow
039 – The Golden Rocket – Hank Snow
040 – Ninety Miles An Hour (Down A Dead End Street) – Hank Snow
041 – The Wild Side Of Life – Hank Thompson
042 – Walking The Floor Over You (1941 single) – Ernest Tubb
043 – Blue Yodel No.8 (Mule Skinner Blues) – Jimmy Rodgers
044 – Dizzy Dizzy – CAN
045 – Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel #8) (album version) – Roy Acuff
046 – Mama Tried – Merle Haggard
047 – Woke Up This Morning – Vinnie Pauleone & The Ba Da Bing Orchestra
048 – Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer – Morphine
049 – It Don’t Bother Me – Alison Krauss & Robert Plant
050 – Milkcow Blues Boogie – Elvis Presley
051 – Heaven And Hell – Willie Nelson
052 – Bloody Mary Morning – Willie Nelson
053 – Trucker Beak – Critters Buggin
054 – Fretless Nostril – Critters Buggin
055 – Things Have Changed (single version) – Bob Dylan
056 – A Rainbow In Curved Air – Terry Riley
057 – Tits On The Radio – Scissor Sisters
058 – Jazz Police – Leonard Cohen
059 – The Sidewinder – Lee Morgan
060 – Black Helicopters – The Grassy Knoll
061 – Tennessee Waltz – Patti Page
062 – I Bow Down And Pray To Every Woman I See – Chuck Prophet
063 – OD’d In Denver – Bill Callahan w/ Matt Sweeney
064 – Like Ceasar Needs a Brutus – Anita Lane
065 – Empty My Mind – Poi Dog Pondering
066 – What Makes The Monkey Dance – Chuck Prophet
067 – Asbestos Lead Asbestos – Meat Beat Manifesto
068 – Prison of the Senses – Pere Ubu
069 – Call Back – Morphine
070 – Jesus Walking On The Water – Violent Femmes
071 – My Medicine (album version) – Snoop Dogg
072 – Smoke: IV. – New Music Detroit
073 – Washing Machine – Amy Lavere
074 – Mystery Train – Elvis Presley
075 – The Arrival and the Reunion – Dead Can Dance
076 – Dusted – Leftfield
077 – Millionaire Blues – Dire Straits
078 – Desert Dream – Beats Antique
079 – Spoon – CAN
080 – Wayfaring Stranger – Jack White
081 – I Scare Myself – Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks w/ Rickie Lee Jones
082 – Cadillac Walk – Boz Scaggs
083 – Nan Fon Bwa – Leyla McCalla
084 – Tales From The Trash Stratum – Oneohtrix Point Never & Elizabeth Fraser
085 – He She – Oneohtrix Point Never
086 – Obvious – Lizzy Young
087 – Be Bop Kid – Suicide
088 – Fame – David Bowie
089 – In The Jailhouse Now – Webb Pierce
090 – Paint It Black (original single mono version) – The Rolling Stones
091 – Suite: Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby, Stills & Nash
092 – The Seventh Son – Mose Allison
093 – Stand By Me (ultimate mix) – John Lennon
094 – Lost Mind – Mose Allison
095 – Language Is A Virus – Laurie Anderson
096 – Your Cheatin’ Heart – Hank Williams & The Drifting Cowboys
097 – Take California (short one) – Propellerheads
098 – Johnny 99 – Bruce Springsteen
099 – Atemporal – Lucrecia Dalt
100 – Genesis – Otyken
101 – For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield
102 – Baby Let’s Play House – Elvis Presley
103 – Junkie Doll – Mark Knopfler
104 – Renouveau / Daman N’diaye – Vapors of Morphine & Boubacar Diabate
105 – Blue Moon Of Kentucky – Elvis Presley
106 – Desolation Row – Bob Dylan
107 – Epistrophy – Thelonious Monk
108 – Strange Game – Mick Jagger
109 – T.V.O.D. – The Normal
110 – Cool Water – Sons of the Pioneers
111 – Blue Train – John Coltrane
112 – Check (reprise) – Aimee Mann
113 – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – Charles Mingus
114 – So What – Miles Davis & John Coltrane
115 – Surfin’ Dead – The Cramps
116 – Unfinished Business – Au Pairs
117 – Shanti Niketan (Improv #2) – The Dead Kenny G’s
118 – Anemone – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
119 – A Beaten Dog Beneath The Hail – The Grassy Knoll
120 – Backlash Blues – Nina Simone
121 – Damn Thing – Pistol Annies
122 – Either Or – Negativland
123 – Flesh and Blood – Imelda May
124 – G Song – Terry Riley
125 – Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia – Of Montreal
126 – I Am Electro – Meat Beat Manifesto
127 – On My Radio – The Selecter
128 – Adam’s Apple – Wayne Shorter
129 – New Life – Do Nothing
130 – I Bought Myself a Politician – Monalisa Twins
131 – Pretty Little Thing – Monalisa Twins
132 – Back In History – Leon Russell & John McEuen
133 – Joshua Fit The Battle – Elvis Presley
134 – Bosom of Abraham – Elvis Presley
135 – Little Umbrellas – Frank Zappa
136 – Lonesome, On’ry and Mean – Waylon Jennings
1-37 – Hobo Flats – Jimmy Smith
138 – Thoughtless Kind (M:FANS) – John Cale
139 – Play God – Ani DiFranco
140 – It’s Not Too Late – T Bone Burnett
141 – You Must Unload – Ry Cooder
142 – Assassin – Bill Laswell
143 – Evil Gal Blues – Dinah Washington
144 – Pedal to the Metal – The Devil’s Daughters
145 – Half Past One – CAN
146 – It’s the Music – Meat Beat Manifesto
147 – Behave Yourself – Booker T & the MGs
148 – Waitress – Do Nothing
149 – Straight, No Chaser – Thelonious Monk
150 – Miles Runs the Voodoo Down – Miles Davis
151 – Never Say Never (single version)- Romeo Void
152 – Nice ‘N’ Sleazy – The Stranglers
153 – Night Train – Jimmy Forrest
154 – No Expectations – Rolling Stones
155 – Humans from Earth – T Bone Burnett
156 – Harlem Nocturne – The Viscounts
157 – Hell on Heels – Pistol Annies & Miranda Lambert
158 – Move With Me – Tim Buckley
159 – I Feel a Sin Comin On – Pistol Annies
160 – I Hope I m Stoned (When Jesus Takes Me Home) – Charlie Worsham & Crow Medicine Show
161 – I Touch Myself – The Divinyls
162 – Radio Babylon – Meat Beat Manifesto
163 – Heaven Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – Steve Earle & The Dukes
164 – Holy Ghost – Violent Femmes
165 – Honey Honey – Larkin Poe
166 – Bad Karma – Miley Cyrus & Joan Jett
167 – Bad Kitty – Liz Phair
168 – Bad Woman Blues – Beth Hart
169 – Friction – Television
170 – Green Onions – Booker T & The M.G’s
171 – Grow Mama Grow – Dominique Fils-Aim
172 – Trash Tongue Talker – Jack White
173 – What’s Done Is Done – Jack White
174 – Weed Killer – The Kills
175 – Kill Your Mama – Alicia Keys
176 – Room – Richard Skelton
177 – Through The Bottom Of The Glass – Hank Thompson
178 – The Peppery Man – Natalie Merchant
179 – Bleezer’s Ice Cream – Natalie Merchant
180 – Super Sex – Morphine
181 – Johnny Too Bad – Steve Earle
182 – God Is God – Juno Reactor
183 – Short Skirt, Long Jacket – Cake
184 – Me And The Devil – Gil Scott-Heron
185 – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Gil Scott-Heron
186 – What’d I Say, Pt. 1 & 2 – Ray Charles
187 – Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles
188 – This Is Us – Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
189 – Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage
190 – Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz
191 – Resist – Janis Ian
192 – Danger Danger – Janis Ian
193 – Fingerprints – Leonard Cohen
194 – Punish The Monkey – Mark Knopfler
195 – Oatmeal – Sudan Archives
196 – Oboe Round – Moondog
197 – That’s All Right – Elvis Presley
198 – This Train (Russell’s Song) – Waylon Jennings
199 – Let’s Go Get Stoned – Ray Charles
200 – In The Summertime – Mungo Jerry
201 – Some Humans Ain’t Human – John Prine
202 – Working On The Building – Elvis Presley
203 – Swing Down Sweet Chariot – Elvis Presley
204 – Black Caffeine – Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell
205 – Sex And Gasoline – Rodney Crowell
206 – Peter Gunn Theme – Henry Mancini
207 – Peter Gunn – Duane Eddy
208 – I Have A Lot To Say – 7ebra
209 – Teenagers – My Chemical Romance
210 – Wield The Spade – Oysterhead
211 – I Feel So Bad – Elvis Presley
212 – Dry Bones (first version) – Delta Rhythm Boys
213 – The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) – The Tokens
214 – I’m Clean – Priests
215 – Megaphone Guy – Negativland
216 – No Brain – Negativland
217 – Reich: WTC 9/11 – II. 2010 (Pt. 2) – Steve Reich
218 – Reich: Triple Quartet – I. (Pt. 1) – Steve Reich
219 – New York Counterpoint, Pt. 3 – Nicolas Prost
220 – Teeth Agape – Tanya Tagaq
221 – Famine Affair – Of Montreal
222 – Belle Glade Missionaries – Of Montreal
223 – Ballad Of A Thin Man – Bob Dylan
224 – Pony – Annette Peacock
225 – Bankrobber – Chumbawamba
226 – Be Bop a Lula – Gene Vincent
227 – Sun Arise – Rolf Harris
228 – Mektoub – Ginger Baker
229 – Under The Black Skies – Ginger Baker
230 – Brain Damage – Ginger Baker
231 – Down Past The Bottom – Lucinda Williams
232 – Red Right Hand (Peaky Blinders Theme) – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
233 – Abattoir Blues – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
234 – Cannibal’s Hymn – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
235 – I’m Deranged – David Bowie
236 – Loser – Beck
237 – Where It’s At – Beck
238 – I’ll Turn My Radio On – Walela
239 – After Hours (live) – Jimmy Smith
240 – Bass Strings (mono) – Country Joe and The Fish
241 – 8:05 – Moby Grape
242 – Germfree Adolescence – X-Ray Spex
243 – Black Boys On Mopeds – Sinead O’Connor
244 – The Devil’s Inside Me – The Vasolines
245 – Stormy Blues – Billie Holiday
246 – Otherside Of The Bottle – Samantha Fish
247 – Female Jesus – Johnny Dowd
248 – Beezlebub – Beats Antique w/ Les Claypool
249 – You Win Again – Hank Williams
250 – Monkey In The Middle – Chuck Prophet
251 – Eternal Consumption Engine – Primus
252 – The Protege – Terry Riley & John Cale
253 – Hen In The Foxhouse – Rhiannon Giddens
254 – Raise Hell – Brandi Carlile
255 – House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals
256 – Amazing Grace – Marc Cohn & The Blind Boys Of Alabama
257 – That’s The Way The World Goes Round – John Prine
268 – Mr. Nobody – Negativland
259 – Why Spend A Dark Night With You? – Ghost Train Orchestra & Kronos Quartet w/ Joan As Police Woman
260 – Umamm – Kleenex
261 – Black Crow – Joni Mitchell
262 – Lead Balloon – Joni Mitchell
263 – Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody – John Prine
264 – Who’s Gonna Take the Garbage Out – John Prine & Iris DeMent
265 – Free Man in Paris – Joni Mitchell
266 – Rolling Stone Blues – The Rolling Stones
267 – Song To Anything That Moves – Carla Bley & The Jazz Composer’s Orchestra
268 – Dignified And Old – The Modern Lovers
269 – The Reoccurring Dream (album version) – Joni Mitchell
270 – A Mess Of Blues – Elvis Presley
271 – Long White Cadillac – Dwight Yoakam
272 – Bad Spell (acoustic) – Larkin Poe
273 – Lust For Life – Iggy Pop
274 – Broken English (Live Montreux Jazz Festival 2009) – Marianne Faithfull
275 – Pushin’ Too Hard – The Seeds
276 – Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
277 – Same Devil – Brandy Clark w/ Brandi Carlile
278 – Colonizer (Joel Tarman Remix) – Tanya Tagaq w/ Kronos Quartet
279 – Walk Like an Egyptian – The Bangles
280 – Burn Baby Burn – The Residents
281 – Out In The Woods – Leon Russell
282 – Country Death Song – Violent Femmes
283 – America – Tracy Chapman
284 – Lucille (rerecorded) – Little Richard
285 – Get High – Brandy Clark
286 – Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us – Just Vox
287 – Thunder On The Mountain – Bob Dylan
288 – Road Kill – Rickie Lee Jones
289 – Jazz Hands, Part 1 – Eels
290 – The Wabe – Peter Yarrow & John Simon
291 – Clap Hands – Tom Waits
292 – Abracadabra – The Steve Miller Band
293 – Shine Eye Gal (Jamacaican Dub) – Black Uhuru
294 – Busload Of Faith – Lou Reed
295 – No Name Girl – John Prine
296 – Ghost Town – The Specials
297 – Living in a Ghost Town – The Rolling Stones
298 – Hard Lovin’ Loser – Mimi & Richard Farina
299 – Buena Vista Social Club – Buena Vista Social Club
300 – Pink Cadillac – Bruce Springsteen
301 – I Was In The House When The House Burned Down – Warren Zevon
302 – Rehab – Amy Whinehouse
303 – Mother – The New Eves
304 – A Big Ball In Cowtown – Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys
305 – Can’t Find My Way Home – Blind Faith
306 – Sway Dancing – Rita Hayworth
307 – You Ain’t Going Nowhere 0- The Byrds
308 – Small Blue Thing – Suzanne Vega
309 – Bad Things – Jace Everett
310 – The Joker – Steve Miller Band
311 – Trouble – Elvis Presley
312 – Stuck In The Middle With You – Stealers Wheel
313 – Handle With Care – The Traveling Wilburys
314 – Last Night – The Traveling Wilburys
315 – Tweeter And The Monkey Man – The Traveling Wilburys
316 – 7 Deadly Sins – The Traveling Wilburys
317 – Cool Dry Place – The Traveling Wilburys
318 – Nobody’s Child – The Traveling Wilburys
319 – Sleep – Little Willie John
320 – Wall Of Eyes – The Smile
321 – A Hairdryer – The Smile
322 – (Tango) In The Dark – Bix Biederbecke
323 – Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley
324 –

