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brain camps

foto by smith

There’s been a lot of confusion about the brain camps.  A lot of people seem to confuse brain camps with the brain cramps and the brain farms – not to mention the mythical brain camps of lore with the mind camps of today.

Before government, back when Republicans were still slithering through swamps, the earth was void of mind. Brains give off emanations. Sort of like plasmid x-rays. These emanations disturb the air wherever brain-forms exist, rather like the light bulb appearing over peoples’ heads in cartoons.

So in prehistoric times, Earth’s mindlessness was a vacation site for aliens. Being brainless, Earth air was unroiled. After a while, of course, fish and dinosaurs came along, but their brains were so small, their thoughts so minute, the air was still pretty smooth. One alien at a time would pay huge sums of exotic substances to come to Earth to rest its brain in our brainless air. Sort of like pre-zen Zen.

Some scholars believe this is how consciousness arose, because residual brain/air roiling lingered after each alien left. Like all races, regardless of planet of origin, the travel vacation agencies got greedy and sold an Earth/Brain Camp vacation to the next Brain before the last Brain’s waves had time to dissipate. Bit by bit, wave after wave of residual alien brain wave garbage built up, and settled in the fish.  This caused the fish to become restless.  They walked on the land.  And the land became nervous.

But all that’s supposition. Many think the current brain camps are government concentration camps for thought criminals, put there by the Thought Police. And there is truth in this. But most of the brain camps are Corporate.

Brain camps are a way for the Corporations to mold minds, weaken will, and stifle independent thought.  These camps have multiple arms – such as advertising agencies, TV programs, colleges and universities. But their single largest segment is the brain-dead religious wrong, known as the Flat Earthers – a group spread pretty evenly among the world’s 5 largest religions: Christians, Jews, Muslims, New Agers, and Capitalists. Corporations are the ones who had the education laws passed requiring thirteen years of schooling, from kindergarten through twelfth grade, in order to control the minds of the young. Although those were the old days, because now with pre-school schools and children TV shows and brain dead parents, there are actually eighteen years of brain camp in the first eighteen years of life. In fact, the basic brain camp term of service formula as explained by Albert Einstein is bt = aod / 1. Which in layman’s terms, is “Brain Camp equals Age of Death divided by 1” for each individual.

The Japanese are the most highly sophisticated with their Corporate in-house brain camps, getting their workers to worship the Corporate Ladder and actually shed their blood and families for their Jobs.

For a while, the Corporations and the Government (essentially the same thing, known in legal terms as ‘The Great Pirates’) experimented with sending their best brains to mandatory higher education. Unfortunately, this resulted in independent thought, free love, and questioning of authority, a disease that became known as the Hippies.

So they created actual concentration brain camps.  They’re called concentration camps because they concretize and deepen the subject’s concentration on serving their Corporate Masters while at the same time de-concentrating the subject’s capacity to concentrate on either their own needs or the truth. At night, while the youngsters slept, Corporate Agents would sneak into their rooms, whisk them off to the concentration cramp, wash their minds, then return them in the morning. They suppressed our knowledge of these actions with thought-naught drugs. Some seepage of remembrance remained, but this leakage was explained away by the Government controlled tabloid trash newspapers by the ‘Alien Abduction Conspiracy.’  By nightly wiping the youngsters’ minds in outside camps, they defeated the Hippie disease, and again could afford to send their brightest semi-minds on to college.

For a while there, they experimented with actually transplanting brains, but chimp brains in human subjects proved too facile for easy control, so they turned to inserting synthetic brains created from organic grown giant green pickled tomatoes instead. This was a great success, and resulted in the neo-conservative branch of the Republican Party.

Some of the brains weren’t as easily directed, even though they were still essentially controlled. But in comparison to the brain camp honor students, these semi-controlled brains appeared independent and became known as Democrats. But as Einstein pointed out, it’s all relative. Control is still control. The degree of variation is statistically and morally insignificant.

These synthetic green tomato pickle brains are grown on vast suburban brain farms. They’re kept in the dark, covered with shit. Most of these brains become politicians, police chiefs and a few priests. Unfortunately there’re no ethical pathways in these synthetic brains, which is fine for police chiefs and politicians, but the priests end up molesting young boys.

Every now and then there’s a brain they just don’t get to. Or if they do, their programming doesn’t work. The brain camps call these brains Brain Cramps because they cramp the camp’s style, and are frequently cramped out by the authorities. JFK, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were three of these – plus a lot of people in the insane asylums. When you actually think for yourself about what goes on in this world of the pre-programmed, it’s insane. And of course if you keep pointing out that everybody’s insane, they’re going to lock you up, because the immoral majority rules.

The trouble with the Brain Camp programming is the brain keeps growing new cells, new pathways. They can’t afford to nightly readjust everybody. They don’t have the facilities. This is where their most important tool comes in: TV. TV kills independent thought. TV kills new brain cells. TV stunts healthy pathways. TV makes you want what everybody else wants.

Plus, these brain camps are also extremely expensive. In order to pay for all this, they make shiny, useless trinkets in sweatshops all over the world. Then with their deadly, insidious TV commercials, they make you want these trinkets. So every day you have to get up and go out to work, serve the Master in the big White House while you slave in his fields so he will give you a few baubles which you can then trade for his trinkets.

For a while there, the brain camp / brain cramp / brain farm terminology started appearing in the offshore Independent Press. But the Brain Nazis knew that weak brains could not handle more than three terms at any one time – so on television, they created Quiz Shows featuring Brain Champs. And the Brain Champ / Brain Camp / Brain Cramp / Brain Farm trick worked like a charm. Verily, the Earth was confused.

For the few Brains who could not be programmed, there was an underground escape program known as the Brain Lamp.  Seemingly programmed people banded together and smuggled unprogrammed minds out to the mythical Land of the Independent Press. They also developed a breeding program where they would take the minds most difficult to program, mate them, and then smuggle their babies out through the Brain Ramp program. They’d replace these babies with large rutabagas in stylish underwear. This is where the Land of the Independent Press got its name, because by mating semi-dependents, they pressed for independence.

This brings us to The Number of the Least. The Government Corporative Enterprise must be able to identify and quantify its brain campers. So everyone was provided with an Identification Number – known as the Brain Stamp – through a Social Security Credit Card. This Brain Stamp stamps brain camps, brain cramps, brain lamps, brain ramps, identifies brain champs, and even amps lame game chance chants – all in the name of ants. 

And the Earth cried Uncle.

– Kathy Ireland Smith & Steven B. Smith, January 21, 2007

foto by smith

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