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Harmony of the Forest

Harmony of the Forest

I’d like to grow trees everywhere where they are to be. Lots more places than now. I see trees being grown and growing so tall. So tall, like primeval forest. Trees securing part of our future and our future making a compact to help them grow.

When I creep into the wildness of what is fundamentally our story as children, the forest is there, God’s gifts to we.

Sure, there are wolves among the trees, but one can build shelter, and the wolves are no longer threatening. Rather, soundtrack to listen to at night. Wolves finding footstep in the paths. Wolves ascending wherever wolves ascend to thrall and yowl, drunk in the blue on the gold of the well-hung moon.

When one goes between two sheets of trees, trees on either side of one, or even in a thick of trees, trees in front and back and to the sides of one, it’s an entering into laden air. Oxygen bathes nostrils and calm claims brain. Silver sounds of birds filigree around like ornaments describing water.

Bees hang honey in the trees. When you see a fringe by a field, it’s a refuge for their nests. That’s where they tidy themselves into combs. At day they descend to garland fields with business.

If a bear finds a bee nest, that’s a good meal for the bear. The bees bear it for the bears. Bears are beings that we can feel we might be when we are out in the woof of the wild.

The new primeval trees can start here. We’ll plant them in the watersheds, and they’ll hold in the water, they’ll hold in the humus we all need to grow our nests healthy in ways that compost and patter and nurture and invest. The best investments, trees and bees, wolves for night song, birds for day, bear paws of the sweet, stung zest.

~ Lady

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