cup of Tanetze coffee – foto by smith

feel like cold spit warmed over, then mixed with rotting molasses. this is my second day without coffee, and i am dragging. bit of zombie, bit of narcolepsy, bit of slug, lot of lazy.

the good side of my groin seems to be going bad. the bad side–my right–i strained 2004 when trying to pick my collapsed mother up off the floor. she weighed more than I, and was too big around to get a good grip on. besides, exactly where do you grasp you mother’s torso to get good lift? awkward all around. since then i’ve been trying to keep up with Lady K walking up and down europe/africa/mexico with a weakened groin muscle. dood it too.

last week my good groin left side started swelling and burning and going numb on the skin surface. it’d flare up 3-4 times a day. finally decided it started when i consumed anything that raised my blood pressure – like strong coffee, salt, heat, sex, and marijuana. went off for 4 days to pick coffee up in the mountains, and didn’t feel a twinge in spite of the huge increase in physical exertion. the only difference up there was much weaker coffee, no grass, no sex, and less heat.

so i’m cutting out coffee to see if i can continue smoking, and this coffee-less lethargy is giving me all the pizzazz of road kill.

this is all crummy because all Lady K and i do is walk – up down in out everywhere nowhere. let this be a warning to all you younger folk thinking of taking up with old people – the old are physically weakened and break easily. Lady got defective merchandise when she chose me. of course there’s no where else she could get the artbrain / mindbrain / soulbrain / spiritbrain she needs except here, so it’s take the defective, or lose all.

try to fake it out for a few more days, and then give in and go to the clinic. ain’t got the money to get me fixed, but we lose our life if we don’t.

no matter how good and special your life is (our life is), there’s always a dark side lurking just off screen with the bill.

but still, i cannot complain – i’ve Lady K in my life, we’ve lived in 10 countries in 20 months, and we’ve oodles of canoodles of art, poetry, fotos, and non-fiction in the bag since we started september 9, 2005.

sometimes you just gotta pay

found couch couple, Tanetze mexico – foto by smith

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