# of songs deleted – 2,259 as of 1.31.2024
‘Round Midnight – Thelonious Monk
#1 Crush (Nelle Hooper Mix) – Garbage
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Devo
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones
(I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle – Hank Williams
(No More) Wet T-Shirt Contests – Low Cut Connie
(Stuck Inside Detroit) Out Come The Freaks – Was (Not Was)
(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang – The Dead Milkmen
(You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further – The Doors
10 Miles To Go On A 9 Mile Road – Jim White
100% Endurance – Yard Act & Elton John
11 – KMRU
11 MPH – Was (Not Was)
111111111 – X0 –
1111111111 – X
112 Greene Street – The Grassy Knoll
1776 – Janis Ian
19-2000 – Gorillaz
1922 Blues – Charlie Parr
1961 – The Grassy Knoll
2000 Light Years From Home – The Rolling Stones
24 Hours a Day – JJ Cale & Leon Russell
3 Cool Cats – Ry Cooder
3/4 Time – Ray Charles
4th and Vine – Sinead O’Connor
5-4=Unity – Pavement
5:45 – JJ Sterry w/ Gang of Four
7 – Prince1 –
99.9 F – Suzanne Vega
A Fistful of Dollars – Ennio Morricone
A Love Supreme, Pt. I – Acknowledgement – John Coltrane
A Mess of Blues – Elvis Presley
A Night in Tunisia – Charlie Parker & Miles Davis
A Night in Tunisia – Dizzy Gillespie
A Night In Tunisia – Miles Davis & Red Garland
A Number of Microphones – Propellerheads
A Poem – Delbert McClinton
A Real Indication – Thought Gang9
A Spark from the Infinite (part 2) – Terry Riley
A Street – Leonard Cohen
A String of Pearls – Glenn Miller
A Swamp Dog’s Ta7 – le – Goat Girl
A Theory – Tracy Chapman
A Walk in the Dark – David Byrne
A Whiter Shade of Pale – Procol Harum
Abandonitis – Terry Allen
abcdefu – Gayle
Absinthe – Otis Taylor
Achilles’ Feel – Piano Circus
Acid Again – Meat Beat Manifesto
Add It Up – Violent Femmes
Africa – Sun Ra
After The Fire Is Gone – Tracy Nelson / Willie Nelson
After The Machine Settles – Binker & Moses w/ Max Luthert
Agnostic Preacher’s Lament – Todd Snider
Ain’t Gonna Be Your Tattoo – Shemekia Copeland
Ain’t Gonna Let You Go – Bonnie Raitt
Ain’t Got No Money – Justin Townes Earle
Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody – John Prinelling s

