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reality always starts playing with us near the end of our stay in each place… it’s as if this scene were over and they need to strike the set for their next shot.

usually it’s loss of internet access, but since we don’t have that, tonight it was the apartment owner. she’s a long robed arab woman named fatima who speaks little french. lady k speaks some french. i speak mute. fatima has the impression tonight is our last night here. we have the impression we’ve two more nights after tonight. none of us seems to understand the other.

we’ll call her english-speaking relative tomorrow and work things out. either we have 2 more nights, or we don’t. if we don’t, we’ll go to a hotel with clean sheets and hot water. this place isn’t worth fighting for, or paying more.

we already have 3 scheduled moves in the next 9 days – if this goes against us, it’ll be 4 moves. wherever our next move is, it will be number 34 in the past 12 months.

all that’s neither here nor there. point is we’re sitting here tonight happy from our friends’ visit, watching a thought provoking film about hitler’s last days titled Downfall when unchained reality rudely interrupts. no matter which way this goes, this country has twisted another nice moment into one more moroccan money-grubbing grab. glad we came to morocco. be glad when we’re not here anymore.

next day. situational update – we haven’t called yet, but we’re packing up this morning anyway and going out to find a 2 night riad. some folk look for a 4-star hotel – we look for a 2-night hotel. this place has been tainted by unpleasance. thankfully our guests had left 3 hours before our eviction notice.

bad is easier to blog than good – i should be grateful to morocco for providing so much negativity to write about. so thank you morocco – may you drown in your greed.

i’m looking at this as just one more realital lesson in zen balance – after all, light needs dark to be light.

foto by smith

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