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Almost every week I’ve been harvesting nasty horrible ugly headlines from the news and blogging them as a slice of where-we-are-as-humans feature.

Then I thought why not harvest some good positive headlines as well to show the nicer more positive side of humanity.

Well, I’ve been collecting good headlines for a month already and have found almost none. I mean, there are a lot of positive headlines out there, such as the one guy who’s made a thousand teddy bears to give away to the needy, but the headlines are so innocuous and bland that they make for boring reading. Which goes to show why the newspapers scream out doom and disaster because those headlines have punch and demand interest,

Another thing I discovered was I could get more than enough nasty, ludicrous and stupid headlines in a couple days, whereas I’ve been a month gathering these 12, and they aren’t all that great to begin with.

And I suppose not all would find positive what I find positive – like Giuliani not running for office. I find the fact that a greedy power-hungry lying son-of-a-badness politician is not going to run for office a good thing while evil heartless ethics-dead brain-blank republicans might see the same headline as depressing.

I also found the fact that Afghani soldiers are too stoned to go out and kill their fellow citizens to be a positive thing, while other could see this differently.

Anyway, here’s my slim sip of cheer at the end of this uncheerful year.

At 94, She’s the Hot New Thing in Painting

Badass Cat On Roomba Slaps Pitbull

No Holds Theory Of Life: Pain And Holiday Blues Are Money In The Bank

Rudy Giuliani To Announce He’s Not Running For Senate

Alcoholic Monkeys (video)

Afghanistan’s Hashish-Smoking Troops Struggle To Prepare For Battle

Donkeys Escape From Vail, Colorado Nativity Scene

Priest: It’s OK To Shoplift From Certain Stores

Mysterious Benefactor Buys 15 Rooms For Homeless On Christmas

Obamas Travel To Hawaii, Get Lei’d

2009: The Year The Cubicle Died

Boy Fends Off Dog Attack, Saves Siblings

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