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...and they lived happily ever after. Smith & Lady: poets, artists, photographers & adventurers.
Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

look see not a lot

political poster – foto by smith

“I hear a child. Let’s go eat it.”

that’s not what i usually hear from Lady’s mouth. i glance at her to make sure she’s not a pod. i’m thinking she’s been around me too long. i say things like “babies belong – in cages, or soup cans” and “eat a fetus, eat a fetus today.” (that was my single solution to two big problems – world hunger AND over-population). when folk ask if i want a dog or cat, i reply “no thank you, i’ve already eaten.” if they ask me to babysit, it’s, “i can’t. no room in my freezer.”

Lady’s making black bean soup, adding avacado leaves for the first time. she’s also been experimenting with adding fresh mint and ginger to her soups, something she picked up from our Zapotec hostess. and adding fresh vanilla bean to our oatmeal. delightful taste. what a way to start the day. she culls culinary clues from each country we’ve lived in. she cooked moroccan in morocco, croatian in croatia, french in france, english in england, and mexican here. can’t remember what she did in poland. in amsterdam we bought delicious tidbits from the supermarket and ate on the stone steps stoned in the sun. she also cooks thai and indian no matter where we are. i’m hoping she’ll do a food blog soon. glad she’s feeding me. left alone, i eat food units, and food units are seldom healthful – cookies, pizza, bananas, toast, cereal, popcicles frozen juice sticks icecream bars. lost 10 pounds when Lady moved in.

the black beans she’s using for soup come from our Zapatec friend’s land, as do the vanilla beans, ginger, and mint. we’ll be buying dwarf bananas from her weekly as well. they’re baked in the oven and eaten hot – taste peach-like. we’ll buy their honey too. the honey they served at meals still had honeycomb and bees.

they also gave me a Granada to try – a small yellow leathery 4 inch oval fruit filled with what looks like gelatenous fish eggs gone bad, or alien diarrhea, or small black oval brain parasites individually incased in transluscent grey mucous slimey goo. yet such a subtle delicate delightful taste – a hint of kiwi fruit. part of the pomegranate family. brought two back. one got squished and slimed my bag. i ate the other. that’s usually the other’s fate in this life – to be singled out and eaten.

granada fruit – foto by smith

how to ruin a wonderful planet:
1) suck oil from earth.
2) foul earth sky making plastic.
3) foul human body using plastic.
4) contaminate earth and sea trashing plastic.
5) repeat until deplete.

too many wearing dirty glasses, my look see not a lot.

though there’s always hope.

Oaxocan graffiti – foto by smith

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