collage by smith

Lady K called me “honey bunny buggle bear.” sometimes she talks to me in the same voice she used to use to talk to her cat. i think she thinks i’m her big pet.

we’re not smoking today. our 4 day stone fuzzed the brain, slowed the will – especially after being straight for 5 months. it’s nice to shut the brain down periodically, but it’s best to start it back up again after awhile to make sure it still works.

hash is stronger and tastier than grass. these past 5 months of being straight, all i wanted to do was get stoned… now that i am, i realize once again smoking’s not the answer, merely part of the process – it’s the spice, not the meal. our relationship, creating, growing, the journey – these make up our life’s meal. hashish is merely a life spice.

on the road 8 months now. we’ve crossed multiple Rubicons – passages where we aren’t the same people after passing we were before. such crossings are difficult, and sometimes must be done solely because they’re hard to bring yourself to do.

1st reading our poetry to strangers in london was a major crossing because finding praise for our words from folk who had never heard of us reinforced who we were in our heads.

going behind the old iron curtain to a totally foreign language and culture was another. creating & promoting our own poetry reading, opening for an avant-garde rock band, and being accepted by the underground creative community strengthened our image of ourselves.

spending 3 months isolated in a fishing village in croatia was a slow gentle crossing – it showed us how productive we could be… we ended up with 2 dozen art pieces, hundreds of fotos, 5 short stories, and a 250 page manuscript on my checkered past.

here in the south of france, some of our traveling lessons and life changes seemed to have settled in, become part of us. we wildly upped our creative quotient via Lady K’s creating her Pbase foto galleries, and her starting Myspace bases for both of us. here she also began posting her short videos on YouTube, and she’s learning how to create animation.

our greatest crossing was starting our relationship, disposing of possessions, leaving america for an open ended free range world roam.

our journey is an ever changing serial reality moving from new country to unknown city. our future is full of never-beens and not-yet-knowns. we are but seeds of future self.

most folks have a big change every decade or so. we’ve had 18 months of continuous change – changes in life, living, cities, countries, cultures.

we’re folding all this together, making our manifold destiny.

but in 10 days it’s as if we’re starting anew. 3 months in morocco will be going through the looking glass to a whole new sight-line beyond the valley of the other side. we will go from being surrounded by caucasians to being in an arabic/african culture. from safe water to deadly water. from old history to even more ancient. roman writing to arabic alphabet. feminist to patriarchal. different civilizations, different diseases.

wonder what “we” we will grow in morocco.

collage by lady k

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