Bridget McGuire, Jeff Chiplis (kneeling) and myself wiring – foto by Steve Lambert

Spent Tuesday down at the SPACES Gallery helping an artist wire the CAPITALISM part of a 20 foot truck bed sign saying CAPITALISM WORKS FOR ME so blinking lights can flash within the letters as the viewing public goes up to a voting kiosk to vote TRUE or FALSE, with each vote count tabulated on a LED display in the sign. I wired the “I” and “T”, so I’m the capitalism IT man. (See foto above)

Here’s the promo for the piece:

Steve Lambert’s “Capitalism Works for Me!” exhibit is a 20-foot-long lighted sign that allows visitors to vote ‘true’ or ‘false’ through a kiosk and accompany LED scoreboard. The sign will first be shown at SPACES and travel around Cleveland before touring to Boston, Santa Fe, Los Angeles and other cities in the U.S. Check it out on Monday, Aug. 29th between 6:30 and 9 pm at the Capitol Theatre! Find out more about SPACES’ “Capitalism Works for Me!” exhibit

Steve Lambert can be checked out at

~ ~ ~

On Your Knees Please
(and let’s hum the Corporate Anthem)

Lost degenerates’ breast whipped intentions
Horseradished and foreskin unfurled
Now scheme clitoral dreams
And corporate corporeal retention.

Lies lie your why and my
Rubber stamped existence.
Live like the less.
Don’t focus.
Don’t rest.
Suck tit or lick long extension.

— Smith, 1989

Capitalism (parking lot mockup) by Steve Lambert – foto by Steve Lambert

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