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A Hatcheck Girl in a Capitalist Bar

the hatcheck girl, (detail from Mother Dwarf collage)

A Hatcheck Girl in a Capitalist Bar

The capitalist in the hatcheck bar
suggested to the coatroom girl insofar
as tips were concerned she could go far,
for flirting brought her twenty-five cents,
while cleavage shown was a dollar,
and sharing her tits would pay the rent
and get her a fox fur collar,
while I think if she had any sense
his nuts with her knee she should clobber.

— Smith, 1.1.2014

Almost ran dry, but this popped out. Woke with “a capitalist in a hatcheck bar” in my head, and fleshed it out while soaking in a hot bath.

Humor, truth, rhyme, brevity . . . good enough for my final poem of the year (dated tomorrow because I’m writing a poem a day for as long as I can, and this is tomorrow’s poem today).

the capitalist – fotosmith

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