Ain’t No Grave – Johnny Cash
Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers
Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do – Billie Holiday
Ain’t Nothin’ in Ramblin’ – Bonnie Raitt / Steve Freund
Air Talk – Yoko Ono
Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) – The Doors
Albatross – Fleetwood Mac
All Blues – Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderly, Bill Evans
All The Money or The Simple Life – The Dandy Warhols
All the Way Under – John Hiatt
Almost Like the Blues – Leonard Cohen
Always Alright – Alabama Shakes
Amarillo Highway – Terry Allen
Amber Eyes – Imelda May
America – Tracy Chapman
America is Waiting – Brian Eno / David Byrne
American Childhood – Terry Allen
Amnesia – Keith Richards
Another Man Done Gone – Odetta
Another Theory – The Grassy Knoll
Antimatter Animals – Tropical Fuck Storm
Anyplace Is Paradise – Elvis Presley
Anything I Say Can and Will Be Used Against You – T Bone Burnett
Anytime – Mavis Staples
Aoana – Heilung
April In Paris – Thelonious Monk
Arabella – Arctic Monkeys
Arabesque Cookie (Arabian Dance) – Duke Ellington
Armageddon Days (Are Here Again) – The The
Army Dreamers – Kate Bush
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way – Waylon Jennings
Army Girls Gone Wild – Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers
Art Blakey – Charlie Watts & Jim Keltner
Artificial Life – Ultrvox
Asbestos Lead Asbestos (Toxic Mix) – Meat Beatolling
Ascunsion – Ennio Morricone
Asha – Bill Laswell
Asja – Heilung
Astral Traveling – Pharoah Sanders
At Seventeen – Janis Ian
Atopos – Bj rk [feat. Kasimyn}
Atrocity Exhibition – Joy Division
Atlantis – Tuxedomoon
Atomic Dog – George Clinton
Atomized – Andrew Bird
Auctioneers – Mickey Hart
Audience of One – Peter Ivers
Aunt Eggma Blow Torch – Neutral Milk Hotel
Ave Maria – Bumba Massa
Baby Got Going – Liz Phair
Baby King – Marc Cohn
Baby Scratch My Back – Slim Harpo
Baby What You Want Me To – Jimmy Reed
Back Porch – The Presidents Of The United States
Back Streets – Peter Ivers
Back at the Chicken Shack – Jimmy Smith
Back in History – Leon Russell & John McEuen
Back On The Train – Phish
Back On Top – Buffalo Nichols
Backseat Nothing – The Del Fuegos
Backward Country Boy Blues – Duke Ellington, Mingus, Max Roach
Bad As Me – Tom Waits
Bad Example – Pistol Annies
Bad Guy – Smith & Myers
Bad Habit – Imelda May
Bad Habits – Ben Harper & Charles Musselwhite
Bad Mother Trucker – Eric Church
Bad News Blues – Lucinda Williams
Bad Things – Jace Everett
Bad To The Bone – George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Bag’s Groove – Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Milt Jackson, Percy Heath, Kenny Clarke
Baggage Claim – Delbert McClinton
Bajo Sextoy – Nortec Collective
Ballad of a Thin Man – Bob Dylan
Ballad of the Skeletons – Allen Ginsberg, Paul McCartney, Philip Glass, Lenny Kaye
Bam Bam – Sister Nancy
Banana Boat (Day-O) (Live) – Harry Belafonte
Banana in Your Fruit Basket – Bo Carter
Bang a Gong (Get It On) – T-Rex
Bang A Gong (Get It On) electric version – T. Rex
Bang Bang – David Bowie
Bang Bang Bang – Tracy Chapman
Bang Bang Boom Boom – Beth Hart
Banga – Patti Smith
Banks Of Allatoona – Larkin Poe
Barabajagal – Donovan & Jeff Beck Group
Barbary Coast – Weather Report
Barfly – Heidi Newfield
Bark Like A God – Sloppy Jane
Barley – Water From Your Eyes
Barracuda – Heart
Barracuda – John Cale
Barrier – Bill Laswell
Basin Street Blues – Bob Wills
Basin Street Blues – The Mills Brothers
Bat Chain Puller – Captain Beefheart
Battle Is Over But The War Goes On – Levon Helm
Bayonette – Elizabeth Cook
Bayonne Blues – Janis Ian
Be My Husband – Nina Simone
Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues – Larkin Poe
Beauty Trip – Television
Because – The Beatles
Because Of – Leonard Cohen
Because the Night – Patti Smith
Beck’s Bolero – Jeff Beck
Bedbugs & Ballyhoo (Transformed) – Echo And The Bunnymen
Beehive – Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers
Beezlebub – Beats Antique w/ Les Claypool
Before the Water Gets Too High – Parquet Courts
Begin the Beguine – Artie Shaw
Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
Being There – T Bone Burnett, Jay Bellerose & Keefus Ciancia
Belinda – Bumba Massa
Below This Level (Patient’s Song) – CAN
Bent – Jimmy Edgar & Hudson Mohawke
Better In My Day – NYX & Gazelle Twin
Better Lying Down – Grace Slick
Better Times Will Come – Janis ian
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – George Harrison
Bewildered Herd – The Dead Kenny G’s
Beyond Here Lies Nothing – Bob Dylan
Beyond the Horizon – Bob Dylan
Big Bad Handsome Man – Imelda May
Big Daddy – Talking Heads
Big Electric Cat – Adrian Belew
Big Road – Sunjay
Big Slow Arabs – Brian Eno
Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell
Binary – Ani DiFranco
Bird’s Lament – Moondog
Birdbrain – Allen Ginsberg & The Gluons
Birther Blues – The Dead Kenny G’s
Bitter Memory – Lucinda Williams
Bla Bla Bla – M neskin
Black Cadillac (live) – NO Blues w/ Tracy Bonham
Black Diamond Bay – Bob Dylan
Black Magic Woman – Fleetwood Mac
Black Magic Woman – Santana
Blue Monk – Thelonious Monk
Black Monk Theme – The Fall
Black Peter – The Grateful Dead
Black Soul Choir – 16 Horsepower
Black Widow Blues – Townes Van Sandt
Black and Tan Fantasy – Duke Ellington / Louis Armstrong
Black is Black – Los Bravos
Blackbird – Nina Simone
Blackbird – The Beatles
Blank Generation (alternate version) – Richard Hell & The Voidoids
Blessed – Buju Banton
Blinded By The Darkness – T Bone Burnett
Block Rockin’ Beats – The Chemical Brothers
Blood For Poppies – Garbage
Blood In My Eyes – Bob Dylan
Blood Makes Noise – Suzanne Vega
Bloody Mary Morning – Willie Nelson / Wynonna Judd
Blue Bayou – Roy Orbison
Blue Havana Moon – Peter Ivers
Blue Haze – Miles Davis Quartet, Horace Silver, Percy Heath & Art Blakey
Blue Lightning – Big Thief
Blue Moon of Kentucky – Bill Monroe
Blue Moon of Kentucky – Elvis Presley
Blue Nile – Alice Coltrane
Blue Rondo a la Turk – Dave Brubeck
Blue Sphere – Thelonious Monk
Blue Yodel No 2 – Jimmie Rodgers
Blue Yodel No 9 – Jimmie Rodgers/Louis Armstrong
Blues Calling – Imelda May
Blues Everywhere I Go – Odetta
Blues Jam – Keith Richards
Blues On Two Trees – Jack White
Blues Stay Away From Me – The Devil’s Daughters
Blues for Mama – Nina Simone
Blues in First – Buck Clayton
bmbmbm – black midi
Bob Wills is Still King – Waylon Jennings
Bodies In Motion – Laurie Anderson
Bolero, M. 81 – London Philharmonic Orchestra
Bongo Bong – Manu Chao
Boogie Stop Shuffle – Charles Mingus
Boogie Street – Leonard Cohen
Boogie Woogie Blues – Albert Ammons
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – The Andrew Sisters
Boogie Woogie Waltz – Weather Report
Boogie in the Dark – Jimmy Reed
Booming And Zooming – Tom Tom Club
Boot Money – Tony Joe White
Boots Like Emmy Lou’s – Janis Ian
Booty Butt – Ray Charles
Born to Trouble – Three for Silver
Bourgeoise Blues – The Ex
Bow Legged Daddy – Maria Muldaur
Boxcar Blues – Boxcar Willie
Boxes of Armageddon – The Residents
Boy’s Gone Crazy – Was (Not Was)
Brain Damage – Ginger Baker
Brand New ’64 Dodge – Greg Brown
Brand New Cadillac – The Clash
Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 In F Major – Bach
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 In G Major – Bach
Brass in Pocket – The Pretenders
Brazil – Geoff & Maria Muldaur
Brazilian Sun – Sun Ra
Breakin’ My Heart – Tom Verlaine
Bright Yellow Gun – Throwing Muses
Bring Out the Dead – Sniff ‘n’ The Tears
Broken Bones – Kaleo
Broken Bones – Mark Knopfler
Broken English (original mix) – Marianne Faithful
Brother Blood – The Neville Brothers
Brother Bryan – Waxahatchee
Brother, My Cup Is Empty – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Brotherman – John Cale
Brown Eyed Handsome Man – Chuck Berry
Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones
Brownie’s Theme – David Byrne
Bubble – Ani Difranco
Bubbles – Wah Wah Watson
Buckethead – Meat Puppets
Buffalo – Stump
Bukowski – Modest Mouse
Buena – Morphine
Build A Bitch – Bella Poarch
Bull-Doze Blues – Henry Thomas
Burn Baby Burn – The Residents
Burn One Down – Ben Harper
Burnin’ and Lootin’ – Bob Marley
Burning – King Buffalo
Bus Station – Pere Ubu
Busted – Ray Charles
Busted Up – The Replacements
Buy My Product – Water From Your Eyes
Buzzin’ Fly – Tim Buckley
C’est Comme Ca – Paramore
Cast ‘Em Out – Larkin Poe
CIA Dope Calypso – Allen Ginsberg
CIA Man – The Fugs
Caleb Meyer – Gillian Welch
California King – Larkin Poe
Call Any Vegetable – Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention
Call It Stormy Monday – T-Bone Walker
Call Me The Breeze – J.J. Cale
Call My Name – I’m With Her
Calling Elvis – Dire Straits
Calling Your Spirit Back – Frank Waln
Camera – Crosby, Stills & Nash
Can’t Find My Way Home – Blind Faith
Can’t Let Go – Lucinda Williams
Can’t Let Go – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Can’t Wait – Bob Dylan
Cancion Desierto – Terry Riley
Candy Man – Primus
Candy Man – Roy Orbison
Canned Laughter – Twig Cinnamon
Cannibal’s Hymn – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Canon in F Major, Book 1 – Moondog
Can’t Wait – Bob Dylan
Cantaloupe Island – Herbie Hancock
Car Wheels On A Gravel Road – Lucinda Williams
Caravan – Dr. John
Caravan – Duke Ellington
Caravan – Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, Max Roach
Caravan At Dawn – Paul Winter Consort w/ Mickey Hart
Caravan of Fools – John Prine
Care Away – Mediaeval Baebes
Carl Perkins Wears the Crown – New Riders of the Purple Sage
Carmina Burina Fantasy – Sandy Bull
Carnival (Shelter In A Suitcase) – Sinple Minds
Cars Hiss by My Window (Alternate Take)- The Doors
Carving Up The World Again – Robert Plant
Cascade Waltz – CAN
Casey Jones – The Grateful Dead
Cast ‘Em Out – Larkin Poe
Cat Creeps – Medeski, Martin & Wood
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) – David Bowie
Celito Lindo – Mariachi Aquila
Central Park Blues – Nina Simone
Cetvorno Sopsko Horo – Die Spielgesellen
Chaconne In G – Moondog
Chaharmezrab-E Dashti – Jalil Shahnaz
Chain Gang – Sam Cooke
Chaise Longue – Wet Leg
Change – Mavis Staples
Charley’s Girl – Lou Reed
Charm Alarm – Debbie Harry
Chase – Spindle Ensemble
Chase the Feeling – Kris Kristofferson
Cherokee Morning Song – Rita Coolidge
Chess – Honey County
Chicken Fingers – (not my) Moondog
Chicken Song – Xylouris White
Child Of The Moon – The Rolling Stones
Chills & Fever – Samantha Fish
China Girl – David Bowie
Chinese Mike – Tuxedomoon
Choices – George Jones
Choices – Leonard Cohen
Chondromalacia Patella – black midi
Chords of Fame – Phil Ochs
Christine’s Tune – The Flying Burrito Brothers
Church of Anthrax – John Cale & Terry Riley
Churumbelas – Joaquin Sabina
Cigarettes Are Good For Pain – Lizzy Young
Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young
Clap Hands – Tom Waits
Clasp of a Lion – Mediaeval Baebes
Cler Achel – Tinariwen
Click Clack – Captain Beefheart
Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz
Clones (We’re All) – Alice Cooper
Closing Time – Leonard Cohen
Cloud House – Bill Laswell
Cloud Nine – George Harrison
Cobra Wages Shuffle – Matmos
Coconut – Harry Nillson
Cold Cold Ground – Tom Waits
Cold Cold Heart (acetate version) – Hank Williams
Cold Dog Soup – Guy Clark
Cold Turkey – John Lennon
Colour Blind – Poly Styrene
Colossus – Idles
Combing My Hair in a Brand New Style – Jim White & Aimee Mann
Come On In – Thorbj rn Risager & The Black Tornado
Come On In My Kitchen – Larkin Poe
Come On In My Kitchen – Leon Russell
Come Together – The Beatles
Coming Back, Jamaica – Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy
Coming Out In Code – Chuck Prophet
Common People – Pulp
Como un Dolor de Muelas – Joaquin Sabina
Compared to What – Les McCann & Eddie Harris
Compared to What – Mushroom w/ Gary Floyd
Compersion Pt. 1 – Arab Strap
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D major, Op. 4 – Hana Kotkov
Coney Island Baby – Tom Waits
Conga Fury – Juno Reactor
Conroy – Cake
Consolacao – Lee Dorsey
Constantinople – The Residents
Continental Trailways Blues – Steve Earle
Cool Drink of Water Blues – Tommy Johnson
Cool Dry Place – The Traveling Wilburys
Cool Joe – George Clinton
Copperhead Road – Steve Earle
Corine Corina – JJ Cale & Leon Russell
Cosmik Debris – Frank Zappa
Cotton Fields – Harry Belafonte
Counting Backwards – Throwing Muses
Country Leaver – The Dandy Warholes
Country Tonk – The Rolling Stones
Cowboy Music – George Harrison
Cows – The Suburbs
Cracker Island – Goriilaz w/ Thundercat
Crash (edit) – Propellerheads
Crawling King Snake – Eric Burdon
Crawling King Snake – Etta James
Crawling King Snake – The Doors
Crawling Kingsnake – Ellen McIlwaine
Crazy ‘Bout an Automobile – Ry Cooder
Cream – Prince
Creole Love Call – Duke Ellington w/ Adelaide Hall
Crepuscule With Nellie – Thelonious Monk
Criminal (radio edit) – Fiona Apple
Criminals – T Bone Burnett
Cripple Creek – Buffie Sainte-Marie
Crippled Inside – John Lennon
Criss Cross – Thelonious Monk
Cristo Redentor – Donald Byrd
Crocodile Rock – Elton John
Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys – Oneohtrix Point Never
Crosseyed Heart – Keith Richards
Crossing the Rubicon – Bob Dylan
Crow Black Chicken – Ry Cooder
Crow Jane Alley – Willy DeVille
Cry, Cry, Cry (long version)- Johnny Cash
Crying Lightning – Arctic Monkeys
Cucumber Slumber – Weather Report
Cumbia del Coyote – Grupo Fantsma
Cup Of Coffee – Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
Cut Virus – Bill Laswell
Cutaway – CAN
Da Doo Ron Ron – The Crystals
Dad I’m in Jail – Was (Not Was)
Dance Me To The End Of Love – Leonard Cohen
Dance Rehearsal – Moondog
Dancing Barefoot – Patti Smith
Dancing in the Streets – Martha & The Vandellas
Dandy Del Sur – Nortec Collective
Dangerous Type – The Cars
Day-O (Banana Boat Song) – Harry Belafonte
Dead Flowers – The Rolling Stones
Dead Horse – Yard Act
Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo
Dead Pigeon Suite – CAN
Dead Skunk – Loudon Wainwright III
Dear Doctor – The Rolling Stones
Dear Mr. Fantasy – Traffic
Death Came A-Knockin’ – Ruthie Foster
Deep Dish – Ani Difranco
Deep Pockets – Dana Gillespie
Defiant – Brian Eno & David Byrne
D j Vu – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Dem Dry Bones – Delta Rhythm Boys
Denomination Blues – Ry Cooder
Derveshum Carnivals – Terry Riley
Detachable Penis – King Missile
Detective – No Doubt
Devil and Jesus – Eric Burdon
Devil’s Got Your Boyfriend – Tracy Bonham
Devil’s Haircut – Beck
Devil’s Radio – George Harrison
Dialog Box – David Byrne
Diamonds And Rust – Joan Baez
Diamonds and Rust – Judy Collins & Joan Baez
Diamonds in the Mine – Leonard Cohen
Didn’t Leave Nobody But the Baby – Emmylou, Krauss, Welch
Different – Mickey Guyton
Different Trains: After The War – Steve Reich
Dig, Lazarus, Dig (single edit) – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Dirty Water – Low Cut Connie
Dis Is Da Drum – Herbie Hancock
Disengage – Bill Laswell
Dispatches 1 – Blue Man Group
Disarray – Low
Dissolve / Reveal – Tom Verlaine
Divorce Song – Liz Phair
Dixie Chicken – Little Feat
Dizzy – Tuxedomoon
Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys
Do the Primal Thing (extended version) – NRBQ
Do the Wrong Thing – The Lounge Lizards
Doctor Roberts – The Beatles
Doin’ Things Right – Billy Strings
