Month: September 2013

  • The Greatest Mountains, the All Argon Hills, & the Cold Cathode Plains by Jeff Chiplis

    Jeff Chiplis’ installation at Ingenuity 2013 The Greatest Mountains, the All Argon Hills, & the Cold Cathode Plains Poet and artist Kevin Eberhardt and I helped Jeff Chiplis install and remove his 60 x 9 x 2 foot recycled argon tube, steel and soil sculpture titled “The Greatest Mountains, the All Argon Hills, & the […]

  • hot not

    Some seriously aggressively named and unpolitically correct hot sauce brand names at the Asian spice shop this morning in the West Side Market. impolite sauce – fotosmith

  • Society for the Dissemination of Art

    SDA Tract #1, Fall 2013, published & edited by Jo Meinke Here’s my kind of religious tract – brief with gentle art, poetry, thought, mystery, and whimsy. SDA Art Tract #1 from the Society for the Dissemnination of Art . . . online at and Facebook Society for the Dissemination of Art . . […]

  • church of not quite so much pain & suffering

    2005 card designed by Lady – fotosmith Me? I had bad ant blood within but nurtured my grasshopper core more these 30 yrs past Mother Mary coming in me Multiple Orgasmicly in the green green grassijuana. And old rabbit dead died in vain in vein when I became the central sum son n sun tent […]


    As a rabbit, / shuddering / As a sparrow, / huddling

  • me goofy, The City great

    mindweb – fotosmith “every word opens a box to another paradox” *** online geek science jokes from HuffingtonPost: How do you know the moon is going broke? It’s down to it’s last quarter. Why can’t you trust atoms? They make up everything Where does bad light end up? In prism What does a subatomic duck […]

  • Chiplis/Ingenuity 2013

    Yesterday we went from this to this, for Chiplis’ installation at Ingenuity Fest 2013. Chiplis is in the small segment of artists whose medium is neon/argon tubes. And in that thin slice, he’s the only one I know who works exclusively in used tubing. He gets a lot of his art supplies from dead Cleveland […]

  • black bear, Smiths

    Camping Sunday morning, soon after I’d taken a foto of a Black Bear Crossing sign nailed to a tree in front of our in-laws’ western Pennsylvania cabin, Miles the dog jerked his head up and stared at the woods across the lane. My sister-in-law noticed and said “There’s a bear.” She went into the cabin […]

  • Vulcan eye-meld

    In between procession takes for the Daniel Thompson documentary yesterday, I shot some nice fotos in closed Coventry store shop windows. All you fotogs out there, there are few simpler yet more rewarding tricks than shooting objects in display windows because the window glass reflections unite the world behind with the one in front — […]

  • Nature

    ~ Lady