Just call me Steer-Me Steve – foto Smith

Running from the Quantum Cop

It’s not out of the question
but definitely out of the equation

In this zombie walk I talk zombie talk
moan “miiiiinnnnnnnddddddsssss
instead of “brraaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnssss

I crave good conversation
yet can’t offer it myself

Since aliens stole my brain
(which is a shame because hardly used
could have sold it for new)
I still have kind of mind
slowly learning being kind
to kine and cattle
as I prattle rock and roady rattle
in my battle with the be

We all stumble mall to mall
endless windowed mindless maul
plea and beckon for our call

Right now I’m in a ménage à trois
with me, myself, and I
it’s definitely a hate-love-hate relationship

As for some then
some when further down the load
some mixed matched maxed out mode
in real time I’m unable to table my ties
stable my lies

It’s what you do with what you got
that mothers or falters goal

Time to get back on track for the bright and early

— Smith, 6.23.2012

Lowest cost – foto Smith

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