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real demons

Prospect, Cleveland (photo by Lady)


I would like to know why it is necessary for the see-i-a to:

– put hoods on people when they take them away
– diaper people and shackle them to the floors of planes
– keep people in solitary confinement long enough to make them crazy
– h2o-board prisoners

#3 & 4 seem like definite torture to me. #1 & 2 could be rationalized as not causing permanent damage (tho I wouldn’t be one to rationalize this).

People have died during “interrogation.” Methinks that would only happen if the interrogation crossed the line into torture.

Does power know that it is evil? What do the soldiers or agents think when they hood and shackle and diaper a person? Do they feel remorse? Do they sleep at night?

Many of these detainees are simply people who had enemies from their home countries and are pointed out because of personal vendettas. I’ve read reports that people are captured in Pakistan and put in containers and sent to secret camps for reward money from the US. Some of these prisoners die en route.

If you believe you are fighting evil and that you are good, why would you torture? Isn’t torture indicative of your own evil? How is this rationalized as a good thing? (The ‘ticking bomb’ scenario is a disingenuous explanation.)

I really want to know the inside of these guys’ minds. Do their acts of exploitation bother them? Does this even hit the radar of their consciousnesses, or are they conscious?

I don’t like to demonize, but it’s difficult for me to see the power class and its enablers (both the GOP and the DLC) as something other than demons.

Ontario and Prospect, Cleveland (photo by Lady)

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