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foto by smith

kathy’s all most done with issue #18 of her online poetry/art journal this will be her second issue with international contributors. . . includes a london poet, a nepalese poet, a krakow artist – who knows whom else. i think she’ll even include me, since i’ve been sleeping with her – and usually if you sleep with the publisher, you’re supposed to get published.

i’ve read too much, know too much about this corporate world’s evils. the cheney-bush beast makes me yearn for the waters of the river lethe – (Greek mythology – the River Lethe – a river in Hades; the souls of the dead had to drink from it, which made them forget all they had done and suffered when they were alive).

it’s not as easy to know stuff anymore. according to Reporters Without Borders’ annual Press Freedom Index, in 2002 under Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s freedom of he press ranked 130th out of all the countries in the world. In 2006, under cheney, Iraq fell to position 154. The same index listed the U.S. #17 in 2002, dropping to #56 in 2006.

in 4 years – going from being ruled by a ruthless dictator to being occupied by the even more ruthless cheney-bush – the iraq press freedom index worsened by 24 points – in that same bush-beast period, america’s freedom of the press index worsened by 39 points.

either heal the bush-cheney furor, or heil the cheney-bush fuhrer.

2 depressing headlines in one day – one about cheney’s plane having only minor mechanical difficulties – the other about cheney being ok after an afghanistan explosion. reality’s teasing me. but that’s ok – i can take a joke. besides, i don’t really want him to die – i want both portions of the cheney-bush beast to live a long long time so they can suffer for their crimes against humanity and the american treasury. i want them to regret their sins, to live long enough to suffer remorse for those they’ve murdered. but since cheney lacks a soul and bush lacks a brain, neither will ever admit they’re wrong. we’ll have to try them for war crimes, and lock them both up forever. give them nothing but their daily bread and waterboarding.

collage & foto by smith

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