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Getting through it is what a woman’s period is about—getting through the end of the cycle, bloated, sloughing, cleansing. How the blood blooms, body aches and then svelteness after the sloughing. Like our sight of the moon showing more and more light then sloughing it off.

But a moon when full is like a bright plate, a pendant, something resonant.

A woman when sloughing off her blood? What’s that? Is it just that we do it together? Is it just about cycle?

A woman when sloughing off her blood, a woman when aging through the cycles, she’s not always so keen on it.

The moon, though, the moon is always keen.

A woman is kind of like a tide and a beach and a powerful beachcomber, a powerful self-grooming beach. Not a bitch, a beach.

There are many metaphors for a woman, but I am working on conveying some kind of idea here about grooming and aging and here we have again the thing about the woman and the moon.

Perhaps just the getting full and release and the similar period of time—that’s it? But as far as cleanliness, the moon is always pretty clean and keen.

A woman picking through her mind can be keen. A woman letting herself recognize her framework, her bones, the beauty of her bones and how the tissues hang on them, a woman can love how her tissues hang on her bones. A woman can love how her tissues billow on her bones. A woman can love how her tissues firm and slacken and slacken and firm on her bones. A woman can have so many expectations for herself and make them happen.

The moon takes whatever comes, actually. The moon is slowly battered over and over but what we see from here is bright silver patina.

Women, they are battered as well, we all are. I’m not talking about assault, I’m not talking about violence—there’s been enough of that. What I’m talking about here is the battering of the days and nights. What I’m talking about here is the battering of being through so many cycles. And the upside of the cycles is renewal, there’s that, too.

Let’s have gentle means round these circles, let’s take them tenderly. They seldom ever end.

~ Lady

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