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Archive for August, 2010


Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

What is the best possible situation for all perceiving loci?


Blind publish

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

The most interesting thing about this was that I found a butterfly.


Wishlist for the Universe(s)

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

“Ask & Ye shall receive” request list:

1. The happiest, most ethical universe for me & Smith & Mandycat, together. 1a. Fame & crazy riches for Smith. 2. The happiest, most ethical universe(s) for all other perceiving entities. 2a. The mass realization that we are all one. 2b. Happy reunions for all families. 3. Reversal of global warming, or alternatively, sudden weird, scientific knowledge that global warming is a myth. 4. Sustainable, ethical farming practices on a mass scale. 5. Benevolent alien benefactors. Since I’m asking, heck, why not? And I’d like them to take me, Smith & Mandycat around in their spaceship for a while. 6. Riches. Why not? Or at least, that I don’t have to worry about money & that we can travel, have a bathtub, clean sheets & a comfortable couch, warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer, keep Mandycat happy, keep this apartment in Cleveland. 7. I’d like us to see Alaska, Japan, Chile, Peru, Nepal, Thailand and other places. It would be really really awesome if we could go to the North and South Poles to see the northern and southern lights. I’d like my family and friends to be able to travel to far flung places as well. 7a. Since I’m asking–it would be really cool if teleporter technology could be used to do this traveling. 8. Cell phones that operate on a level such as to not disturb bee navigation, and safety of the bees. I want fruit to be massively affordable & available to everyone on the planet, perpetually. I would like everyone to eat 5 servings of raw fruits/vegetables daily. 9. Elimination of illness via mass mindset. 10. Pharmaceuticals and health care to be provided for everyone for free if needed. Good health for everyone. No pain unless it is good pain. 11. A partially managed, world-wide economy that offers a minimum good standard of living for everyone regardless of perpetration or circumstance. 12. Cybernetic implants that make use of the brain while one is sleeping to carry out work tasks on the Internet. And google for the brain. I’d like this to be available & provided free to everyone without ill effects, but not make it mandatory. 13. Constant discovery/enjoyment/acclaim unless one is exhausted from the discovery/enjoyment/acclaim and needs to rest a while. 13a. I’d like to have that wire thingy or some such thing inserted into my brain so that I can stimulate my pleasure centers whenever I want, but I don’t want it to be addictive. 14. A worry-free existence for everyone. 15. I would like to be a Buddha or some type of thing like that. That would be most excellent. 16. I’d like Smith’s books and Wendy’s book to become globally famous in our lifetimes. I’d like for everyone else to have this opportunity as well, but especially Smith & Wendy. 17. I’d like Wendy’s cat situation to be happily solved. 18. A reliable, inexpensive used car for Anna. Or a free new one! 19. I’d like for torture to be stopped, period. I’d like the drug war ended. I’d like jails to return to non-profit government-run organizations, or better yet, for us to not need jails at all. 20. No more war, occupation, or killing. No more guns or nuclear bombs unless the bombs are used to detroy asteroids on course to hit the planet or some such thing. 21. Free, massively available, non-polluting energy. 22. Happy leisure and happy work for everyone. 23. Legalization of marijuana, happy LSD trips, etc. Decriminalization of drugs. 24. I’d like to become a film maker of miracles, and for my films to be famous. Writing some acclaimed ‘holy’ books would be cool as well. It would be most excellent if all my thoughts could just be, like, recorded instantaneously, you know? And then output into cool consumables for the culture. 25. No more fear. 26. Cool, far out, trippy special effects in reality for everyone who can handle them. 27. Magic carpet rides & the like. Invisible jets. Weird lassos. 28. Whatever else I’d like if it seems like it would be good for the above goals without hurting anyone. No subconscious vendetta wish granting. No ‘gotcha’ fine print caveats. 29. It would be really cool if there could be, like, no more cancer, heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer’s and arthritis. 30. What would be really really cool is if all this could like, be suddenly implemented or like, get rolling so that everyone can start enjoying immediate dividends. Anyways, this is my wishlist, so it carries my best intent–and it would be like, really cool, you know? 31. I’d like for the family business to be successful, but not at the expense of my family’s peace. I’d prefer to work, say, 10 hours per week, 20 at most. Yet I want the business to succeed. Or better yet, Smith would win the lottery or some such thing like that would happen and we all wouldn’t need to work. Although I think it’s fun to work with family. Ifn indeed we do need to work for like, the maximum happiness for all of us, I want us all to be clearheaded and successful at work tasks. I would prefer to just focus on things I like to do, as I like to do them, without having to worry too much about logistics. I’d like to strategize without anxiety. 32. I’d like to make art occasionally but I don’t want to feel anxious about it. 33. I’d like to have lots of worry-free time with Smith. 34. I’d like to be able to perform miracles & have magical powers, especially flying.

