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younger than that now

political graffiti – foto by smith

looks like my government is trying to screw me, without even buying me dinner first.

i applied for early social security retirement on december 10th, when uncle sam said i should. u-sam said i was fine, all i had to do was send in my birth certificate and discharge papers. i did. i know they got them thanks to registered mail. i even got a letter back saying i was fine, how much i would get, when it would start.

now uncle sam sends a letter saying i’m not old enough, that i won’t really be 62 in 15 days. i could show them my birth certificate, but uncle sam didn’t bother to send it back. plus i’m living in mexico now so it’s hard to show them anything anyway. so now i’m denied my social security benefits, my birth certificate, my discharge papers.

what kind of a government tries to cheat its citizens? answer – all of them.

could be government incompetence. could be the government trying to save money by stealing from its citizens so it’ll have more money to kill iraqi children. could be the flat-earth fascists getting back at those with open eyes.

if we go today to the mountains to pick coffee, i’ll call uncle sam when we get back and try to resolve this. and we all know how much fun it is dealing with government bureaucracy. i say “if we go” because lady’s suffering from extended diarrhea. if we can’t beat it before we leave, i’m not sure a 5 hour bus ride would be wise. won’t know until later.

so, we be here, or we be there – find out later, alligator. if there, i’ll be out of blog range for 3 days or so, you lucky devils you.

tin fence – foto by smith

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