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Bee-ginner Kit

Bee-ginner Kit

Got the beehive head
and the beehive hands
and the beehive
got the beehive tool
and the beehive feeder
and the beehive smoke
got the beehive wax
and the beehive frames
and the beehive veil
now all we need are the bees
after we paint the box
and build the stand
and read the books
and attend the meetings
and beekeep apprentice
we buy 10,000 bees next spring
and bee-gin.

Kit includes:
one 9 5/8 dove tailed box, telescoping cover,
inner cover, screen bottom board,
ten 9 1/8 frames,
ten sheets of waxed Rite Cell foundation,
helmet and veil, hive tool, feeder,
hobbyist smoker, gloves,

– Smith, 4.25.2014

Hey Lady, plug your planner so we order our bees this November, because this spring’s late orderers are bee-less.

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