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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
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red fox & skunk red leaf

foto by smith

just saw a red fox. no more than 10 foot away. it trotted across the back yard, jumped 4 foot up on a pile of wood, then another 3 foot to the top of the brick wall and trotted off – acted more like a cat than a dog. this is even more amazing because we’re in an urban southeast portion of london. now i’m waiting for howling dogs, blowing horns, and the horse herd of rich fat farts in red coats chasing after. i say, old chap, care for a spot of tea?

speaking of tea, or at least beatnik tea, we found some red leaf skunk. now we’re doing the skunk funk.

odd returning to london. we went from cleveland to chicago to london last august when we started traveling. now we’re retracing part of our path – returning to london, south france, cleveland, then moving to chicago to live. by going back to where we’ve been, we find how we’ve changed along the way. it’s easier getting around the second time around. we’re less starry-eyed, though more perceptually appreciative because we see more clearly with our travel educated eyes. easier to set up our own poetry readings this time in london because we did the ground work a year ago on our first visit. who knows who we’ll be by the time we get back to cleveland in october after 14 months of world travel.

foto by smith

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