O, yeah, I almost forgot. It would be really really cool if all this happened in my ‘apparent specific continuously-experienced universe’ so that the clump of consciousness formerly known as myself can experience all this.

– –

Addendum: Since I’m ordering a new reality, I’d like to mention that I am really tired of plucking out facial hair and shaving my legs and underarms. I’d like that hair to stop growing. I’d like for my entire head of hair to turn silver ASAP rather than two-toned. I’d like for my eyebrows to remain brown, though. And I’d like to weigh, oh, in the 110 – 135 lb. range. I want to appear weirdly young for my age–like when I’m 60, I want to look 35. And when I’m seventy, in my 40s. I’d also like to get rid of my cellulite & excess skin. Thanks, reality!



Monday, August 23rd, 2010

You shouldn’t do things that distress yourself too much because the ultimate value of living is the enjoyment that you get from it. Authentic joy comes from living an ethical life, working the immediate fabric at hand.


teenage in love

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

teddy bare – foto by Smith

Here’s my second oldest poem, from 1964. This was always Mother Dwarf’s favorite because it was so light-hearted — except it’s not, it’s quite dark, even though it does have a certain sweetness.

After two years in the enlisted Navy, I’d gone to the U.S. Naval Academy Prep School in Bainbridge, Maryland, to see if I could graduate high enough to slip into the Naval Academy through their back door. (Which I did). While there I had a roommate who’d fallen in love for the first time and his girl called him “Teddy Bear.” I wrote this poem to show him the standard operating procedure arc for most relationships. A month later she broke his heart.


It hurts to be a teddy bear
To sit alone, unused
No longer wanted anywhere
Just left alone, confused

I’m tossed aside to lie in here
This dank and musty chest
The dampness serves to hide my tear
The dark to mock my past

Not always thus, this has been no
I was her fair haired toy
She loved me once, I pleased her so
I shone, her chosen joy

Yet here I lie in darkest net
Her love for me did end
My love for her she deemed forget
She found a stranger friend

And now the stranger she does mold
And twists him through the air
While in this chest my heart grows cold
Alone and frightened, bare

now and then – foto by Smith


Entrance: enter around corner

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Our marginal existence is not marginal. I think we do have a handle on the wheel of the Universe…



Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Physical reality is a spiritual and metaphorical map of mental terrain.


get the time machine sherman

Friday, August 20th, 2010

the known Universe – foto by Smith

I read this fascinating on-line blurbble on the malleability of the past, present and future -titled “Does the Past Exist Yet? Evidence Suggests Your Past Isn’t Set in Stone.

It describes a 2002 experiment where scientists observed paired photons in communication with each other.

(Odd thought lot. How do photons pair up – do they meet at the local Light Meter and down a few rays of moonshine? How do they communicate – with flashlights? And what would they discuss — perhaps “do you feel light headed?” . . . “let’s trip the light fantastic” . . . “do you want a lite beer?” . . . “red light, green light, let’s run the yellow light”?)

The scientists played games with the two photons hitting detectors at different times where they would collapse into either a wave or a particle. The sci guys wanted to see if the firstphoton’s decision affected the second photon’s future action. What they found was both photons knew precisely what the other would do before either of them did it — in advance and instantaneously, as if time and space did not exist.

