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strange song

Singer – foto Smith

I’ve been getting a wee bit smoother on some of my singing attempts lately so thought I’d go back 8 years to show you where I was — and play a truly strange vocal attempt to turn a 1965 poem (when I was 19) into song (when I was 57). Peter saved this segment of the session and exorcized the rest.

One of my stranger attempts – Old Man’s Lament >

Old Man’s Lament / Sweet Little Sixteen

I want to caress your breast
And when passions mounted manifest
Take my hate in hand
Caress you all the more
Make you writhe about in uncommon whore
Kiss the taunt of your innocent thigh
And wrench from your lips a cry
Of pagan pleasure all your own
The low human female moan
Shattering your sacred hymeneal pride
Rampaging you full deep inside
So you feel my subfreudian lust
In each violent misogynous thrust
Of my hips against yours . . .

— Smith, fragment of 1965 poem recorded as song 2003

If I don’t get beat too badly for this one, I’ll blog some more of my strange brood that I’ve been hiding in the cellar.

Music, mix, recording Peter Ball aka Apartment One; words, voice me.

Song – foto Smith

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