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First Step of Redemption
Congress has taken the firsst step, they may just be on their way to redeem themselves. Moments ago the House of Representatives passed the vote on Kucinich’s bill to impeach the Dick…Cheney. It’s official, the process will go to the Judiciary Committee.

What does this mean on a global scale? Plenty! For Congress to recognize that they suspect war criminal activities have been going on within the executive branch, is HUGE. Watch as the whole world stops breathing for a moment, and takes pause to see how this will effect our international policies – it WILL happen. If this actually comes to fruition, it could also mean a little redeption for all of us in the world’s eyes.

I’m so choked up right now, I can’t write anymore. I’m a VERY proud American today, and so should all of you that took the time to call your representatives to support this measure. Good work Patriots!

peace, love…and IMPEACHMENT!!!

So like Cynic said, we’ve got 48 hours worth of time to hit DC hard if we want this vote today to actually amount to something! Our leadership is subverting our will, and they need to know PLENTY about how that makes us feel.

Here are a BUNCH of contact resources:

Toll Free:
These are probably bogged down, and will be more difficult to get through on so…below are the regular lines. I’m also posting FAX numbers for a very good reason – use them ALL!!! Pass this on in a hurry too. 48 hours, 48 hours, 48 hours….and then, I’m hoping to see some serious shit-eating grins by the end of this week!

DC Switchboard (202) 224-3121
Just ask for whomever it is you want to talk to.

I believe this are Pelosi in DC direct (as well as C-SPAN’s below):
(202) 225-0100
Her fax: (202) 225-4188
Her email address:

C-SPAN lists these numbers for her in DC:
Phone: (202) 225-4965
Fax: (202) 225-8259

Her office in San Francisco:
(415) 556-4862
Fax: (415) 861-1670

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., immediately moved to table it after Kucinich introduced it. So I think he needs a little hammering too, so give him a ring-a-ding-DING:
(202) 225-3130 or (202) 225-4131
Fax – (202) 225-4300
His email:
District office contact info:
Voice: 301-843-1577
FAX: 301-843-1331

Behind Blue Eyes posted this petition today for you to sign too:
Thanks Lady!

I suggest telling whomever answers that we can’t afford to shelve the motion because of Dick’s increasing aggressive posturing towards Iran. If you really want a comprehensive understanding of the bill, you can have at it here:

I also highly recommend we call the reps that voted not to table it today and thank them for representing us well. That may be the very encouragement they need to keep it up, and they may be the ones that prevent it from being shelved. However, it wasn’t the Dems that did it…

Here is the roll call that passed NOT to table:
It was the Republicans that ended up passing this vote…we gotta LOT of calls to make, emails and faxes to send people.

Find your rep here:
or here:

Conyers, Chairman of the Judicial Committee will de making a decision on whther or not to move forward on the investigation. Contact him ASAP to let him know he MUST:
phone: 202-225-3951


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