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bohemian rapsoday

foto by smith

found these lady words on the floor –

I get my bedtime stories
from an old convict. We smoke
curly-Qs from his stone pipe.
I’m a tart, y’old fart.

lady ripped them out of one of her new poems and tossed them aside, so i scavenged them. she’s constantly tearing things out of her new assemblages as well. lady’s a hard woman when it comes to her art and poems – she sneaks up on them when they’re not looking and starts removing bits and pieces without warning. thank goddess she doesn’t have kids – they’d likely be missing arm, eye, tooths, assorted fingers, ear.

there weren’t enough open mic slots at last night’s poetry reading (they call them ‘floor spots’ here), so i crossed my name off the list to let another read. my ego’s already big enough, plus we read tomorrow. let someone else play. lady read. unfortunately those i stood aside for weren’t worth hearing. we’ve heard a lot of so-so poetry here in london – lady wonders if it’s due to a language/culture gap. we have heard some good poetry though – the featured readers lady had at her City Poetry reading last week were delightful… they put a grin on my face.

especially ronnie mcgrath. the worm lady was out of town, and he took her place. good words, good read. good human. we spent this afternoon at his place sharing his art, his 2 daughters’ art, rai music, video of his defunct group, and ani difranco. he gave us a copy of his first novel – On The Verge Of Losing It – as we left. i copied this from the jacket blurb:

Ronnie McGrath is a founder member of the now defunct musical group The London Afro-Blok, who performed for the Queen and opened the 1994 Commonwealth Games in British Columbia, Canada. he is a poet, artist, researcher and lecturer, with a string of achievements to his bow. In 1993 he was commended for his writing by ACER (Afro Caribbean Education and Resource), who also published and rewarded his writing first place in 1994. A graduate of Manchester University’s MA in novel writing, Ronnie’s formidable short story The Day Before That One is published in the very successful IC3, The Penguin Book Of New Black Writing In Britain. His other published work is a book of poems entitled Poems From The Tired Lips Of Newspapers.

can’t imagine my own blurb if i ever get a book – perhaps: “he’s run from the cops 10 times, got away 9.” anyway, now we can say we know somebody who’s been in the same room as the queen – altho when he first told us, i thought he was referring to the rock group queen (we will rock you / bohemian rhapsody / under pressure), so instead of an old wrinkled woman wearing too much jewelry, i flashed on a dead gay singer.

foto by smith

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