koi in pond at organic market – foto by smith

Hiding Out From The Law Of Averages

A 4 year old’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s

Night has fallen and it can’t get up

A blue whale’s tongue weighs 6,500 pounds

The happy dead rot as rain and rust

At Earth’s equator, surface spin = 1,000 miles per hour
In Cleveland, it is 700 miles per hour

Can’t take nothing for granted, not even granite

Vegetarians live 10 years longer

Do we follow contrails in the sky, or contracts on the ground?

People attending church more than once a week live 7 years longer

Our bodies our stardust, our soul chosen light

Women live 7 years longer than men

The more I lose the flow the greater
My need for joy to slow my low

Whites live 7 years longer than blacks

It’s a long road to whore

Couples in long relationships have higher levels of endorphins, a morphine like pain killer . . . Roy Orbison was right – Love Hurts

Or maybe love’s the high

tin bird grave at organic market – foto by smith

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