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Out at the In-laws #5

Lady’s 1st sweet potato pie

Another odd Smith story, this one of uneaten Thanksgiving dinner and losing two pounds.

This is a Frankenpome, partly poetry, part-time reportage — an awkward lumbering beast.

It’s poem 61 in 61 days. Lady and I were part of the Crisis Chronicles Press poem-a-day-October project, and I found the process enjoyable enough to keep going through November. Hope to continue to first week of January, but no guarantee cuz guarantees without warranties are burdens and I’ve enough of those thanks to church and state.

Out at the In-laws 5

I’m so wanting to try
wife’s first sweet potato pie
as with a Taurus behind and a Honda ahead
over the slivers and through the shoulds
to Ma-in-law’s house we go,
mountain man music bluegrassing radio
motivating over the hill.

We walk winter wonder
deer tracking tunnels
around pond bound brush,
sedimental journey
shooting b&w pictures
in digital dusk divide.

Though veggie vegan,
I carveThanksgiven turkey
popping meat in my mouth
which unused to the thickness
sticks in my throat

and stays.

As they all are eating round table talking,
I’m gulping water attempting to vomit
over and over till sore,
small upward movement
no downward going
my dinner done done unbegun
me only wanting me to be nibbling
wife’s sweet potato pie
whose square shape brings pondering
does pie require rounding,
when wife resounding replies,
“We also wondered if my square pie was pie,
but you know what they say –
pie are squared.”

Come home hours after
wondering if safer
but sticking still stucker
me my own sucker
afraid of trying again
cuz throat flesh swelling
from constant grilling
and don’t know when it can mend
be nice to know over
but untry’s no clover
so try and still knot
it is not.

Seek sleep relief
when wake wife sez
“How long did it take to go down?”

“It did not.”

New try sly,
coat throat with honey
but water hits blockage
me thinking awful
must go to the hospital
when swallow and it all goes down,
my 12-hour clump lump unbound.

Drink morning coffee
taste sweet potato pie
aye yi yi
well worth the waiting, absolute greating.

That’s my Thanksgiving ,
thnx truly given,
instead of adding pounds I lost two.

How about you?

– Smith, 11.30.2013

ThnxGiven at the in-laws, rocks by Lady – fotosmith

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