Dolls – Bella Poarch
Dolly: Darwin – Steve Reich
Dominion / Mother Russia – Sisters Of Mercy
Don’t – Larkin Poe
Don’t Bogart Me – The Fraternity Of Man
Don’t Bogart That Joint – Marinus Pee
Don’t Bring the Blues to Bed – Leon Russell
Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk – The Cramps
Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow- Frank Zappa
Don’t Forget Whose Legs You’re On – Arctic Monkeys
Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do – Robyn
Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On – Leonard Cohen
Don’t Let Go – Roy Hamilton
Don’t Let The Devil Ride – Precious Bryant
Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right – Bob Dylan
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin
Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit’s Done Got Out of Hand – Waylon Jennings
Doors Of Destiny – Beats Antique w/ Micha & Leighton
Doors of Heaven – Lucinda Williams
Dope Is Dope – Hard Working Americans
Double Bass- Gorillaz
Doubter Out Of Jesus (All Over You) – Chuck Prophet
Down – St. Vincent
Down Along the Cove – Bob Dylan
Down by the Water – PJ Harvey
Down In The Alley – Elvis Presley
Down in the Bottom – John Hammond
Down in the Valley – Solomon Burke
Down the Big Road Blues – Lucinda Williams
Down To Seeds and Stems Again – Commander Cody & the Lost Planet Airmen
Down With The Ship – Todd Rundgren & Rivers Cuomo
Downtime – Chuck Prophet
Downtown Money Maker – The Black Crowes
Drag Queens in Limoseines – Mary Gauthier
Dress Rehearsal Rag – Leonard Cohen
Driver’s Seat – Sniff ‘n’ The Tears
Drivin’ Out of Nashville – Shamekia Copeland
Dry Dreams – The Jim Carroll Band
Dumun – Altai
Dust Down a Country Road – John Haitt
Dust in a Baggie – Billy Strings
Earlier Baghdad (The Bounce) – T Bone Burnett
Early in the Mornin’ – Cindi Lauper/B.B. King/ Allen Tousaint
Early To Bed – Morphine
Easily Charmed by Fools – The Claypool Lennon Delirium
East Houston Blues – Rodney Crowell
Easy Wind – The Grateful Dead
Eat Pray Drugs – Pillbox Patti
Echolalia – Dead Can Dance
Egg & Daughter Nite, Lincoln Nebraska, 1967 (Crazy Bone) – John Prine
Eggs And Sausage – Tom Waits
Egyptian Blues – Ellen McIlwaine
Egyptian Solution – XTC
Eight Miles High – The Byrds
El Caso de la Rubio Platino – Joaquin Sabina
El Cerrito – Cracker
Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant
Electric Blue Monsoon – Poly Styrene
Electronic Counterpoint: II. Slow – Steve Reich
Elephant Ghost – Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains
Elephant Talk – King Crimson
Elephant Walk – Mickey Hart
Elevator Operator – Courtney Barnett
Elvis Ate America – Passengers
Elvis Presley Blues – Gillian Welch
Embers to Ashes – Bonnie Whitmore
Emotional Rescue – The Rolling Stones
Emphasis, Stuttgart 1961: Whirrrr (Live) – Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley, Steve Swallow
Empty Bed Blues – Judy Henske
End Of The Line – Dr. John & Aaron Neville
End of the Line – The Traveling Wilburys
End of the Tunnel – Vijay Iyer Sextet
English Suite No. 1 In A Major (prelude) – Bach / Vladimir Ashkenazy
engravings – Ethan Bortnick
Eno: In Dark Trees – Katia Labeque
Esperanto – Charlotte Adig ry & Bolis Pupul
Estimated Prophet – The Grateful Dead
Eternal Consumption Engine – Primus
Evan’s Drive to Mombasa (live Belin 1991) – Lounge Lizards
Ever The Dark – Rodney Crowell
Every Day I Have The Blues – Memphis Slim
Every State Line – Ani DiFranco
Every Time I Feel the Shift – T Bone Burnett
Everybody Ought to Treat a Stranger Right – Ry Cooder
Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy – Bonnie Raitt
Everyday – Buddy Holly
Everything Goes To Hell – Tom Waits
Evil Blues – Mance Lipscomb
Evil Gal Blues – Dinah Washington
Example #22 – Laurie Anderson
Excellent Birds – Laurie Anderson w/Peter Gabriel
Extraordinary Machine – Fiona Apple
Eyeball Kid – Tom Waits
Eyestalk (Gurkaran Waraich) – Love
F**k California – The Presidents Of The United States
Face of God – John Haitt
Facing The Wind – Nico
Fairytale – The Pointer Sisters
Falling Apart (Right Now) – Wilco
False Prophet – Bob Dylan
Family Pain – Swamp Dogg
Fantasy Island – Clinic
Fashion – David Bowie
Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
Fat Man – Beth Hart
Favela – Ike Quebec
Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend – John Cale
Feather Pluckn – The Presidents Of The United States
Federal Funding – Cake
Feel Good, Inc – Gorillaz
Feelin’ Alright (live) – Dave Mason
Feelin’ Alright – Dave Mason & The Quarantines
Feeling Good – Nina Simone
Felony Glamour – Chuck Prophet
Female Brain – Margaret Glaspy
Female Jesus – Johnny Dowd
Fetch the Bolt Cutters – Fiona Apple
Fiction – Suuns
Fight – Mavis Staples
Filipino Dance Hall Girl – Ry Cooder
Find My Way – Paul McCartney & Beck
Fine And Mellow – Hurray For The Riff Raff
Finest Lovin’ Man – Bonnie Raitt
Finger Pies – Anika
Fingerprints – Leonard Cohen
Fingers – Pink
Fire – Taimane
Fire (first version) – The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
Fire Night – Ravi Shankar
Fish and Whistle – John Prine
Fistful of Glass – Tal Wilkenfeld
Five Foot One – Iggy Pop
Fleurette Africaine – Duke Ellington, Mingus, Max Roach
Float On – Modest Mouse
Flower – Liz Phair
Flying High (mono) – Country Joe & The Fish
Foldin’ Money – The Fall
Folly – NYX & Gazelle Twin
Fool’s Paradise – Leon Russell
Foolkiller – Mose Allison
Footprints – Wayne Shorter
For a Ride – John Cale
For You Blue – The Beatles
Forest Fire – Dead Kennedys
Fort Dimanche – Leyla McCalla
Fortunate Son – Pere Ubu
Fortune Teller – Robert Plant
Forty Days – Ronnie Hawkins
Frame By Frame – King Crimson
Frank 2000 Prelude – Thought Gang
Free Man in Paris – Joni Mitchell
Free Radicals – The Flaming Lips
Free Up The Weed – Lee “Scratch” Perry
Frog Bog – Moondog
From the Air – Laurie Anderson
From The Bottle To The Bottom – Rita Coolidge & Kris Kristofferson
Frontier Psychiatrist – The Avalanches
Fuck All The Perfect People – Chip Taylor & The New Ukrainians
Fuck That Guy – The Dirty Knobs
Fuck With Sad Girls – Bonnie Whitmore
Fuck Your Acid Trip – Modest Mouse
Fuck and Run – Liz Phair
Fucking Fucked Up – Miley Cyrus
Fujiyama Mama – Wanda Jackson
Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter – Nina Simone
Funky And The Farm-boy – Rodney Crowell
Funky Blues – Charlie Parker
Funky Monks – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fur Elise – Michael Silverman / Bach
Games Without Frontiers – Peter Gabriel
Gamma Ray – Beck
Ganja Plant – Prince Buster
Gat Kirwani – Ravi Shankar
Genius of Love – Tom Tom Club
Georgia Grind – Maria Muldaur
Germ Free Adolescents – X-Ray Spex
Get Back (Black, Brown and White) – Big Bill Broonzy
Get Back – The Beatles
Get On Ttop – Tim Buckley
Get Out of My Life Woman – Lee Dorsey
Get Rhythm – Johnny Cash
Get Right With God – Lucinda Williams
Ghost Town – The Specials
Giddy Stratospheres – The Long Blondes
Gimme Danger (alternate Iggy violence mix) – Iggy & The Stooges
Gimme Some Truth – John Lennon
Gimme That Old Time Religion – Dr. John & Willie Nelson
Gimme the Car – Violent Femmes
Girl From The North Country – Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash
Girl Like Me – The Devil’s Daughters
Give It Up or Let Me Go – Bonnie Raitt
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) – George Harrison
Give Me One Reason – Tracy Chapman
Give The Drummer Some – Can
Gloria: In Excelsis Deo – Patti Smith
Glueland – Do Nothing
Go Dig My Grave – Lankum
Go Down, Moses – Paul Robeson
God – Tori Amos
God Bless the Child – Billie Holiday
God Break Down the Door – Nine Inch Nails
God Moves on the Water – Larkin Poe
God Was Drunk When He Made Me – Jim White
God is God – Juno Reactor
God’s Away On Business – Tom Waits
God’s Back Pocket – Hellwood
God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Johnny Cash
Goin’ Back – The Byrds
Goin’ Down Slow – Howlin’ Wolf
Goin’ Out West – Tom Waits
Going Back Home – Dr. Feelgood
Going Up The Country – Canned Heat
Goldberg Variations: Variation 15. Canone alla Quinta. a 1 Clav. Andante (1981) – Glenn Gould & Johann Sebastian Bach
Golden Brown – The Stranglers
Golden Years – David Bowie
Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) – Alison Krauss/Robert Plant
Gone So Long – Blues Pills
Gone for Good – Samantha Fish
Gone, Gone, Gone – Carl Perkins
Gonegonegone – Tracy Bonham
Gonna Have to Kill Ya – The Devil’s Daughters
Goo Goo Muck – The Cramps
Good Rockin’ Tonight – Elvis Presley
Good Sex – Palehound
Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys
Goodbye Jimmy Reed – Bob Dylan
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – Jeff Beck
Goofitude – The Fugs
Got Me A Party – Andy Fairweather Low
Got Me A Woman – Levon Helm
Gotta Get It Worked On – Delbert McClinton
Gotta Serve Somebody – Bob Dylan
Gotta Serve Somebody – Eric Burdon
Gotta Serve Somebody – Pops Staples
Govinda (radio mix) – Kula Shaker
Grasshoppers In My Pillow – Maria Muldaur
Gravedigger – Willie Nelson
Gravity – Sammy Brue
Great White Way – Do Nothing
Greenville – Lucinda Williams
Grieve My Lord No More – Foxy Blues
Groundhog – The Groundhogs
Groundsboy – The Fall
Guess Things Happen That Way – Johnny Cash
Guitar Town – Steve Earle
Gun Sale At The Church – The Beat Farmers
Gung Ho – The Roches
Gypsy in Me – Bonnie Raitt
Ha Aqablu Bukra – Umm Kulthum
HaHa – Charlotte Adig ry and Bolis Pupul
Hackensack (Take 1) – Thelonious Monk
Hackensack – Thelonious Monk
Hadda Be Playing on the Juke Box – Allen Ginsberg & Mark Bingham
Hand in My Pocket – Alanis Morisette
Handcuffed To A Fence In Mississippi – Jim White
Handle with Care – The Traveling Wilburys
Hangin’ Around – Eric Church
Hanging On The Telephone – Blondie
Hangover Blues – Amythyst Kiah
Happens to the Heart – Leonard Cohen
Happy – Danny Elfman
Happy Book – Jerry Joseph
Happy Trails – Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
Hard Bap Duke – Jyoti
Hard Loving Loser – Mimi & Richard Farina
Hard Times – Ray Charles
Hard Times Come Again No More – Joan Baez & Emmylou Harris
Hard Times Come Again No More – Sons Of The Pioneers w/ Roy Rogers
Harlem Nocturne – Earl Bostic
Harlem Nocturne – Lounge Lizards
Harlem Nocturne – Spike Jones
Harlem in Havana – Joni Mitchell
Harlin County Line – Dave Alvin
Harvest Moon – Neil Young
Hashish Poem – Bill Laswell
Hassidic Pizza – Tuxedomoon
Hat And Beard – Eric Dolphy
Have You Had Enough? – rotflmao w/ Rickie Lee Jones & Maxwell Mosher
Having a Party – Lee Scratch Perry
Hayward Boogie – Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch
He Got Game – Public Enemy & Stephen Stills
He’ll Come ‘Round – Sparks
He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands – Mahalia Jackson
Heart Cooks Brain – Modest Mouse
Heart Sutra – Yogetsu Akasaka
Heart of Glass – Blondie
Heartbreak Hotel – Elvis Presley
Heavy Balloon – Fiona Apple
Hell Broke Luce – Tom Waits
Hella Good – No Doubt
Hellfire (remix) – Meat Beat Manifesto
Hello My Lover – Willy DeVille
Hello Wonkites – Primus
Hello Yellow Goose (BurningDog) – Mary Margaret O’Hara
Help Me Somebody – Brian Eno & David Byrne
Help Your Self – Courtney Barnett
Hendershot (album version) – Les Claypool & The Holy Mackerel
Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles – Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band
Here Comes Love – Bonnie Raitt
Heroes – David Bowie
Heroes And Villains – The Beach Boys
Heroin (May 1965 demo) – Lou Reed
Heroin – The Velvet Underground
Hey Baby – No Doubt w/ Bounty Killer
Hey God – John Mellencamp
Hey Good Lookin’ – Hank Williams
Hey Joe – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Hey Porter – Johnny Cash
High And Lonesome – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
High Flyin’ Bird – Au Go-Go Singers
High and Lonesome – Jimmy Reed
Highball with the Devil – Les Claypool & The Holy Mackerel
Highway 61 Revisited – Bob Dylan
Highway Of Lost Hats – Jim White
Highwaymen – Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings
Hip Shot from the Slab – Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains
Hiss and Shake – Essential Logic
Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles
Hojo – Critters Buggin
Hold On – Alabama Shakes
Hole In The Wall – Little Richard
Holi Color Festival Song – Ravi Shankar
Holy Ghost Fire – Paul Cauthen
Holy Mackerel – Les Claypool & The Holy Mackerel
Holy Water – Dr. John
Home on the Range – Roy Rogers
Homeless – Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Honest I Do – Jimmy Reed
Honey Honey – Larkin Poe
Honey Man – Tim Buckley
Honey White – Morphine
Honey, Don’t Tear My Clothes – Etta James
Honky Cat – Elton John
Honky Tonk Prt 1 – Bill Doggett
Honky Tonk Train Blues – Meade ‘Lux’ Lewis
Honky Tonk Women (mono version)- The Rolling Stones
Hoochie Coochie Gal – Etta James
Hoochie Woman – Tori Amos
Hoodoo Lady Blues – Memphis Minnie
Hope (We Shall Overcome) – Joe Walsh & Amjad Ali Khan
Horseleg Swastikas – Silver Jews
Hotel Last Resort – Violent Femmes w/ Tom Verlaine
House of Open Tunimg II – Sudan Archives
House Of The Rising Sun – Joni Mitchell
House Un-American Blues Activity Dream – Richard & Mimi Farina
How Blue Can You get? – Cindi Lauper & Johnny Lang
How Come My Dog Don’t Bark – Dr. John
Hug My Radiator – Dion
Humor Me – Pere Ubu
Hunters and Collectors – CAN
Hush Hush – Etta James
I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None of this Jelly Roll – Sweet Emma Barrett
I Ain’t Living Long Like This – Emmylou Harris
I Ain’t Superstitious – Willie Dixon
I Am A Man That Worries – John Mellencamp
I Am Calling Out (L’Afta) – The Master Musicians Of Jajouka
I Am Over It – The Dandy Warhols
I Am The Shaman – Donovan w/ David Lynch
I Am The Walrus – The Beatles
I Am What I Am – Adrian Belew
I Am an Artist for Art’s Sake – The Fugs
I Asked for Water (He Gave Me Gasoline) – Lucinda Williams
I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom – Robert Johnson
I Don’t Care Anymore – Rodney Crowell
I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine – Elvis Presley
I Don’t Care Part 2 – Goat Girl
I Don’t Give A Shit – Shinyribs
I Don’t Need No Doctor – New Riders of the Purple Sage
I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama – John Lennon
I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool – Kate Fagan
I Don’t Wanna Know – Dr. John
I Don’t Want Much – Mose Allison & Van Morrison
I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag (alternate take) – Country Joe & The Fish
I Feel My Stuff – David Byrne & Brian Eno
I Feel The Earth Move – Carole King
I Feel a Sin Comin’ On – Pistol Annies
I Get So Weary – T-Bone Walker
I Got Nothin’ – Dion w/ Van Morrison & Joe Louis Walker
I Got The Same Old Blues – JJ Cale & Leon Russell
I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) – The Electric Prunes
I Hate It When That Happens To Me – John Prine
I Have Met My Love Today – John Prine
I Hear You Knocking – Dave Edmonds
I Hear You Paint Houses – Robbie Robertson & Van Morrison
I Hope I’m Stoned (When Jesus Takes Me Home) – Charlie Worsham & Old Crow Medicine Show
I Inside The Old Year Dying – PJ Harvey
I Just Want To See His Face – The Rolling Stones
I Keep It To Myself – Wilko Johnson, Roger Daltrey
I Know There’s a Darkness – Jerry Joseph
I Like It Like That – Jerry Lee Lewis
I Like It Like That (Part 2) – Chris Kenner
I Met Him On A Sunday – Laura Nyro & LaBelle
