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see that train amoving down the track

foto by smith

crawling from club to pub looking for mr goodwire wi-fi access.  reality took away our room’s internet access today.  weird – at chiplis’, our internet went down the last couple days, so we went down to lucky’s coffee shop to wire surf – and they went down as well.  the last 12 hours in our 1st krakow place the internet disappeared. our last few days here, it disappears again. reality is trying to move us on.

i’m ready. each city has its own special ugly. each city has its own special beauty.

tonite we recite a couple poems each as part of the dada cabaret opening for the urban-jellen test concert – our third rock concert reading in krakow… our 3rd rock concert reading anywhere actually.  tomorrow we’ll get our train tickets to lodz, do laundry, shoot kathy’s ever shrinking assemblage, see a movie maybe – pack sunday, leave monday. monday nite in lodz poland. fly back to england tuesday cuz it’s cheaper to fly from poland to london to croatia than it is to train from here. thursday in croatia.

i’d best get used to no internet – we’ll have none in the fishing village.  have to go 6-10 miles to the next town, use their library to post. i’ll be going from 2-3 posts per day to 1-2 posts per week… you lucky devils you. of course they’ll each be 100,000 words long.

have loose idea for 3rd smokey grey story – kathy & i appear in it… i’m a judas goat working for pod centrum, going with kathy on their orders – she’s a pod defective. smokey wants to save her from them and me.

next day – no internet in room again, for second day.  i’m devastated. how can i check to see what new lies bush, cheney and rove have spread?  they’re the unholy meeny miny mo trio of untruth. bush makes me wish there were a god who’d throw bad folk into hell – cuz then there’d be a special level way down low for those three, along with rumsfeld, wolfowitz, rice.

quite disappointed in our pimsler language tape – after 8 croation lessons, all they’ve taught us is how to pick up a man or woman, offer them food, beer, wine, and take them back to the hotel.

don’t know when i’ll be blogging – maybe find a cafe, maybe not. life is weird – thank god.

foto by smith

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