It gets weirder — not only is their future pre-seen, but their past is changeable.

In a 2007 French experiment, the sci-guys shot a photon through two beam splitters – the first splitter split the photon, the second put it back together. But after the photon passed the first splitter, the sci-guys would turn the second splitter on or off – and whichever choice they made could in fact reverse what the split photons had already done. The sci-guy’s action in the future changed the split-photon’s past.

So what we have not yet done could change what’s already happened – our undone can change our done did.

But this is nothing to worry about because you are not you in the first place. It seems your conscious mind which you think of as the-you-who-is-doing-whatever-you-are-doing is a lie. In fact, the brain-body collective does whatever it does and then a half-second later sends your ‘conscious’ you a little made-up story that tells you this is what you are going to decide and do. In essence the you you think is you is always a half second behind whatever the you you don’t know about already did.

But even that doesn’t make any difference because we don’t actually exist in a real world in the first place – experiments indicate our universe is a three-dimensional holographic projection of two-dimensional data.

So I guess what it all comes down to is I don’t have to decide what to do today because I’m a nothing but a half-second old lie existing in a holographic projected universe whose actions today may be altered by tomorrow’s doings and my past doesn’t really exist because my future hasn’t yet happened.

You know, if I weren’t in my twentieth year of not drinking alcohol, I do believe I’d start in again – not that anything I think or plan or do or have done matters to Heisenberg matter in the first place. But at least if I were high or drunk in this malleable permeable non-existent now, my current non-self would be much happier stoned and drunk to match all this highly befuddling not-nowness.

“The universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.” – John Haldane

I myself am not sure where or who or when or even if I am, but there’s not much new about that.

of when of where of what am i o god of whom of why
for seeketh then thou me thou see the be that thou belie

– from 21st Century Schizoid Man by Steven B. Smith

~ ~ ~

The first above article by Robert Lanza,M.D. can be found at

The French experiment titled After a Short Delay, Quantum Mechanics Becomes Even Weirder is at

The half-second consciousness delay data is from Susan Blackmore’s The Meme Machine.

The holographic universe article can be found at

My previous blog “Ghost in the Hologram” which dips more into the half-second delay and the holgraphic universe is at

May you have a nice day, or tomorrow, or yesterday – whatever.

out of order – foto by Smith


net head’s prayer

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

content – foto by Smith

The Net Head’s Prayer

Grant us now our daily fodder
The content we shall warp and weave

flow – foto by Smith


52 blues

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

black & blues – foto by Smith


Blues rocking my notion
Blues quaking my earth
Blues causing commotion
Blues life’s afterbirth

Blues empty my wallet
Blues hole in my ace
Blues whatever you call it
Blues winning the race

Blues bogarting boardroom
Blues suffering’s shame
Blues heavy in hordes loom
Blues down dirty game

Blues stomping the Savoy
Blues blowing the blame
Blues exploding the convoy
Blues shattershot aim

Blues hoodooing abuse
Blues burgeoning bicker
Blues clogging the clues
Blues secretly snicker

Blues in my pockets
Blues in my hair
Blues my eye sockets
Blues body snare

Blues ain’t got a women
Blues too many gals
Blues darkening domain
Blues breaking my pals

Blues harmonica crying
Blues electric guitar
Blues slow night dancing
Blues wherever you are

Blues just ain’t my am
Blues knot nature’s load
Blues a late night jam
Blues a midnight crossroad

Blues is selling your soul
Blues is crying your game
Blues is digging your hole
Blues is jazz rhythm rain

Blues sickens the sore
Blues unjustly jisms
Blues unevens the score
Blues happiness imprisons

Blues is the night’s shadow
Blues is the day’s glare
Blues is good time’s widow
Blues but might’s blare

Blues dark dank and dripping
Blues ark for the poor
Blues history’s shipping
Blues forevermore

prickly pair – foto by Smith


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