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save myself some sorrow

foto by smith

there’s a very odd interesting site called Ball and All – it’s a collection of over 500 names with various fotos and bits about each – names ranging from frank zappa through parmahansa yogananda to the three stooges. it’s also the largest non-smith smith site online

go to
at top of home page, click the Directory By Name box
scroll down to and click on Smith, Steven B
click on foto of smith
a menu of 139 links to fotos, poems, songs, reviews etc will appear
warning – songs are not songs so much as psycho assaults.

speaking of psycho ass alls… cheney’s having his pacemaker batteries replaced – but to have a pacemaker, you need a heart – and we all know cheney is heartless. if we’re lucky, they’ll give him a dead battery.

and they say george if-i-only-had-a-brain bush’s colon polyps turned out to be benign. that’s a laugh – the entire man is a cancer on america’s soul, and needs to be radiated. besides, he’s an asshole inside out, top to bottom.

the cheney-bush beast needs be exorcized.

of course by saying this, i probably put myself on the list of the 400,000 americans to be placed in the secret detention centers that vice dick cheney has halliburton/kbr constructing for when they declare martial law.

re that, this from

“Meanwhile, last October Bush and Cheney, with the help of a compliant Congress, put in place some key elements needed for a military putsch. There was the overturning of the venerable Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which barred the use of active duty military inside the United States for police-type functions, and the revision of the Insurrection Act, so as to empower the president to take control of National Guard units in the 50 states even over the objections of the governors of those states.

“Put this together with the wholly secret construction now under way – courtesy of a $385-million grant by the US Army Corps of Engineers to Halliburton subsidiary KBR Inc – of detention camps reportedly capable of confining as many as 400,000 people, and a recent report that the Pentagon has a document, dated June 1, 2007, classified Top Secret, which declares there to be a developing insurgency within the U.S, and which lays out a whole martial law counterinsurgency campaign against legal dissent, and you have all the ingredients for a military takeover of the United States.”

– Published on Friday, July 27, 2007 – “Martial Law Threat is Real” by Dave Lindorff

also according to this article, Attorney General John Ashcroft started a program called Operation TIPS, a network of tens of millions of citizen spies which would have americans turn in their friends and neighbors to the republican nazis. welcome to the brain camps. welcome to the brain cramps.

i could save myself some sorrow by being silent, but silence is a sin – and there are already way too many silence sinners in america.

foto by smith

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