Fidel Pervasiveness
forgiving itself

Fidel Pervasiveness
making Bathtub in Itself
making Backscrubber
making Soap
and scrubbing Itself

Does it get lonely
Fidel Pervasiveness
hold Itself close to Itself
looking longingly for something
other than own thumb to suckor
Its own breast
Itself suckling on Itself
Itself loving Itself

Fidel Pervasiveness

Fidel Pervasiveness making dolls
from Itself,
walking talking dolls
Doll and God, God and Doll

God as Mom holding Doll babe,
Dali, Dolly

God as God-Mom and God-Pop
sent into world with amnesia
so they can find each other again,
see what comes of it

God throwing rolling dice
closing Its own eyes
trying to forget

God no longer titillated

God wanting projects to pass time

Wishing to be at peace with the mirror

God wanting Other God,
Other God wanting God

Other God and God combining together and
realizing they’re still the same gosh-dang God

Oh how God is lonely but how words can be balm

Oh how God can yearn but then find solace


Solace in the Solipcism


What am I?

Oh, God.

~ by Lady & God

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