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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

2 musics, same sexual innuendo

me at mic, Peter Ball on keybords, Dimitri van Puptent on laptop
performing at Mahall’s March 2013

This week’s recording session took a new tack — used same lyrics and did two totally different songs.

First take is semi-funky: Natural Geographic.

Second take is soft, sweeter: Natural Geo.

Both takes same sexual innuendo.

Thanks to 1950’s Sun Ra and The Crystals from whom I stole the first line.

Words sometimes difficult to discern, so here’s a cheat sheet.

Natural Geographic

Honey in the bee box
Raisins in the bread
Found my baby cooking
And took her back to bed

Asked her in the morning
How she liked my beats
Said I was a poet
But need to test more sheets

Kissing in the kitchen
Touching in the den
Baby gets me itchin’
To practice body Zen

Rode her to the mountain
Nestled in the cloud
Down to bushy plain
Where the field’s plowed

Played her wet in water
Held her high in air
Laughed like loonies liking
Then took her to the fair

Itchin’ in the kitchen
Doing in the den
Baby gets me missin’
Where I’ve often been

Climbed among the Tetons
Rubbed around the mill
Reaching each our reasons
Scrubbed a rub the grill

Not much more to mutter
Matters not at all
That we bit the apple
That led us to this fall

Smitten in the kitchen
Dabbling in the den
Baby gets me itchin’
Messin’ with my when

– Smith, 10.30.2013

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Music, mix, recording Peter Ball of Apartment One; lyrics, vocals me.

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Ball, Smith, Dimitri performing at Mahall’s March 2013

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