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back door plan

Sprit – foto by smith

I tried in my MySpace blog to choose “All The President’s Men” as the film I was watching. MySpace told me there is no such film. So I tried “All The President’s Men” the book. MySpace replied there is no such book.

This is interesting because MySpace gets its info from, and Amazon has three versions of the film and several editions of the book for sale. If Amazon knows it, why doesn’t MySpace show it?

I hope it’s just a glitch and not an attempt to censor because if it’s censorship they didn’t do a very good job – you can still get it to come up as a book by typing in “Bob Woodward” or “Carl Bernstein,” and as a film using “Dustin Hoffman,” “Robert Redford,” or “Alan J. Pakula.”

Just because reality doesn’t want you to know something doesn’t mean you can’t find out.

You have to keep your eye open.

Shady Lady K – foto by smith

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