I Misunderstood – Richard Thompson
I Pity Inanimate Objects – Godley & Creme
I Put A Spell On You – Mykal Rose
I Put a Spell On You – Annie Lennox
I Put a Spell On You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
I Really Love You – George Harrison
I Remember Everything – John Prine
I Remember You – Frank Ifield
I Remember You – Sniff ‘n’ The Tears
I Saw – Young Fathers
I Saw A Cop – Jill Sobule
I Shall Not Be Moved – Taj Mahall & Ry Cooder
I Still Miss Someone – Johnny Cash
I Touch Myself – Divinyls
I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash
I Wanna Be Sedated – Ramones
I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
I Wanna Grow Up to Be a Politician – The Byrds
I Want More – CAN
I Want To See The Bright Lights – Richard & Linda Thompson
I Want You #35 – Rodney Crowell
I Was Dancing In A Lesbian Bar – Jonathan Richman
I Was in the House When the House Burned Down – Warren Zevon
I’d Rather Be a Devil – Guadalupe Plata
I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here – David Crosby
I’ll Be Rested When The Roll Is Called – Ry Cooder
I’ll Be Gone – Thorbj rn Risager & The Black Tornado
I’ll Fly Away – Gillian Welch & Allison Kraus
I ll Go to Church Again with Momma – Buck Owens & His Buckaroos
I’ll Take You There (single version) – The Staples Singers
I’m A King Bee – Slim Harpo
I’m A King Bee – Muddy Waters
I’m A Long Gone Daddy – Ernest Tubb
I’m A Loser – The Beatles
I’m A Man – The Spencer Davis Group
I’m A Rambling Man – Waylon Jennings
I’m a Rattlesnakin’ Daddy – Blind Boy Fuller
I’m Afraid Of Americans (V1 edit) – David Bowie
I’m Alright – Mose Allison
I’m Clean – Priests
I’m Gonna Run to the City for Refuge – Blind Willie Johnson
I’m In The Mood For Love – John Lee Hooker & Bonnie Raitt
I’m Not Your Mother, I’m Not Your Bitch – Courtney Barnett
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry – Hank Williams
I’m Still Here – Elaine Stritch
I’m Too Sexy (original mix 2006 version) – Right Said Fred
I’m Waiting for the Man – Velvet Underground
I’ve Always Been Crazy – Waylon Jennings
I’ve Been Everywhere – Hank Snow
I’ve Been to Memphis – Lyle Lovett
I’ve Got A Feelin’ In My Body – Elvis Presley
I’ve Got A Woman – Ray Charles
I’ve Got To Get To You – Dion w/ Boz Scaggs & Joe and Mike Menza
I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
Ice Age – The Bizarros
Ice Cream for Crow – Captain Beefheart
Identikit – Radiohead
If I Had A Boat – Lyle Lovett
If I Knew Then – Emmet Rhodes
If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck – Ray Charles & Jimmy Lewis
If Jesus Drove a Motor Home – Jim White & Aimee Mann
If You Don’t Like Hank Williams – Kris Kristofferson
If You Have To Ask – Red Hot Chili Peppers
If You Live – Mose Allison
If You Want To Be A Bird, Wild Blue Yonder – Holy Modal Rounders
If You’re A Viper – Rory Block
If You’ve Got The Money, I’ve Got The Time – Lefty Frizzell
III – The Grassy Knoll
Il Girotondo Della Note – Marnie Stern
Illegal Smile – John Prine
ImGrat – The Fugs
In C – Jean-Louis Matinier & Kevin Seddiki
In C – Orchestra Nihilistica
In C – Terry Riley
In Dreams – Roy Orbison
In Heaven – Laurel Near, David Lynch, Alan Splet
In Heaven – Peter Ivers
In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company – The Dead South
In His Care – Ry Cooder
In My Dreams – Alan Price
In My Life – The Beatles
In My Own Dream – Karen Dalton
In Spite of Ourselves – John Prine & Iris DeMent
In The Beginning – Todd Snider
In the Jailhouse Now – Jimmie Rodgers
In the Name of You – Dr. John
In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry
India (live at The Village Vanguard 1961) – John Coltrane
Indian Love Call – Slim Whitman
Indus – Dead Can Dance
Industrial Disease – Dire Straits
Infinite Mind – Jim White
Infra-Red – Placebo
Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) – Marvin Gaye
Inner City Blues – Rodriguez
Insects – Danny Elfman
Instant Karma – John Lennon
Instrumental – Black Country, New Road
Intermission – Meat Beat Manifestoe
Intermission / News / The Voice of Energy – Kraftwerk
Intermission – The Offspringz
International – Meat Beat Manifesto
Interstate Gospel – Pistol Annies
Into the White – Pixies
Is She Weird – Pixies
Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby? (Rae & Christian Remix) – Dinah Washington
Isketayo Sewow (Cree Call) – Buffy Sainte-Marie
Island in the Sun – Sun Ra
Ismail Oro – 43 Skidoo & Susheela Ram
Israelites – Desmond Dekker
Istanbul – They Might Be Giants
It Ain’t Necessarily So – Wellington Wade
It Ain’t the Wind, It’s the Rain – Mary Gauthier
It Came Out Of The Sky – Creedence Clearwater Revival
It Makes No Difference Now – Ray Charles
It Makes No Difference Now – The Band
It Said That – Public Image Ltd.
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry – Carolyn Wonderland w/ Jimmie Dale Gilmore
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry – Leon Russell
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry – Bob Dylan
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry – Tracy Nelson
It Was a Accident – NRBQ
It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels – Kitty Wells
It’s All Coming Back to Me Now – CPR
It’s All Going To Pot – Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard
It’s All Good – Bob Dylan
It’s Gonna Be Me – Merle Haggard
It’s Howdy Doody Time – Lester Bowie
It’s My Fault for Being Famous – The White Stripes
It’s No Game (Pt.1) – David Bowie
It’s Not Getting Any Good – The Wrens
It’s Now Or Never – Elvis Presley
It’s So Easy – Buddy Holly
It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – R.E.M.
It’s Torn – Leonard Cohen
It’s the End of the World as We Know It – R.E.M.
Jackson-Kent Blues (alternate take) – The Steve Miller Band
Jail Bait – Andre Williams
Jamaica Farewell – Harry Belafonte
Janet – David Crosby, Michelle Willis, Becca Stevens & Michael League
Janitor Of Lunacy – Nico
Jesus On The Mainline – Mississippi Fred McDowell
Jesus Was A Social Drinker – Chuck Prophet
Jezebel – Gene Vincent
Jig Of Life – Kate Bush
Jimmie Rodger’s Last Blue Yodel – Ernest Tubb
Joanne – Michael Nesmith
Jockey Full of Bourbon – Tom Waits
Jocko Homo – Devo
John the Revelator – Blind Willie Johnson
John the Revelator – Gov’t Mule
Johnny – Suicide
Johnny B. Good – Chuck Berry
Johnny Feelgood – Liz Phair
Jokerman – Bob Dylan
Juke – Little Walter
Jumpers – Sleater-Kinney
Junco Partner – The Clash
Just Dropped In – The First Edition
Just Dropped In – Willie Nelson
Just Like A Woman – Bob Dylan
Just Like That – Bonnie Raitt
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues – Bob Dylan
Just One Drink – Jack White
Just To Satisfy You – Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson
Karmacoma – Massive Attack
Kaw-Liga – Hank Williams
Kaya – Bob Marley
Keep Diggin’ – Larkin Poe
Keep on the Sunny Side – The Carter Family
Kentucky – The Everly Brothers
Kick It – Fred Frith, Lucas Niggli, Arte Quartett & Katharina Weber
Kickstand Hog – Critters Buggin
Kids With Guns – Gorillaz
Kill My Baby Tonight – L.A. Witch
Kill Switch – T Bone Burnett
Killer Diller Blues – Alabama Shakes
King – Florence + The Machine
King Clave (alternate version) – Mickey Hart, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Planet Drum, Sikiru Adepoju & Giovanni Hidalgo
King Creole – Elvis Presley
King Kong – Clinic
King Of Bakersfield – Cracker
King Of The Road – Jim White
King of the Street – Ry Cooder
King Rat – Modest Mouse
Kiss Kiss Kiss – Yoko Ono
Kiss With A Fist – Florence + The Machine
Kitty – Ruby And The Rednecks
Knockin’ on Your Screen Door – John Prine
Know Your Rights – The Clash
Kool-Aid – Ry Cooder
Kow Kow Calqulator – The Steve Miller Band
L ‘Os ‘a Moelle – Carl Stone
Là ci darem la mano – Luciano Pavarotti & Sheryl Crow
La Super – Mdou Moctar
Lady Doubonette – The Bizarros
Lady Havana – Peter Ivers
Lampshade Man – Pere Ubu
Last Of The Hobo Kings – Mary Gauthier
Late In The Evening – Steve Smith & the Nakeds
Laughing – Pere Ubu
Laughing Blues – The Bonzo Dog Band
Laundrette – Vivian Goldman
Law (Earthlings On Fire) – David Bowie
Lawdy, Miss Clawdy – Elvis Presley
Lay My Love – Brian Eno & John Cale
Lazarus – David Bowie
Lazy Day – John Cale
League Moon Monkey Mix – The Fall
Leave It Open – Kate Bush
Leaving Love All Over The Place – George Jones
Leaving the Table – Leonard Cohen
Lebanese Air – Al-loma – Afif Alvarez Bulos
Legalize It – Peter Tosh
Lemon Pie – Shemekia Copeland
Les Filles de Cadix – Mozart
Let Jesus Make You Breakfast – BR549
Let the Good Times Roll – Ray Charles
Let’s Dance – David Bowie
Let’s Get The Baby High – The Dead Milkmen
Let’s Go Get Stoned – Ray Charles
Let’s Go Get Stoned – The Coasters
Let’s Make A Better World – Dr. John
Letter from Abroad – John Cale
Licorice Stick Ostinato – Tuxedomoon
Life During Wartime (Live) – David Byrne & Caetno Veloso
Life During Wartime – Talking Heads
Life Is A Carnival – The Band
Life’s Been Good – Joe Walsh
Lightning Man – The Pretenders
Lights Down Low – J.J. Cale
Lightworks – J Dilla
Like A Baby – Elvis Presley
Like a Freight Train – John Hiatt
Like A Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan
Limbo – Negativland
Little Queen Of New Orleans – Low Cut Connie
Little Babies – Sleater-Kinney
Little Black Star – Hurray For The Riff Raff
Little Boxes – Pete Seeger
Little Green Bag – George Baker Selection
Little Head – John Hiatt
Little Liars – Ida Mae
Little Margaret – Rhiannon Giddens
Litle Old Fashioned Karma – Willie Nelson
Little Red Rooster – Hubert Sumlin
Little Red Rooster – Sam Cooke
Living in a Ghost Town – The Rolling Stones
Llantera – Nortec Collective
Llanto – Terry Riley
Lo and Beholden (Radio Edit) – Patti Smith
Lo-Tek – Bill Laswell
Lockdown – Brian Eno
Lollipop Opera – Public Image Ltd.
London Calling – The Clash
Lonesome Day Blues – Bob Dylan
Lonesome Friends Of Science – John Prine
Lonesome, On’ry and Mean – Waylon Jennings
Long Ago, Far Away – Odetta
Long Black Electric Cadillac – John Hiatt
Long Tailed Winter Bird – Paul McCartney
Long Time Gone – Crosby, Stills & Nash
Looking For Satellites – David Bowie
Loop Garoo – Dr. John
Lord Remember Me – Ruthie Foster
Lord Tell Me Why – Ry Cooder
Loser – Beck
Lost But Never Alone – Oneohtrix Point Never
Lost Highway – Hank Williams
Louise – Paul Siebel
Love Gangster – Beth Hart
Love In Vain – Rolling Stones
Love is a Lie – Beth Hart
Love Is Like Gravity – Pere Ubu
Love Is Strange – Mickey & Sylvia
Love Like This – Margaret Glaspy
Love Love Love – My Morning Jacket
Love Me Like A Man – Bonnie Raitt
Love My Baby – Little Junior’s Blue Flames
Love of My Life – Frank Zappa
Love Sneakin’ Up On You – Bonnie Raitt
Love Sick – Bob Dylan
Love Vigilantes – New Order
Lovesick Blues (single version) – Hank Williams
Lover Lover Lover – Leonard Cohen
Lover’s Story – Peter Ivers
Loves Me Like A Rock – The Wailin’ Jennys
Low Down Dirty Dog Blues – Son House
Lowdown Monkey Blues – The Replacements & Tom Waits
Lowside of the Road – Tom Waits
Luciferian Prayer – Morfiouz
Lucille (rerecorded) – Little Richard
Lucky Day – Flesh For Lulu
M – Music 1 – Inside C – Curved E-Entrances – Terry Riley
Mainline Prosperity Blues – Mimi & Richard Farina
Magic and Loss (Summation) – Lou Reed
Make Show – Monalisa Twins
Makin’ Money in Chile – Country Joe McDonald
Making Love to a Vampire with a Monkey on my Knee – Captain Beefheart
Maldito Blues – Joaquin Sabina & Joan Manuel Serrat
Mama Bake a Pie (Daddy Kill a Chicken) – Drive-By Truckers
Mama Rocker – Michael Nesmith
Man Done Wrong – Valerie June
Man Smart (Woman Smarter) – Harry Belafonte
Man With No Name – Fantastic Negrito
Man of Constant Sorrow – Ralph Stanley
Man vs. The Empire Brain Building – Was (Not Was)
Mandelay Song – The Flying Lizards
Maqsoum – Drumspyder
Marijuana – The Fugs
Marijuana’s A Working Woman – Of Montreal
Marquee Moon – Television
Marrakesh – Sniff ‘n’ The Tears
Marrakesh Express – Crosby, Stills, & Nash
Mary Lou – Ronnie Hawkins
Mary the Ice Cube – Primus
Mary Won’t You Call My Name – Morphine
Masked Dance – Drumspyder
Matchbox – Ronnie Hawkins & Duane Allman
Maybe Your Heart’s Not in it No More – The Wallflowers
Me And Paul – Willie Nelson
Me And The Eagle – Steve Earle
Me and My Shadow – The Mills Brothers
Mean Mama Blues – Ernest Tubb
Mean Woman Blues – Roy Orbison
Meditation on a Pair of Wire Cutters – Chrissie Hynde & The Valve Bone Woe Ensemble
Mektoub – Ginger Baker
Memo From Turner – Mick Jagger
Memphis Underground – Herbie Mann
Memphis in the Meantime – John Hiatt
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy – Cannonball Adderly
Messiaen: Quatuor pour la fin du temps – 4. Interm de – Luben Yordanoff
Methadone Blues – Elizabeth Cook
Methodist Coloring Book – The Dead Milkmen
Mexican Blackbird – ZZ Top
Mexican God – Robyn Hitchcock
Mexican Radio – Wall of Voodoo
Midnight Special – Harry Belafonte
Midnight Special – Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Midnight in Memphis – JJ Cale
Mighty Mountain – Mama Lucky
Mighty Tight Woman – Bonnie Raitt
Milestones – Miles Davis
Miniskirt Blues – The Cramps w/ Iggy Pop
Minor Chant – Jimmy Smith
Minor Swing – Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli
Miss The Girl – The Creatures
Miss You – The Rolling Stones
Missionary Man – Eurythmics
Mississippi – Larkin Poe w/ Tyler Bryant
Mississippi Goddam – Nina Simone
Moanin’ – Art Blakey
Moanin’ – Charles Mingus
Mockingbird Hill – Les Paul & Mary Ford
Mondo Bongo – Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Money – Flying Lizards
Money – Richard Thompson
Money Come and Money Go – Lee Scratch Perry
Money Honey – Elvis Presley
Money Is The Meat In The Coconut – David Rawlings
Mongoloid – Devo
Monk Chant – The Raincoats
Monkey Dance (album version) – T Bone Burnett
Monkey Wash, Donkey Rinse – David Lindley & Ry Cooder
Monster – Fred Schneider
Mood Indigo – Duke Ellington
Moonlight In Glory – Brian Eno & David Byrne
Moonshake – CAN
More Big Birds – Dry Cleaning
Morning Tala – Pharoah Sanders & Bill Laswell
Morning Train – John Prine
Mosaic – Patti Smith
Most of the Time – Bob Dylan
Mother Tongue – Dead Can Dance
Mother’s Rope – Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band
Mothra – John Cale
Motor City Steel – The Dandy Warhols
Motorcycle Mama – Neil Young w/ Nicolette Larson
Move Along Train – Mavis Staples & Levon Helm
Move Tan – Chouk Bwa
Move the River – The Wallflowers
Moving Pulse – Meat Beat Manifesto
Mpuli Mwa Moni – Manu Dibango
Mr Bake-O – Adam Sandler
Mr. Sandman – The Chordettes
Mr. Soul – Buffalo Springfield
Mr. Tamborine Man – Bob Dylan
Mr. Wright – The Claypool Lennon Delirium
Mule Skinner Blues – The Fendermen
Murder Most Foul – Bob Dylan
Mushroom Men – Les Claypool
Music For A Found Harmonium – Penguin Orchestra Cafe
Music for Crocodiles – Susheela Raman
Musicians Are Scum – Pere Ubu
Muy Fifi – Ry Cooder
My Babe – Julie Byrne
My Baby – John Hiatt
My Baby Done Changed The Lock On The Door – Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder
My Back Pages – Bob Dylan
My Baby Needs a Shepherd – Emmylou Harris
My Body The Car – Godley & Creme
My Brain – Mose Allison
My City Was Gone – The Pretenders
My Cosmos Is Mine – Depeche Mode
My Friend Fats – Primus
My God’s Bigger Than Your God – The Vasolines
My Life’s A Stolen Picture – Jim White
My Oh My – Leoard Cohen
My Own Version of You – Bob Dylan
My Sharona – The Knack
