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double crossing

 foto by smith

why did the chicken cross the road?  to get revenge for the road crossing him.

wonder how many chicken crossing road jokes there are?  well, there’s mine.  how many can claim their own original chicken/road joke?  how many would want to?

went to the doctor today to see if i’m dead or not – to no avail. seems we have to go back to the hospital, pick up our lab results ourselves and carry them back to the doctor.  they assumed we knew to do that.  the doctor and nurse who speak a bit of english did not mention it… and at the lab, no one spoke english.  this being the stranger in another’s land has its price – but also its perks.  o well, learn and live.  maybe find out thursday if i’m alive.  if i’m not, and this is the afterlife, i have a few complaints to file.  my favorite after-life movie scene is the dead waiting room scene in beetlejuice with michael keaton.  fine film.

joan of art image - foto by joan deveney

states of the union – kathy and my union is pretty gosh darn good… however, the united states’ union keeps saying things like “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.” – Michael Ledeen, one of george w bush’s people (or is the bush leaguer one of his?)

According to Pew’s most recent “Global Opinion” survey, “anti-Americanism is deeper and broader now than at any time in modern history.”  – Bernard Chazelle

The U.S press is rated 53rd freest press in the world, tied with Botswana – Bernard Chazelle

back to chicken crossing road joke -  chicken hawk george w bush is double-crossing the road of ethics, the road of morality… he’s walking down the murder road double-crossing the road of world respect.  bush committed verifiable treason when he went absent without leave from the texas national guard in the 1970s during the vietnam war – he could be tried and legally shot since that’s the punishment for treason during war time.  and cheney’s just plain chicken for getting 5 deferments to the vietnam war because in his own words he “had better things to do.”  both having run away from serving their country during war time, what gives these cowards the right to send 3,333 americans to their war deaths. cheney and bush are traitors to this country, to the constitution.  they are right now betraying, imprisoning, murdering, spying on and stealing from americans.  they have murdered more than 650,000 iraqi civilians.  they have to be tried and imprisoned for their crimes against humanity, their betrayal of america, their bankrupting of america both morally and financially.  i do not advocate the death penalty for anybody, especially these two  – i think their being locked up for life would be a far more fitting judgment.  it would also be cool to tar and feather them in their own ill-gotten oil.  and subject them both to a couple water boarding sessions.  what they do to others should be done unto them, amen.

foto by smith

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