Lady K working in old Anna Arnold t-shirt – foto by Smith

Constant Compromise

Old chair squeaks beneath my weight
unsure of my need in the night

I fear neither worth of wait
nor need of light

I put one foot in foot of the other
the other in front of the one

If we have to, as we have had to,
and we want to, we will

— Smith, 1974 revised 2004

~ ~ ~

Not a lot I know, but some.

Two offs don’t make an on.

You want to know the how of the now just ask the right animal “How now, brown cow?”

Nature versus nurture, free will versus fate, what difference does it make? Still gotta sleep. Still gotta wake. Still have to endure the in-between price of pace it takes.

Be faux flesh dream holy hologram programmed offworld to belabor same; again, what difference does it bring?? Even if my song’s pre-sung, it’s still my first sing.

Lightline – foto by Smith

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