Land, Lake, Sky by Jeffry Chiplis, 2013, 25′ x 7′
permanent installation Cleveland Convention Center – fotos Smith

Here’s Jeffry Chiplis’ latest recycled argon tube installation at the new underground Cleveland Convention Center – it’s titled Land, Lake, Sky.

He had me help him install it, so I documented the process.

It was cool being in the convention center before it opened. The center is humongous and mostly underground, with a grass park roof overlooking the Lake Erie available to the public.

It was my first time on a drivable lift. The piece starts 15 feet up the wall, goes up to 22 feet.

These 42 fotos show the process from beginning to end. When we first arrived, we laid all the argon tubes on the carpet to test layout and lighting. The most interesting part was going behind the wall and climbing up above the air-condition ducts to wire the transformers.

The roof and Chiplis’ art are the most interesting part of the place, although I was impressed that the rooms are wired sound systems so all you need to do is plug your microfone into the wall and the sound comes out of the stereo ceiling. Place is big enough to park a fleet of semi trucks on the floors . . . actually saw one below us.

And as you can surmise from the fotos, Jeff is easy fun to work with.

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