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More harvested headline weird schemes and nightmare dreams taken from inside this old cold gold mine of freedom mime called The Democracy of American Capitalism and Its Related Moral and Ethical Precepts in Action During Its Time of Decline.

May next year suck less than this year, as this year sucked slightly less than last year since we got the war criminal mass-murdering Cheney Bush Beast out of their illegal occupation of the White House.

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So many bogus stories, so little time

Cop Pulls Gun On Snowball Fight

Santa packs heat, robs Nashville bank at gunpoint

Man Strolls Into Diner With Knife Stabbed In His Chest, Orders Coffee, Complains About Weather

New Mexico Woman Constantly Aroused After Car Accident

Why Men Fake Orgasms

Woman’s Eyes Glued Shut After Eyelash Tinting Mishap

Controversial Billboard Of Joseph And Mary In Bed: God ‘A Hard Act To Follow’

Why Aren’t There Sleazy Sex Scandals Involving Powerful Women?

10 Ways to Screw Over the Corporate Jackals Who’ve Been Screwing You

Detroit’s Unemployment Rate Is Nearly 50 PERCENT

The Human Grease Murders

Israel Admits Harvesting Palestinian Organs

Pakistani Court Orders 2 Men’s Noses, Ears Cut Off

Iran Police Gun Down Protesters, Protesters Fight Back

Paramedics Ignore Dying Pregnant Woman While On Coffee Break

Glenn Beck Named ‘Misinformer Of The Year’

Glenn Beck ‘Raised The Stupid Bar’ To ‘Nearly Inapproachable’

Sarah Palin: I’m Not the Biggest Liar Of The Year

Pregnancy Banned By Iraq Army General: Pregnant Soldiers Could Face Court-Martial

Con Man Convinced Bush Administration He Could Predict Terror Attack

Jesus Hated War — Why Do Christians Love It So Much?

Marijuana Laws Behind 12% Of All City Arrests

Grandmother Accidentally Feeds 3-Year-Old Grandson Pot Cookie

Kids’ Top Searches In 2009: Porn, Sex Top The List

Texting Drivers Six Times More Likely To Crash:

Mom Calls 911 Over Son’s Video Game Obsession

Author Calling FBI About Negative Amazon Reviewers?

Video Gamer Uses Xbox To Lure Underage Teen Into Sex

New Home For Dogs Who ATE Their Owner

China’s Last Wild Indochinese Tiger Is Killed And Eaten By A Villager

IS THAT A LIZARD IN YOUR POCKET: Smuggler Busted With 15 Reptiles On His Body

Pig’s Farts Start Huge Gas Leak Scare

Man Sought By Police For Sniffing Butts In Supermarket

Well, That Sure Sucked: Good Riddance to the Devil’s Decade

“The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.” — Thomas Jefferson

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