Land, Lake, Sky by Jeffry Chiplis, 2013, 25′ x 7′ – foto Smith

New crop of art
all mind, no heart
all plan, no spark

That’s why I like Jeffry Chiplis’ scavenged found-neon recycled art – it is heart and mind and full of spark (especially since he uses electric transformers to run it). You walk into a Chiplis exhibit and your mood lifts, your eyes rejoice, and you usually smile.

I helped Chiplis install his new 25′ x 7′ permanent installation titled “Land, Lake, Sky” at the just opened underground Cleveland Convention Center downtown.

I’ll post new pages on his website showing the installation process in a couple days, but here’s a taste.

The plaque says:

“Land, Lake, Sky”
By Jeffry Chiplis
7′ x 25′

This site specific, all argon sculpture is a study of the horizon. This depiction is where the earth and sky meet is a reflection of Cleveland and its environment. This Cleveland artist has been using recycled and upcycled neon and argon tubes in his sculpture for over twenty five years. The installation features energy efficient argon tubes reclaimed from various sources in the region.

Land, Lake, Sky by Jeffry Chiplis, 2013, 25′ x 7′ – fotos Smith

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