My Shit’s Fucked Up – Kinky Friedman
My Shit’s Fucked Up – Warren Zevon
My Starter Won’t Start This Morning – Lightnin’ Slim
My Sweet Lord – George Harrison
My Wife And My Dead Wife – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
Mystery Train – Little Junior Parker
Mythologies V. Les Amazones – Thomas Bangalter
Nagasaki – Rickie Lee Jones
Nagoya Marimba – Steve Reich
Names and Dates and Times – Ani DiFranco
Nasty Gal – Betty Davis
Natural Blues – Moby
Natural Sinner – Andy Fairweather Low & The Low Riders
Nature Boy – Nat King Cole
Necessary Evil – Debbie Harry
Need To Be Loved – Bluesiana Triangle
Nefertiti – Miles Davis
Never Fuck A Spider On The Fly – Modest Mouse
Never Gave Nobody Trouble – Leonard Cohen
Never On Sunday – Manos Hadjidakis
Never There – Cake
Nevermind – Leonard Cohen
New Feet – Brian Eno & David Byrne
New Life – Do Nothing
New Orleans is Sinking – The Tragically Hip
New Sensations – Lou Reed
New Speedway Boogie – Beats Antique w/ Clint Maedgen
New Speedway Boogie – The Grateful Dead
New Train – John Prine
Newspaper – Fiona Apple
Nibbadip – Fantastic Negrito
Nicole Yo Baila Aqui – Nortec Collective
Nierika – Dead Can Dance
Nighthawkin’ – Tim Buckley
Nineveh – David Byrne
Nitpickin’ – Danny Gatton
No Bammer Weed – Snoop Dogg
No Chicken on the Bone – Delbert McClinton
No Deposit No Return Blues – Sandy Bull
No Mercy In This Land – Ben Harper & Charles Musselwhite
No Name Girl – John Prine & Billy Lee Riley
No Ordinary Blue – John Prine
No Regrets – Billie Holiday
No Return – Alanis Morisette
No Return – Craig Wedren & Anna Waronker
No Sweat – JJ Cale & Leon Russell
No. No. No. – Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention
No, No, No – Yoko Ono
Nobody But You – John Cale & Lou Reed
Nobody Knows – Paul McCartney
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out – Janis Joplin & Jorma Kaukonen
Non-Addictive Marijuana – Supersuckers
Non-Stop Home – Weather Report
Noonday Sun – Deep Forest
Norwegian Wood – The Beatles
Not Dark Yet – Bob Dylan
Not Fade Away – Arthur Brown
Not Fade Away – Buddy Holly
Not My Idea – Garbage
Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine – Country Joe & the Fish
Not a Pretty Girl – Ani DiFranco
Nothin’ – Townes Van Zandt
Nothing Changes – Anaiss Mitchell & The Haden Triplets
Nothing In Particular – Twig Cinnamon
Nothing To Be Desired – David Bowie
Nowhere Man – The Beatles
Nowhere Road – Steve Earle & The Dukes
Nu-Tra Speaks (New Traditiolist Man) – Devo
Nuages – Willie & Bobbie Nelson
Number 8 Mix – Brian Eno & David Byrne
O Money – The Mekons
O Superman (For Massenet) – Laurie Anderson
O’Wind (Body is the Scar of Your Mind) – Yoko Ono
Oatmeal – Sudan Archives
Oboe Round – Moondog
Officer Officer – Anika
Official Secrets – M
Oh Happy Day -The Edwin Hawkins Singers
Oh Lord Don’t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb – Charles Mingus
Oh No – Wet Leg
Oh Yeah – Yello
Old Man – Neil Young
Old Man Trump – Ryan Harvey w/ Ani Difranco & Tom Morello
On With The Show – The Rolling Stones
On the Level – Leonard Cohen
On the Road Again – Canned Heat
Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads
One By One – Julia Bullock & Christian Reif
One Dog Bark – Thought Gang
One Drop – Public Image Ltd.
One Night – Elvis Presley
One Night in Bangkok – Murray Head
One Night of Sin – Elvis Presley
One Of My Kind – Concrete Blonde
One Step Beyond – Madness
One Toke Over the Line – Brewer & Shipley
One Two – Sister Nancy
One Upper – Tucker Beathard
One Word – Brian Eno & John Cale
Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads
Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line – Waylon Jennings
Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage
Only Lovers Left Alive – SQÜRL & Jozef van Wisse
Oo Oo Ee Ee – Peter Ivers
Oompa TV – Primus
Open All Night – Bruce Springsteen
Open Invitation – Lou Reed
Open Up – Leftfield
Ophelia – The Band
Opium Tea – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Original Sin – The New Eves
Other Side of Town – John Prine
Our Lady Of The Underground – Ana s Mitchell & Ani DiFranco
Out Come the Freaks – Was (Not Was)
Out in the Woods – Leon Russell
Outside A Small Circle of Friends – Phil Ochs
Over and Out – Nine Inch Nails
Over the Hill – John Haitt
Oye Como Va – Santana
P2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night) – George Harrison
PVC IV – Blue Man Group
Pablo Picasso – John Cale
Pack Up Your Sorrows – Richard & Mimi Farina
Packing Up Getting Ready To Go – Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder
Palestine Texas – T Bone Burnett
Palm Of My Hand – Mama Lucky
Panama Red – New Riders of the Purple Sage
Pancho & Lefty – Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson
Panic – No Doubt
Papa Legba – Pops Staples/Talking Heads
Papa Legba – Talking Heads
Papa Oom Mow Mow – The Rivingtons
Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow – The Rivingtons
Paper Doll – The Mills Brothers
Papers (Hades Finds Out) – Ana s Mitchell
Parachute Woman – The Rolling Stones
Paralysed – Gang of Four
Paralysed – Warpaint w/ Gang of Four
Pardon Me (I’ve Got Someone To Kill) – Johnny Paycheck
Paris Blues – The Doors
Parisian Enclave – The Mountain Goats
Pasjoli – Carl Stone
Pass For White – The Residents
Pastime Paradice – Patti Smith
Pata Pata (mono version) – Miriam Makebe
Path of Wellness – Sleater-Kinney
Patouche – Ahmad Jamal
Pawn Shop Blues – Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder
Pay Me My Money Down – Bruce Springsteen
Pay Your Way In Pain – St. Vincent
Payday – Yard Act
Payola Blues – Neil Young
Peaches – The Presidents Of The United States
Peacocks and Blackhawks – Jerry Joseph
Peal – Robert Ames
Peanut Man – Tim Buckley
Pedestrian At Best – Courtney Barnett
People Are Strange (acoustic version) – Tiny Tim
People Are Strange – The Doors
People Who Died – Jim Carroll
Percussion Revolution (remake) – Otyken
Peroxide Beach – Sloppy Jane
Peter Gunn – Duane Eddy
Peter Gunn – The Cramps
Phonograph Blues – Pyeng Threadgill
Piano Smasher – Blue Man Group
Piano Sonata No 14 in C Minor – Mozart / Vikingur Olafsson
Piano Sonata No. 1: III. Allegro con brio – Steven Beck
Piano Sonata in B Minor – Haydn / Vikingur Olafsson
Pinball Cha Cha – Yello
Pinebo (My Story) – Ellen McIlwaine
Pink Cadillac (single B-side 1984) – Bruce Springsteen
Pink Cadillac – Jerry Lee Lewis & Bruce Springsteen
Pink Underwear – Holy Modal Rounders
Pirate Jenny (live) – Nina Simone
Piss Aaron – Todd Rundgren
Piss Factory – Patti Smith
Piss Up a Rope – Ween
Planet Claire – The B-52s
Plastic Factory – Captain Beefheart
Platinum Dress – The Vibrators & Chris Spedding
Play Together Again – Buck Owens & Emmylou Harris
Please, Please, Please – James Brown
Pleasure And Pain – Divinyls
Pledging My Time – Bob Dylan
Plutonian Nights – Sun Ra
Poison Pen Mail – Sniff ‘n’ The Tears
Polaroid Baby – Bratmobile
Police Dog Blues – Blind Blake
Police In Helicopter – John Holt
Pony – The Waifs
Poor Black Mattie – Samantha Fish
Poor Old Dirt Farmer – Levon Helm
Poor People – Alan Price
Poor Song (Four Track Demo) _ Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Positively 4th Street (single version) – Bob Dylan
Post-War Cinematic Dead Man Blues – Chuck Prophet
Post Punk – The Crystal Method, Hyper, Iggy Pop
Poverty Train – Laura Nyro
Power In The Blood – Buffy Sainte-Marie
Prayer Without Words – Mary Gauthier
Preachin’ Blues – Larkin Poe
Prelude from Partita No.3 for Solo Violin – Bela Fleck
Primed by 29 – Les Claypool
Princess Slit and the Raincoat Prince – Tianna Esperanza
Private Idaho – B-52’s
Private Life – Oingo Boingo
Professional Widow – Tori Amos
Promises, Promises – Dr. John & Willie Nelson
Protection – Lucinda Williams
Proud Woman – Blues Pills
Psycho Killer – Talking Heads
Pull Out The Pin – Kate Bush
Pulled Over The Car – Morphine
Pulling the Strings – Delbert McClinton
Pump It Up – Elvis Costello
Punish the Monkey – Mark Knopfler
Purgatory – The Dead Kenny G’s
Purple Haze – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Purple Onion – Kra
Push Push – Herbie Mann & Duane Allman
Pushin’ Too Hard – Sky Saxon & The Seeds
Puttin’ On The Dog – Tom Waits
Pussy – Brazilian Girls
Putting On The Ritz – Fred Astaire
Queen Bee – Taj Mahal
Queen Reprise – Lounge Lizards
Queen of the Bees – Jack White
Queen Reprise – Lounge Lizards
Quiche Lorraine – The B-52’s
Quiet As A Rat – Amigo the Devil
Quit Hollerin’ at Me – John Prine
Rack of His – Fiona Apple
Radiator 110 – Boz Scaggs
Radio Mellotron – Meat Beat Manifesto
Radio Rewrite: II. Slow – Steve Reich
Rag: Piloo – The Silver Sitar
Raga Rageshri – Ravi Shankar
Rain – The Beatles
Rainy Day Woman – Waylon Jennings
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 – Bob Dylan
Raised on Robbery – Joni Mitchell
Ramblin’ Man – Hank Williams
Rattlesnake Shake – Fleetwood Mac
Rave On – Buddy Holly
Re-Hash – Gorillaz
Re-Make/Re-Model – Roxy Music
Read Me My Rights – Delbert McClinton
Reason to Believe – Tim Hardin
Reasons I Drink – Alanis Morissette
Reconsider Baby – Elvis Presley
Red Red Wine – UB40
Red Right Hand – Nell Smith & The Flaming Lips
Red Right Hand – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Red Rooster – Howlin’ Wolf, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Hubert Sumlin
Red: I. Moderately Funky – New Music Detroit
Red: III. Moderate, with Motion
Redemption Day – Johnny Cash
Redemption Song – Bob Marley
Redondo Beach (live) – Patti Smith
Regiment – Brian Eno & David Byrne
Register Of Free Negroes – Fantastic Negrito
Rehab – Amy Winehouse
Release Me – Lyle Lovett & k. d. lang
Repo Man – Meteors
Reprise – Medeski, Martin & Wood
Resilient – Rising Appalachia
Resist – Janis Ian
Rest Aria – The Residents
Restin’ Bones – Primus
Return to Bass – Meat Beat Manifesto
Revolution – Dr. John
Rhapsody In Blue – Lang Lang & Herbie Hancock
Rhumba Blues – Little Willie Littlefield
Rich – Yard Act
Rich White Honky Blues – Hank Williams, Jr.
Rich Woman – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Richland Woman Blues – Bonnie Raitt
Riddles Are Abound Tonight – Sausage
Ride the River – J.J. Cale
Ridin’ with the Blues – Ry Cooder
Right Place, Wrong Time – Dr John
Right Place, Wrong Time – Dr John & Bruce Springsteen
Riley: In C (excerpt) – Piano Circus
Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
Risky Business – Kris Kristofferson
Ritual Fire Dance – Manhattan School Of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra
Ritual Fire Dance – Manuel De Falla
Riverfront – Leo Nocentelli
Rivers – Skinny Puppy
Road Song – David Byrne & Meredith Monk
Road To Hell – Andr De Shields
Road To Peace – Tom Waits
Roadhouse Blues – The Doors
Robot Girl – Was (Not Was)
Robots – Blue Man Group
Rock & Roll Woman – Buffalo Springfield
Rock Boppin’ Baby – The Devil’s Daughters
Rock Lobster – The B-52s
Rock Tunisien – Gnaouas
Rock and Roll Music – The Beatles
Rock the Casbah – The Clash
Rockabilly Fever – Wanda Jackson with Dave Alvin
Rocket 88 – Jackie Brenston / Ike Turner
Rodriguez for a Night – David Crosby
Roll Over Beethoven – Chuck Berry
rooster crowing
Roll Me Up – Willie/Snoop/Kristofferson/Johnson
Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores – Bauhaus
Rubber Bullies – Tropical Fuck Storm
Rum & Coca-Cola – The Andrew Sisters
Rumble Of The Diesel – Les Claypool
Rumors – Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Run, The Darkness Will Pass – Shabaka and the Ancestors
Runaway – Bonnie Raitt
Sahara – Songhoy Blues w/ Iggy Pop
Sahmaran – Orkestra Artvizyon
Said & The Ants – David Byrne
Saint James Infirmary – Louis Armstrong
Sakura – Pocketful of Claptonite
Salivation – Terry Allen
Salty Papa Blues – Dinah Washington
Same Old Same Old – Dr John
Samo – A Certain Ratio
Sarinbuana – Akusmi
Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu – Tina Turner
Sasquath – Ani DiFranco
Sat In Your Lap – Kate Bush
Satan Is My Motor – Cake
Sathington Waltz – Primus
Say Hallelujah – Tracy Chapman
Scary Latin Love Song – Mary Margaret O’Hara
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) – David Bowie
Science Fair – Black Country, New Road
Scientist – The Dandy Warhols
Season Of The Witch – Al Kooper, Mike Bloomfield, Stephen Stills
Season Of The Witch – The Blues Brothers & Dr.John
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (live) – Lou Reed
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean – B. B. King
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean – Mavis Staples
Sell Sell – Alan Price
Sellout Agitation Waltz – Richard & Mimi Farina
Send My Love (To Your New Lover) – I’m With Her w/ Paul Kowert
Senor Blues – Horace Silver
Sentimental Me – Elvis Presley
Separation Blues – Maria Muldaur & Bonnie Raitt
Serious Ground – Danny Elfman
Serrated Edge – The Dead Milkmen
Serve Yourself – Pamela Davis
Set Your Receivers – Meat Beat Manifesto
Seven Times Hotter than Fire – T Bone Burnett
Seven Year Itch – Willie Nelson
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll – Ian Dury & The Blockheads
Sex and Gasoline – Rodney Crowell
Sex And The Church – David Bowie
Sex with Your Parents (Motherfucker) Part II – Lou Reed
Sex, Drugs, Etc – Phony Orphants
Shadow of a Man – Oysterhead
Shake – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Shake It Up – Bostich & Fussible
Shakedown Street – The Grateful Dead
Shaolin Mantis – Marina Herlop
She Bop (acoustic) – Cindi Lauper
She Bop (fast) – Cindi Lauper
She Is My Everything – John Prine
She Moves Through The Fair – Fairport Convention
She Said She Said – The Beatles
She Worships Money – Doug Thomas, Gary McCoy, Levon Helm & Garth Hudson
She’s a Rainbow – The Rolling Stones
She’s a Yum Yum – The Seat Sniffers
She’s Got A Gun – Yello
She’s Lost Control – Joy Division
Shelly Manne – Charlie Watts & Jim Keltner
Shiny Shiny – Haysi Fantayzee
Shoegaze – Alabama Shakes
Shoo Be Doo – The Cars
Shoo Lie Loo – Ranky Tanky
Shoot My Baby – Tracy Nelson
Shotgun Willie – Willie Nelson
Should I Stay Or Should I Go – KT Tunstall
Should I Stay or Should I Go – The Clash
Shrinking Man – Ry Cooder
Shrivel-Up – Devo
Shuck Dub – R.L. Burnside
Shuffle Boogie – Pete Johnson
Shut Up And Drive – Shawn Colvin
Sick Bed Blues – Buffalo Nichols
Sideshow – Mary Gauthier
Sidu (Grandmother) – Ellen McIlwaine
Silver Wings – Merle Haggard
Simon: Requiem for the Enslaved VIII – Hub New Music
Sin Wagon – The Chicks
Sinner Man – The Weavers
Sinner! – Jim White & The Packway Handle Band
Sinnerman – Tom Ellis
Sinnerman (live) – Nina Simone
Sinners & Saints – George Jones
Sirtaki (Zorba’s Dance) – Andre Rieu
Sister Midnight – Iggy Pop
Sister Morphine – The Rolling Stones
Sittin’ on Top of the World – The Flatlanders
Sixteen Tons – Tennessee Ernie Ford
Sixth Sense – Imelda May
Slave Driver – Taj Mahal
Sleep – Little Willie John
Slim – Keith Richards
Slow – Leonard Cohen
Slow Steady Salvation – The Grassy Knoll
Slow Walking Daddy – Pere Ubu
Slush – The Bonzo Dog Band
Smile – Jimmy Durante
Smoke – Liz Phair
Smoke Detector – The National
Smoke It Up – Joanna Connor
Smoke Two Joints – The Toyes
Smokey Joe’s Cafe – The Robins
Smugglin Man – Tim Hardin
Snake Eyes – Trouble
Snakeface – Throwing Muses
Snakebit – Mary Gauthier
Snakes Crawl – Bush Tetras
So May We Start – Sparks, Cotillard, Simon Helberg & Chorus Girls & Boys
So What (live) – Miles Davis & John Coltrane
Society’s Child – Janis Ian
