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Beziers storefront

We’re moving on, away from Europe. We’ll be in Morocco April 10!”

Several recurring thoughts about the good things in Europe:

1. Consideration for workers: In every country we’ve been to outside of the U.S., checkout clerks at grocery stores have seats at the cash register. Customers bag things themselves, and more frequently than not are expected to bring their own bags with them.

2. Cheap health care: We would have been set back at least a thousand dollars in the U.S. for the dental care and emergency care for Steve’s heart that we took care of in Poland and Croatia.

3. Good food: Especially in the Western European countries of Italy, France and the Netherlands, we’ve been blown away by the quality of produce and the cheap prices of good cheese and wine. We’re in love with the cheeses of France, especially goat cheese. I can’t help but think that in the U.S. we’re eating stale bread, bland cheese, bad fruit. Almost every fruit and vegetable I’ve bought in France has been sold at its best point.

4. Community: Although we are foreigners, we have very social experiences when we do our grocery shopping. And walking down the streets — especially in France — even little kids say hello! There’s little alienation here. It seems that the U.S. has some epidemic of alienation and paranoia. Or maybe it’s just me – maybe I’m now more open to experiences, more engaged.

Beziers storefront

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