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...and they lived happily ever after. Smith & Lady: poets, artists, photographers & adventurers.
Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Telegram from Mother Earth

No vandal stole this handle – foto Smith

Telegram from Mother Earth

I swear by Azathoth,
Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Clothianidin,
Tsathoggua, Yog-Sothoth,
and Mi-Go, the Fungi from Yuggoth:
improve as human species
or we’ll flush your sorry feces

I tell you true
I ain’t no fool
It’s the carrot or the stick

— Smith, 6.29.2012

Up Exit- foto Smith

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