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Rain forest man

See ya later alligator – foto Smith

The alligator above kept swimming underwater as close to a group of small school kids as it could get. The children were clustered around the glass and the gator would swim low and come up with its snout resting against the glass the child was pressed against; when the kid moved on, the gator glided directly to the next child. . . always picked the smallest child too — oh did it want to interact with its viewers.

On Monday the Cleveland Zoo is free to Cuyahoga County residents so we only had to pay $5 to get into the Rain Forest. What a delightful place for child and adult, although one has to try and forget the animals that so amazed us were kidnapped from their jungle homes and put in fancy cages for our education and edification.

The light was too low to get many fotos, but here’s a taste.

Rain Forest at Cleveland Ohio Zoo – foto Smith

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