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Road Rules

tomorrow never knows

Here’s tomorrow’s poem today.

There, I dood it, wrote and posted a poem a day every day six months straight.

Some good some bad some great some stink and since I’ve not gone back and looked I don’t know yet which are which.

Road Rules

If autumn ascending, watch for the fall.
If tall depending, look to the small.

If spring unsprung, speak to the snow.
If too young, wait for the grow.

If no truth eastbound, westbound I’ll go.
If ending unfound, outbound is slow.

When you wander don’t wait too long
for your offender to admit that they’re wrong.

Since outside is in and inside is out
just cuz they sin don’t mean you should shout.

Your life is yours, mine’s my own.
I ain’t sure but I think I’m the clown.

– Smith, 3.31.2014


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