painting in museum of oaxacan painters – foto by smith

lady bought a short linen robe from Mitla, a local Zapotec village. nice work, $10. when she wore it, i told her to be authentic she should wear it the way the native woman did – with breasts exposed. she asked how i would know such arcane info. i lied and told her i saw it on the internet. she said show me. so i typed “zapotec women in lingerie” into google image search, and it came back with a foto of dick and lynne cheney’s 2003 christmas card. ?. what a surreal punch line to an absurdist joke. i have trouble associating vice dick cheney with women, or lingerie. when i think of dick cheney, i think more of rabies, of mad dogs. so i can visualize him attacking the indigenous Zapotec people around here, while foaming at the mouth – although he’d probably farm the actual violence out to halliburton.

lady says “wow, your comment’s a poem.” what comment, i ask. “on the myspace snow poem.” what’d i write? “fresh white hides old sins, grows belief in yes until white dirties into no.” she’s right, that is poetic. true to life too.

ice storm cleveland 2007 – foto by smith

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