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during sex in the setting sun we heard the amplified sunset prayer chants broadcast from the minarets. it seemed oddly fitting.

when we first took up, i’d look up from what i’d be doing and find lady k watching me adoringly. i was the first man who was kind and fair to her, and i think she kept looking to make sure i was real and still there. it is unnerving to be looked at like that. but i wasn’t worried, because that look always goes away when they’re around you long enough to discover just how sadly human and weak you are. the weird thing is, 20 months later i look up and see she’s still watching me adoringly. my shortcomings, weaknesses, and defects don’t seem to affect how she feels. makes one want to be better, just to earn the look.

marrakech is a fascinating city – greater cultural differences and a wider range of them than the rest of the cities we’ve seen combined. america, western europe and the east european ex-communist countries vary but in degree, each walks a similar path – they differ mostly in money, technology, and population density. and it seems to me the more sun there was, the nicer the people were.

but here in africa they walk a different road entirely – perhaps multiple different complex roads. too many people, too little money, too much sun, not enough water, too much history, not enough future.

i worry about running out of natural gas. in croatia, the huge tank of heating gas ran out in december. in france, the cooking gas canister for the stove ran out. on the 4th floor here, the stove gas canister emptied halfway thru lady’s cookies on our last day there. i’m in this adventure where i have almost no control over events. i suppose there’s a life lesson to be learned here.

leave for somewhere north of marrakech in an hour to see more poor, another big souk (market / bazaar) and a camel. i’m looking forward to the camel. will accept what the rest has to offer my enlightenment. i’ve done what i can to prepare for the trip – drank lots of water before 7 and finished my 2nd cup of coffee before 8:30, giving me 90 minutes to delete said water from my system so i don’t have to use the public facilities… although here they don’t always use public toilets here, they just use the public.

foto by smith

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