Some Humans Ain’t Human – John Prine
Some Right, Some Wrong – Mose Allison
Somebody To Love – Jefferson Airplane
Somebody’s Calling My Name – Back To Blue
Someday Baby – Bob Dylan
Something Else – Cannonball Adderly
Something to See – Tracy Chapman
Sometimes – Larkin Poe
Sometimes We Find Love – Sniff ‘n’ The Tears
Song For My Father – Horace Silver
Soul Desert – CAN
Soul Kitchen – Patti Smith
Soul of a Man – Beck
Sounds Alien – Brian Eno & Rick Holland
South to the Dust – Ginger Baker
Space Dog – Tori Amos
Spanish Greens – Hubert Sumlin
Spanish Key – Miles Davis
Spanish Pipedream – John Prine
Spare Parts I (A Nocturnal Emission) – Tom Waits
Spasticus Autisticus (Live) – Ian Dury & The Blockheads
Speak Out – Rising Appalachia w/ Ani Difranco
Speed Racer (extended version) – Devo
Speedway – black midi
Spill the Wine – Eric Burdon & War
Spirit of God – Beth Hart
Spirit on the Water – Bob Dylan
Spiritual (Negro Song) – Magma
Spit – Jerry Joseph
Spit of Love – Bonnie Raitt
Spontaneous Combustion – Ellen McIlwaine
Sports – Viagra Boys
Spree – Aaron Dessner & Bruce Dessner
Squeeze Box – The Who
St. Louis Blues – Aki Takase & Fred Frith
St. Louis Blues – Django Reinhart
St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast – Frank Zappa
Stagger Lee – Lloyd Price
Stagger Lee – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Stand By Me – Tracy Chapman
Stand Up – The Band
Stand by Me – Ranky Tanky
Stay – Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs
Steal Softly Thru Snow – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Steamroller – Merry Clayton
Steel Guitar Rag – Bob Wills
Steer Your Way – Leonard Cohen
Stepping Tones – The Mahavishnu Orchestra
Still – Just Mustard
Stir It Up – Bob Marley
Stoned & Alone – The Pink Stones
Stoned Faces Don’t Lie – Sir Douglas Quintet
Stoner Yodel Number One – Todd Snider
Stop Drop and Roll One – Pistol Annies
Storm Comin’ – The Wailin’ Jennys
Stormy Weather – Frank Sinatra & Quincy Jones
Stormy Weather – Lena Horne
Straight A’s In Love – Johnny Cash
Strange – Patsy Cline
Strange Brew – Cream
Strange Days – The Doors
Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday
Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday Tricky/Tool remix
Strange Girl – Laura Marling
Strange Love – Slim Harpo
Strat 1 – Sandy Bull
Strawberry Blond – Mitsk
Street To Lean On – Crosby, Stills & Nash
Strung Out Johnny – Iggy Pop
Strut – Jimmy Smith & Taj Mahal
Stuck In The Middle – Stealers Wheel
Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again- Bob Dylan
Stuff Is Way – They Might Be Giants
Subterranean Homesick Blues – Harry Nilsson
Such A Night – Dr. John
Sue Me Sue You Blues – George Harrison
Sufferer’s Time – The Heptones
Sugar Magnolia – Grateful Dead
Sugar Mama – Bonnie Raitt
Sugar Man – Rodriguez
Sugar Smacks – Jerry Joseph & Drive-By Truckers
Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits
Summer Bonfire – Great Lakes Myth Society
Summer In The City – The Lovin’ Spoonful
Summertime – Billie Holiday
Summertime – Miles Davis
Sun And The Moon II – Clinic
Sun Arise – Rolf Harris
Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down – Kris Kristofferson
Sundirtwater – The Waifs
Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks
Superman – Snoop Dogg & Willie Nelson
Sure Nuff N Yes I Do (1967 demo) – Captain Beefheart
Surfin’ Bird – The Trashmen
Surges – Beats Antique
Swamp – Talking Heads
Swanee River Rock – Ray Charles
Sweaters (Sam Gendel Remix) – Laurie Anderson w/ Sam Gendel
Sweet Dreams (re-recorded) – Tori Amos
Sweet Jane – The Velvet Underground
Sweet Virginia – The Rolling Stones
Sweet Sounds Of Heaven – The Rolling Stones & Lady Gaga
Sweet the Sting – Tori Amos
Sweet Thing – Mick Jagger
Swing Down Sweet Chariot – Elvis Presley
Swing Down, Chariot – Golden Gate Quartet
Switch Blade – Duke Ellington, Mingus, Max Roach
Switch Blade (Alternate Take) – Duke Ellington, Mingus, Max Roach
Sympathy For The Devil – The Rolling Stones
Symphonie No. 47 – 3. mov. – Ensemble Bracelli, Moondog, Fritz Storfinger
Symphonique #6 (Good For Goodie) – Moondog
Tabla and the Beat – Drumspyder
Taiko Japan – Taiko Drums
Takassim (Harissa Mix) – Azzddine with Bill Laswell
Take 7/8 – Ora Haza
Take A Chance – Clinic
Take A Whiff On Me – The Byrds
Take California – Propellerheads
Take Five – Dave Brubeck
Take Five – The Sachal Studios Orchestra
Take Me (From This Garden Of Evil) – Jimmy Wages
Take Me Home – Sniff ‘n’ The Tears
Take Me To The River (live) – Eva Cassidy
Take Me To The River – Ellen McIlwaine
Take What I Can Get – Dr. John
Take What I Can Get – Halle & The Jilt
Take Your Hands Off It – Ry Cooder
Taking Me Back (Gently) – Jack White
Talkin’ About a Revolution – Tracy Chapman
Talking, Talking – New Young Pony Club
Tangled Up In Blue – Bob Dylan
Tango Ladeado – Terry Riley
Taxidermy – So Percussion
Tea for Two – Thelonious Monk
Tear This Building Down – T Bone Burnett
Tear You Apart – She Wants Revenge
Technology is Going to Set Us Free – The Fugs
Telephone Call from Istanbul – Tom Waits
Teenagers – My Chemical Romance
Tell Me – Sunjay
Tell You Girls – Roma di Luna
Tendril – Lyra Pramuky
Tengo La Voz – Bostich & Fussible
Tension – The Jim Carroll Band
Terror Couple Kill Colonel – Bauhaus
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) (Single Version) – Sly And The Family Stone
Thank You Lord – Hellwood
Thanks A Lot – Ernest Tubb
That Cat is High – The Ink Spots
That Lucky Old Sun – Ray Charles
That’s Alright Mama – Elvis Presley
That’s Life – Frank Sinatra
That’s the Way the World Goes Round – John Prine
The Adults Are Talking – The Strokes
The Beast In Me – Johnny Cash
The Blues I Love to Sing – Duke Ellington w/ Adelaide
The Blues Is My Business – Heidi Newfield & Delbert McClinton
The Boy Can’t Help It – Bonnie Raitt
The Boy Named If – Elvis Costello
The Bree Shuffle – Lyle Lovett
The Caravan Moves On – Charles Lloyd
The Center Won’t Hold – Sleater-Kinney
The Chastising of Renegade – Primus
The Clap – Bostich & Fussible
The Coffee Song – Frank Sinatra
The Collector (and the Art Mob) – Terry Allen
The Comin’ Round Is Going Through – Bonnie Raitt
The Complex – Blue Man Group
The Court (Dark-Side Mix) – Peter Gabriel
The Cross-Atlantic Antics of Madame Souza – Laura Jurd
The Crowd – Roy Orbison
The Danger Zone – Ray Charles
The Dead Don’t Die – Sturgil Simpson
The Destruction Of The Superdeep Borehole Tower – The Mountain Goats
The Devil Had a Hold of Me – Gillian Welch
The Devil’s Been Busy – The Traveling Wilburys
The Divided States of America – Jim White
The Dry Cleaner from DesMoines – Joni Mitchell
The Earth Died Screaming – Tom Waits
The Ends? – Primus
The Everywhere Calypso – Sonny Rollins
The Feeling Begins – Peter Gabriel
The First and Royal Queen – Lounge Lizards
The Fundamental Things – Bonnie Raitt
The Future Of History – Tropical Fuck Storm
The Git Go – Willie Nelson w/ Jamey Johnson
The Grand Wazoo – Frank Zappa
The Guillotine – The Coup
The Hanging Garden – The Cure
The Harder They Come – Jimmy Cliff
The Here & The Now – Loudon Wainwright III
The Jezebel Spirit – Brian Eno & David Byrne
The Jody Grind – Horace Silver
The Joint – Eric Church
The Joker – The Steve Miller Band
The Jungle Line – Joni Mitchell
The Knocks – King Buffalo
The Law – Leonard Cohen
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) – The Tokens
The Little Red Rooster – Willie Dixon
The Long Con – Van Morrison
The Lord Giveth Away – Bruce Dalzell
The Lovecats – The Cure
The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys – Traffic
The Man – Goat Girl
The Manifesto – Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers
The Masochism Tango – Tom Lehrer
The Men Who Rule the World – Garbage
The Midnight Special – D.O.A
The New Hula Blues – Taj Mahal
The Only One – Morphine
The Pain of Loving You – Dolly Parton/Emmylou Harris/Linda Ronstadt
The Pilgrim – Chapter 33 – Kris Kristofferson
The Prodigal Son – Ry Cooder
The Promise of Shadows – Peter Gabriel
The Protege – John Cale & Terry Riley
The Pusher – Nina Simone
The Pusher – Steppenwolf
The Radio . . . and Real Lie – Terry Allen
The Rakoto Frah Two-Step – David Lindley & Henry Kaiser
The Red Shoes – Kate Bush
The Reefer Song – Fats Waller
The Reoccurring Dream – Joni Mitchell
The Resignation vs The Comeback Special – Todd Snider
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Gil Scott-Heron
The Right Time – Ray Charles
The Seventh Son – Mose Allison
The Show Goes On – Kris Kristofferson
The Silver Tongued Devil & I – Kris Kristofferson
The Snake and the Moon – Dead Can Dance
The Snow Falls and the Village Is Overflowing with Children – Deux Filles
The Soulmate With a Broken Heart – Thrillington
The Sound of Silence (electric version) – Simon & Garfunkle
The Stranger Song – Leonard Cohen
The Sybil – Mad Girl Academy
The Syncopated Clock – Leroy Anderson
The Tale of Tsar Salton Op 57: The Flight Of The Bumblebee – James Galway
The Trench Coat Museum – Yard Act
The TV Made Me Do It – Moon Walker
The Third Man Theme – Anton Karas
The Thrill Is Gone – B. B. King
The Thrill is Gone – Tracy Chapman & B. B. King
The Valley of the Pagans – Gorillaz w/ Beck
The Vanishing Race – Gillian Welch
The Wake-Up Bomb – R.E.M.
The Wall Street Part of Town – Ry Cooder
The Wanderer – Dion & The Belmonts
The War Racket (Unplugged) – Buffy Sainte-Marie
The Way I Talk – S. G. Goodman
The Way Japanese Beetles Sound To A Rose – Matmos
The Weight – Robbie Robertson
The Werewolf – Paul Simon
The Word – Beatles
The World’s a Girl- Anita Lane
The Wound That Never Heals – Jim White
Thela Hun Ginjeet – King Crimson
Them – Dr. John
There But For Fortune – Phil Ochs
There Is a War – Leonard Cohen
There Stands The Glass – Webb Pierce
They Come at Night – Marianne Faithful
Things Have Changed – Bettye LaVette
Think Twice (Version X) – Lavern Baker & Jackie Wilson
Third Rate Romance – Amazing Rhythm Aces
This Dark Age – Bessemer Saints
This Dream of You – Bob Dylan
This Flat Tire -NRBQ
This Is Not A Love Song – Public Image Limited
This Is Ridiculous – New York Dolls
This Is Why – Paramore
This Train – Bunny Wailer
This Train – Sister Rosetta Tharpe
This Tune – Television
Those Memories of You – Dolly Parton/Emmylou Harris/Linda Ronstadt
Three Days – L7 with Waylon Jennings
Three Little Birds – Bob Marley
Three O’Clock Blues – Jimmy Smith & B.B. King
Throaty Numan – The Dandy Warhols
Throne – Ezra Furman
Thunder on the Mountain – Bob Dylan
Tight Fit – New Young Pony Club
Tijuana Makes Me Happy – Bostich & Fussible
Till It Shines – Crosby, Stills & Nash
Time – Sudan Archives
Time -The Jazz Butcher
Time Has Come Today – The Chamber Brothers
Time to Start – Blue Man Group
Times Like These (acoustic version) – Steve Earle
To A Sea Horse – Moondog
To Be Alone With You – Bob Dylan
To Zion (Radio Edit) – Digital Underground, Shock G & Solo Piano
Toad Garden – Critters Buggin
Told You Once In August – Dion w/ John Hammond & Rory Block
Tom Devil – Larkin Poe
Tom’s Diner – Suzanne Vega
Tombstone Blues – Richie Havens
Tombstone Shadow – Creedence Clearwater Revival
Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles
Tony Speaks! – Dry Cleaning
Too Many Ups – R.L. Burnside
Too Soon To Tell – Todd Snider
Topsy Part 2 – Cozy Cole
Torches And Pitchforks – Cracker
Tower of Song – Leonard Cohen
Tower Of Song – Willie Nelson
Town & Country – Loudon Wainwright III
Track 1 – Solo Dancer – Charles Mingus
Trailer Trash – carolesdaughter
Train I Ride – Kat Danser
Train Train – John Villiers
Tramp – The Steve Miller Band
Transmission – Joy Division
Trapped In A Box – No Doubt
Traveling Light – Leonard Cohen
Trials Troubles Tribulations – Maria & Geoff Muldaur
Tried And Tested Public Speaker – Bog-Shed
Trillium – Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band
Trouble – Elvis Presley
Trouble – Iris DeMent & Delbert McClinton
Trouble Every Day – The Mothers of Invention
Trouble in Mind – Leon Russell, Maria Muldaur, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson
Truckin’ – The Grateful Dead
Truckload of Art – Terry Allen
Trust Fades – Nine Inch Nails
Truth in Advertising – Negativland
Tubular Bells (Opening Theme from The Exorcist) – Mike Oldfield
Tumbling Dice – The Rolling Stones
Turn Me Loose (I’ll Never Be The Same) – Todd Snider
Turn! Turn! Turn! – The Byrds
Turning Japanese – The Vapors
Turtle Blues – Big Brother & the Holding Company
Tutti-Frutti (rerecorded) – Little Richard
TV Baby – Magazine
TV Spot (Apr. 71) – CAN
Tweeter & the Monkey Man – The Traveling Wilburys
Twigs and Seeds – Jesse WInchester
Twilight Time – The Platters
Twilight Zone – John Cale
Twilight Zone theme
Two Against One – Danger Mouse w/ Jack White
Two Against Three – Brian Eno & David Byrne
Two More Bottles of Wine – Emmylou Harris
Ullyses – Dead Can Dance
Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 5 In C Minor, BWV- Yo-Yo Ma / Bach
Uncle John’s Band – The Grateful Dead
Unclouded Day – The Maddox Brothers & Rose
Under the Black Skies – Ginger Baker
Under the Table – Fiona Apple
Underdog Victorious – Jill Sobule
Unsquare Dance – The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Untitled – Peter Ivers
Up Above My Head – Ruthie Foster
Up Above My Head – Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Up Jumped The Devil – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Up on Cripple Creek – The Band
Upright – Sweeping Promises
Ur Mum – Wet Leg
Use Me – Bill Withers
Use What You Got – Sugar Pie DeSanto
Used to Call Me Baby – Bonnie Whitmore
Used to Drive a Tractor – Lee Scratch Perry
V-8 Ford Blues – Mose Allison
Vacuum in my Head – Pere Ubu
Vampire Girl – Jonathan Richman
Very, Very Hungry – Brian Eno & David Byrne
Vicious – Lou Reed
Video Killed The Radio Star – The Buggles
Village Green – The Kinks
Viper Fish – Goat Girl
Virginia Soil – Fantastic Negrito
Viva La Money – Allen Toussaint
Vomit Express – Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, Peter Orlovsky, Anne Waldman
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Vulture – Iggy Pop
WTF Do I Know – Miley Cyrus
Wacky Tobacky – NRBQ
Wade In The Water – Judy Henske
Wailing & Gnashing Of Teeth – The Grassy Knoll
Waitin’ For You To Blow – Bonnie Raitt
Waiting Man – King Crimson
Waiting On A Wave – St. Vincent
Wake Up – Sudan Archives
Wake Up Little Susie – Everly Brothers
Wakin’ Up – Lucinda Williams
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Wanted For Life – David Byrne & Brian Eno
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Washington Bullets – The Clash
Wasn’t Born to Follow – The Byrds
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Way Down – Yello
Way Down in the Hole – Tom Waits
Wayfaring Stranger – Emmylou Harris
Waymore’s Blues – Waylon Jennings
We Are Monkeys – Travis
We Can’t Make It Here – James McMurtry
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We’re Not Happy (Till You’re Not Happy) – Willie Nelson
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Wear It Like A Cape – The Del Fuegos
Welcome to Hell – Hen Ogledd
Welfare by Prozac – Post War Glamour Girls
Well, Well, Well – Bonnie Raitty & Ben Harper
Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon
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Zolgoyo Doo – Altai
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Zombieland – T Bone Burnett
Zu Zu Man – Dr. John

