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hurtownia (foto by lady)

the 3 tenets of
the church of not quite so much pain & suffering:

  go thee, and suffer less
  do as you would be done
  this too will pass

now that pimsler croatian lessons 1-8 have taught us how to pick up the opposite sex, offer them beer and wine (no water), feed them, buy them something, and take them back to the hotel, we’re hoping the last 2 lessons will have advice on buying condoms, or getting a venereal disease check-up

walking thru the krakow nite to a good movie, kathy said “it’s amazing what we can get used to.” i replied “i ain’t used to nothing. – i’m keeping my eyes open, my eye on everything – things might start moving, sneak up on you.. i’m not taking any chances.”

foto by smith

the film was Children of Men – excellent british sci/fi about near future infertility. well written, some shocking quick cuts, realistic plot, solid acting – shows what will happen once the republicans take over.  clive owens is the british actor i respect the most – and julianne moore is always great.

we walked by a sign saying Hurtownia – made me think of america.

foto by smith

they say in any city in the world, you’re never more than 8 feet from a rat – unless you’re in washington dc, and then it depends how close you are to the white house.

foto by smith

speaking of rats, george w. bush now says he never said “stay the course” in iraq (a google search shows 2,990,000 links to him saying it) – look in dictionary under lies, and they have a foto of bad bush george. and dick(less) cheney sez he didn’t endorse water boarding torture on a radio interview few days ago – look in the dictionary under liars, there’s a foto of the vice president for torture cheney. these guys make 1984’s Big Brother look like amateurs. i call cheney dickless because he’s not man enough to own up to what he says – plus he turned coward when called to go fight in viet nam (says he had more important things to do). and the bushleague boy is technically a traitor for going awol from the texas national guard during the vietnamese war.  it’s always the cowards who send others to die in their place.

jokes aside, it broke my heart to stand in the nazi concentration camp of auschwitz and hear the guide recite a list of torture techniques the nazis used on the jews – and realize they were the same list of torture interrogation techniques cheney and bush just got america to legalize.  america has done many shameful things, but she’s never gone this low before. gives new dirt to the word unclean.

foto by smith

welcome to the new boss – even worse than the old boss.

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