That there fly must be an upperclass fly. Because it’s far too expensive to let common house flies in this fancy hotel.

“I would think it would be even more difficult to segregate them. How can you even tell the difference between normal and upper class flies?”

By the fly by. Upper class fly fly by’s contain a certain *savoir faire*, classier, buzzier, more confident. That’s it. That’s all I know.

“Maybe it’s the acoustics in the upperclass room.”

No, because when they fly by you get a contact buzz, and I know the difference. I’ve had a few buzzes in my day.

“I think you’re right. I think flies are telepathic. I really do.”

Well, that’s what their eyeballs are for. All those little millions of facets on their eyeballs catch vibrations from every angle, 270 from the room. Peoples’ thoughts emanate; they leak weak energy which bounces off the walls and ceiling.

The fly picks up all this radar feedback, knows what yr thinking about doing, and triangulates where you’re coming from.

“Do you think flies are intelligent?”

No. They’re actually little microbots. They’re not real.

“What are the common flies like vs. the upper class flies?”

When common flies regurgitate their stomach acids onto their dinner plate, they splatter all over the table cloth. Upper class flies, it’s like little regurgitative sips, delicately applied to their prey.

“Kinda like bank fees. I want to set up my own exploitation scheme. But a benevolent one. So really, the flies are telepathic, but it doesn’t matter.”

It’s not really telepathy; it’s programming, systems analysis.

“I could believe that. They say they put a wire in a cockroach’s brain and made it turn left or right.”

I’ve seen that done with religious fundamentalists.

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