You’d Think You’d Know

You’d Think You’d Know

You’d think you’d know you’d broken your arm.

I’ve had a bad 13 months. Started last winter walking dog in pre-dawn MetroPark. On the dark seldom used southern trail I stepped on black ice and went down faster than brain could follow — there was up, there was hard down, there was no inbetween.

Lying on the ice, my first thought was it’s freezing, if I don’t get up I die… but, can I get up? Am I broken? Of course I didn’t have my phone with me in case I needed help. So slow-mo pain by pain I get up, somehow functional, and creep back to light.

Weeks later in backyard I step on black ice again and wham my am fast flat. Slow creak up again, unsure I’m not damaged, take 1 step, go down again harder, slamming other side into frozen ground. This time pain’s so great I get nauseous, breakout in cold sweat.

Hobble inside, sit in chair, Lady says, “You Alright?” “I donno.” Check myself out pain by pain and it all seems to work.

Few weeks later I’m filling a five gallon bucket to water my illegal pot plants. I forget I’m 77 and not the SuperSmith I was, so lifting it out of the sink I hear a SNAP and hot pain sears my bicep.

Emergency Room doctor says no problem, I’ll be okay in 6 weeks.

5 weeks later I’m walking a 136 pound Golden Labrador (who weighs as much as I do at this point) who sees a neighbor’s illegal loose dog and charges sideways after it, wrenching my damaged arm.

I assume the intense pain is my torn bicep reinjury.

5 weeks later dog does it again, same loose dog, same damaged arm. Either the first dog charge or the second or both broke my arm.

I again assume dog reinjured my torn muscle, and my broken arm heals sideways, 90 degrees off, my bicep going horizontal instead of vertical.

For the next 5 months I have no use of left arm. I can’t do chores, can’t shovel snow.

Oh yes, in-between the torn muscle and the bone break, I contracted E Coli poisoning which went septic. 73% of the septic die. Doctor said I was very close. Lady saved me, said I wasn’t lucid when they took me in. And just to grind me down, during sepsis I was also dehydrated and anemic. Enough already.

One night there’s a knock on our door and I open it to a tall thin 65 year old black man with hedge clippers. He offers to do our yard work for a few bucks. I say sorry man but it’s dark now, too late today, but hold on I’ve been where you are and give him $10 and say come back when it’s light.

He said months later he was really angry when he knocked and my kindness touched him.

You know, he might have been an angel.

He came back next day and Lady had him do a couple hours work for $20 an hour.

Then he came back 2 days later and Lady says listen, you’ll come every Thursday, work 2 hours for $50.

I can’t do anything with one arm, so he’s a blessing. Been going on 13 months, every week.

Strange dude though, won’t talk about himself, just questions us, laughs a lot at my checkered past and cynical present. It becomes a ritual, he arrives around 10, I make us bad coffee, we drink it together, sort of talk as he avoids my questions, works for 90 minutes, Lady gives us all a hot lunch, we give him the money, and he leaves.

This goes on for months, then I seriously break my arm again. This time we’ve taken the dog to a dogwash, he poops on the floor, I scurry down 2 steps to get a poo bag, the non-slip rubber tip of my right running shoe mates with the non-trip rubber grip of the second step as I’m hurridly turning and I fly full force sideways into a display case and wall, me breaking the display case, the wall breaking me, lacerating my kidney.

Massive pain. Truly impressive. For the second time I’ve nausea and coverd in cold sweat.

Emergency Room shoots me up with one pain killer which doesn’t work, then another shot which doesn’t do it, until finally they hit me with Fentanyl which does the trick.

Doctors Catscan me, tell me arm was recently broken and healed wrong, then cut me open and put the bone back together by screwing 2 metal plates on.

Then they say by the way the Catscan shows a lump on your lung, we need to scan it. They scan the lump and say no problem BUT what is this thing peeping up behind your left kidney where nothing’s supposed to be.

Of course it was a big mother of a rare and aggressive sarcoma cancer.

Death snaeks in your mind
looks around
rearranges the furniture

First thought was I wasn’t going to be around to watch our kitten fearless Frankie grow up. He’s had so much affection that he expects love and acceptance as his due. I wanted to see what he’d grow into with nothing but love from us. The big thought I couldn’t think was Lady, losing us, her alone – some things are not thinkable.

Anyway we’re almost done here, or as life says, “Ha!”

They gave me 5 weeks radiation, then they went in and took out the tumor and anything it touched, which included my left kidney, some colon, a few unknown nerves, fat, muscle.

Here’s a link to a photo of what they removed. The man holding it is tall and has large hands. What he’s holding looks like a deformed flesh football from a David Cronenberg movie, or a large fleshpod Yeti heart. Have to warn you, it’s creepy, but in a cheap 1950’s sci-fi film sort of way.

See THE BLOB!!! I’ve named it Evil Smith, Evil Smith has been removed, so only Nice Smith remains. Look at photo at your own risk.

Evil Smith has been removed (i.e., abdominal cancer tumor)

So, 11 hour operation, 9 days hospital, so far 19 days home basically holding on trying to outwait the pains and weakness.

And yet this is good, I’m lucky. Had I not rebroken my arm, they’d not have accidentally discovered the tumor, and I’d be heading for the off ramp. Bad is good sometimes.

Back to our weekly 2-hour helper, Cornell. Can’t remember what he said as we were drinking our coffee, but it was something about my cancer that he could not know, and as soon as he said it, I instantly pinged “magic” and looked at him, thinking he knows stuff not yet said, might be one of those angels Lady and I’ve had help us past 18 years. Tried to trip him up again but no go. Kept watching him after that though. Strangely, he worked for Lady the 2 Thursdays I was in the hospital, then told her on my release day that he’d be gone for awhile, had to go to rehab for alcohol. He’s like the Lone Ranger, appears when needed, then rides off into the sunset before you can thank him. If he comes back, we’ll have something to talk about because alcohol was the hardest drug I ever beat, I bled to death from alcohol 32 years ago, came to in ICU, walked home 3 days later, haven’t had a drink since. Of course I did shoot a lot of cocaine and crystal speed and had a 6-month Nyquil habit, but all except cannabis, caffeine , and the ocassional mushroom ceased in 1999.

At the peak of my drinking (5+ gallons of cheap white wine a week) back in April 1991, I had ballooned to 275 pounds, looked like a fat gerbil who stuffed 30 pound of nuts into its cheeks. Sweated a lot. Finally settled to a comfortable 175 after going sober, but two years ago the cancer came and I’m down to 119. Look like a concentration camp survivor. Trying to gain weight but the tumor grew so big it pushed half my stomach into my chest, so when I eat, my chest stomach fills up quickly and jumps into acid reflux mode. I kid you not, we’ve got a clusterflux going here. I have some insane script writer going waaay overboard with my arc. Haven’t even mentioned my bad arthritis which hurts top to toe 24/7, and my scoliosis bent spine which curves around and out my skinbone frame to meet every chairback to be tortured. And of course causes massive pain at the base of the spine all the time. I mean come on, who writes this kind of story? Of course as far as “Why Me” goes, have to admit my past life has been less than exemplary, so I may have earned this Hell.

Best of all is my wife, Lady. She is another angel — no, not another, she is my love angel, my caring angel, my kind angel, my friend / partner / collaborator / favorite human angel. I’m alive because of her, she’s saved my life at least 3 times now, and this current rather excessive symphony of pain is worth it to be here with her. She is my magic.

This story reminds me of film director Luis Bunuel’s 1933 documentary Land Without Bread about a Spanish people surrounded by mountains who are so poor they have no bread. At one point the monotonous narrator who is piling one dread after another into an endless mass says in the winter the ground was so frozen they stacked the dead for spring burial. After awhile, so much narrated misery morphs in my head into a dry, droll Monty Python skit of horror heaped upon horror.

Laugh if you will. I do.

Wrote this today coming home.

Dead Man’s Curve
someday I’ll ride it honestly
right now I drive alive